All caught up on Dexter for now, I'm 5 season into Lost...
But catching up on the last few episodes of Grey's Anatomy and other shows (Switched at Birth, Vampire Diaries).

Too much time and too much to do... Doesn't entirely make sense, but it's how I feel.

Went to comicon today... or yesterday now (12:35 here). @ Toronto metro convention centre. Had a great time with my best friend OtakuRobinCandy01, in my lolita cosplay, taking photos, bought a few small things, (disappointed I didn't buy a print of something- so much beautiful artwork) and talked with a few people, seemed we were both feeling more open and social than some of our other convention experiences. Looking forward to Anime North next =]

And need to tell my bestie that I plan on going to my schools prom, so she knows now in case it lands on the same Friday as AN.

Also just updated my aquarium. Now in signature 3nodding And updated my signature. More simple words and more little emoticons... where I have just discovered the Kitties, Yummies, etc and LOVE them!

Must get back to watch anime someday soon... <3 G'night