I slowly wake from the intense world of dreams.

A wheel of unknown metal tubes, hundreds of light years wide. Thousands of alien cultures trapped within. They forage heat from the sides of the tubes, save as much as possible, and scrape by. Someday they will get out. Who knows what will happen then?

I'm in bed.

A man steals a kiss in the middle of the night. I tell him we must make a trade, a magic card for a pretty hat, and then we must play a game. Then we can have sex. The game goes well until somebody wakes up and shouts, This girl took that guy up on his offer, and everyone shouts Whore, whore, whore. But I didn't trade sex for the hat. I traded sex for sex.

My ear hurts a bit. I guess I slept on my earring funny.

Is there anybody here? I have nothing except ripped green underwear and a leather jacket. Sneak through the hallway to find clothes. This is the bathroom, not much good. They're going to see me.

I should brush my teeth.

The dragon smiles. He looks dangerous, but the old man knows he would never harm him. His pastel scales gleam in the light, yellow and spring green.

Get up. There are important things to do today. I have to apply to a scholarship.

There's a tank. We steal it and blow things up with great abandon, my brothers and I.

I need to do homework. Maybe I'll call my friends later. What is there for breakfast?

A green sun inhabited by fiery birds.

Maybe I'll have eggs? No, cereal. It's daylight savings, I should set the clocks.


Where'd they all go?