how are you dealing with life so far? better than me i hope: i have so much to do for college now and at times i really want to quit. its not because i cant handle college, i mean sure the works hard but its nothing to worry about: projects, quizes, tests happen and then its gone. nothing big hits you except the sleep that you missed preparing for them. whats been making college hard for me so far is family. right now i cant pay my way through college yet so i still live with my mom. however, she's been a stickler to about my grades and if she isnt satisfied with me reaching her ideal standards she throws a fit and i get disiplined, the asian way. not only that, my brothers just as big a pain as what my mom throws, enforcing what my mom believes a lot of the time. sure he helps me on the side, but the cons outweighs the pros. theyre pusing me 2 the point of wanting 2 move out. and its possible. my cousins have been talking about moving out and are inviting me 2 move w/them when they do. i'd be happy 2, i mean parents and brother arnt on my back all the time anymore, but i get 2 attached and doubt myself. i keep worying too much about the future. i should be thinking more of the present.

you should be a freshmen in high school right? i remember when we first met, you were 13 and i was 18 so i assume at that time you were about to enter 8th grade fall 2011. i hope high school's been good to you. i have this friend on gaia, keysay1, that should be in the same grade as you. i cant say whats been happening to her (i can only assume since the issue involves women, but again i cant say), but im really hoping women like you are treated well. there arnt that many good people around these days, let alone honest/innocent ones. i feel like if i know who she really was outside of gaia, i would try to do what i can to make shre hey feel safe. everyone needs someone to be there for them for any ordeal, and i want to be there for my friends for whatever life throws at them.
and even if you asked me who she was, i wouldnt know. i dont want to put keysay1 in a weird position of knowing their name. and idk if i knew her name, the convo's might be awkward. the best thing i can do now is let things happen w/o me asking it to, otherwise it'd b natural that way. so i'd rather not say anymore than i should, for the sake of protecting their privacy.

im thinking about taking up photography. i've seem to have missed taking pics when the inspiration came. tho what sucks is that it becomes limited because iof where i can go :/ i'll try to see if i can find better places and post them somewhere to share to the world again

i'll write to you when i can
- Wtphu

PS. i love you