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Roleplays and Adventures
Here are some of the writing pieces that I've done in the past and some continuing as we speak. Enjoy reading it, for these are important to my heart.
[TB] Chapter 2.4 - Vague Problems
Link: *Fi came out as they walked outside, stopping them*

Fi: Master, I have analyzed an immense power emanating from the area. Now that we have confirmed our stay with the King and Queen it would wise to gather information about the skies. Though we will stay for a certain amount of time, I would be at ease if preparations were not made at the last minute. Seek the three groups for assistance.

Link: *He nodded, turning to Melody* Want to come?

Melody: *She looked over at him, giving him a small nod* I don't really want to be alone out here.. *She blushed faintly*

Link: *He walked ahead towards the beach* Let's go see the Strawhats, since we're partially acquainted with already.

Melody: *She followed after him, looking ahead*... I've never seen a beach before.

Link: *He smiled* They're really pretty. The ocean is really big, and Terresia seems to rely on their ships for tourists and pirate related things. Luffy should be there.

Melody: *She blinked, wondering what he had meant by 'ships'. She made no comment about it, continuing to walk with him*

*When they got to the beach docks, they could see massive ships all over the shores. There were more people than usual, and it made it hard to find Luffy's crew*

Link: Hm. I wish I knew what their jolly roger looked like...*He looked around sweatdropping*

Melody: *She stayed close to Link, looking around in slight awe though she felt nervous. So many new things she had never seen before surrounded her here.* ....what's.... that? *She asked quietly*

Link: *He smiled excitedly* A jolly roger is what pirates use as their flag symbol! All kinds of designs are based around a Skull and crossbones. Most pirates are dangerous, but Luffy's crew, the strawhats seem to be good pirates. *He noticed their ship, the thousand sunny, in the distance. Their jolly roger was a skull and crossbones that wore a strawhat like Luffy's* And I bet that's it!

Melody: *She looked over at it, feeling nervous about it all.* They hang out here all day..? *She blinked, walking towards it with Link*

Chopper: *Bumps into Melody while eating cotton candy* O-oops! Oh no...! *He dirtied her dress, he looked up at her with cute eyes all teary* I-I'm sorry... please forgive me, i didn't mean to... honest!!

Link: Whoa! A talking raccoon!!

Chopper: I'm a freakin' reindeer!!

Melody: *She looked down at him, giving him a small smile* It's alright.. don't worry about it. *She nodded to him*

Chopper: *He looked up at them all happy* Th-thanks...! I-I'll help clean your dress up! Follow me! *As he ran through the crowd, he left little clonking sounds from his hoofs* Heehee! Ahahaha!~

Link: *Grabbed her hand and tried to keep up, bumping into random people including a goron* Wa-wait! Sorry, sir! Excuse us...!

Melody: *She held his hand tightly, trying to stay with him. She was reminded of Velusia, only people would move in a more orderly fashion there*

Chopper: *He jumped over a barrel where Zoro was sleeping against, jumping off his head. Link and Melody ran past him, making a lot of noise in the process*

Melody: *As she followed after Link, she felt herself trying to keep track of all of her surroundings. She suddenly tripped, her grip loosening on Link as she fell. Her gasping and hitting the ground only made more noise*

Zoro: *Still snoring, hoof prints on his head. He slowly began to wake up, annoyed* What the hell...

Chopper: *Runs through random people's legs*

Link: Ugh, hey reindeer slow down! *He heard someone running behind them, he looked to see a skeleton. His face turned pale* WHAT THE HELL!?

Brook: *Arms in the air laughing as he chased them* Yohohohohoho! Are we playing tag?!

Chopper: *Turned around to see Brook, he began to run faster screaming as he laughed at the same time*

Link: *Runs faster* WHO IS THAT GUY?!

Zoro: *Staring at her on the ground* ...Bunch of idiots. Are you...uh, alright?

Melody: *She slowly stood up, rubbing the dirt off of her. She looked over at the man talking to her* I'm fine... thank you.. *She said shyly*

Sanji: Get away from her you half-baked moss!! *Kicks Zoro's face away from Melody while holding a tray of deserts, hearts for eyes. He twirled in the air, landing and sliding around Melody as he held the tray up infront of her face, smiling as smoke steamed out of his foot* Ohh don't be frightened by him, he scares everyone!~ Sanji at your service, my beauty... Take anything you want! You've already taken my heart!!

Melody: *She stepped back, clearly confused by all of this. She didn't understand why he was attacked* I... *She blushed faintly by his remarks* I appreciate it, but I wasn't.. afraid.. *She felt confused, and realizing that she had lost Link, she looked around, trying to see if she could find him. Her butterfly remained perched on her shoulder.*

Zoro: *Crashed into a box of crates* ...You shitty ba- *More crates fell on him as Link and Chopper ran above him, running into the crates that fell on him*

Link: *Jumped down and grabbed Melody by the hand, running away with her trying to catch up to Chopper*

Sanji: *Heart breaks in half* OI! What do you think you’re doing, you damn Christmas tree... *chasing him with the tray*

Link: C-christmas tree?!

Melody: *She gasped by his sudden grab, running after him. She felt herself being dragged by him, struggling to keep up* L-Link...! Please!

Usopp: *Holding a bunch of boxes as they ran past him, he started to spin uncontrollably trying to keep his balance* Oh god... oh god no... please no! Please no please no plea- *they fall on him*

Chopper: Sorry Usopp!

Link: *he sweatdropped* We're gonna get in trouble...

Franky: *Jumped in front of them, blocking them* I got you punks...! Try getting through me, guys!

Link: Th-that guys huge!!

Chopper: AHH! FRANKY!!

Melody: *She let go of Link's hand, stopping as she knelt down onto the ground, hugging herself as she breathed hard, trying to catch her breath. She felt confused and overwhelmed.*

Chopper: *Link and Chopper crashed into him, the crowd around them just staring as the rest of the strawhats gathered and appeared*

Sanji: You shitty fairy... Dragging a damsel around with you and causing her to lose her breath. I'm gonna freakin' kick you into the ground. *Spins around and grabs her, helping her up* But right after I do a check up on her to see if she's okaaaaa-

Nami: *Kicks his face with her heel, he goes sent flying* Don't touch her!!

Sanji: *Goes flying* Naaamiii-swaaaaan!!

Nami: I'm sorry that you’re surrounded by creeps, Melody.

Melody: *She looked to her, not knowing what to say.*

Brook: I have a bone to pick with him. But first, *Looks down at her* ...May I see your panties?

Nami: *Kicks him too*

Brook: Yohohohoho! *crashes into crates*

Luffy: *He was laughing, pointing at Sanji and Brook*

Melody: *She closed her eyes, her head tilting down as her butterfly flew around her* I'm so confused.. *She said, seeming as if her own sorrow was returning in her voice*

Saber: Ugh what are you guys doing to that girl? ...*Looks down at her* OMG She is the cutest thing... Okay besides those little cat plushies I saw in the store the other day, but she is the cutest thing I have E- no wait then there was that puppy this morning...

Nami: Saber, shut up...

Luffy: Hahahaha! This is too funny! *He helped put Link back on his feet* You guys were from the other day! Your fun, I like you two! What's your names?! I'm Monkey D Luffy, and this is my crew!

Saber: Monkey D Saber. Bro, you’re supposed to introduce me first before you. Like...I look dumb now.

Luffy: Sorry Saber...

Melody: *She looked to Link, her smile gone. She was clearly scared by now. Her butterfly flew around her, trying to comfort her before sitting down on her shoulder again.*

Luffy: She looks sick! She looks like she's going to throw up, give her space! I SAID GIVE HER SPACE! *Everyone but the actual strawhats backed away from her*

Link: She's not a people person... *rubbing her back*

Saber: *Kneels down to her, holding her forehead* Aw you poor thing. Okay it's time for Dr. Saber time.

Nami: ...*facepalm*

Melody: *She held onto Link, trying to get away from her. She wasn't enjoying the attention.* ...Can we leave now? *She asked quietly*

Link: Just relax, the more times you do this sort of thing the better you get used to it. Besides we haven't done what we came here for yet. *He stood up, staring at them* We were wondering if you guys could help us with something.

*Zelda and Robin arrived*

Zelda: *She looked around, seeing that there was some sort of chaos going around.* Link..? *She smiled faintly* What happened here?

Zoro: Why don't we go inside, and away from public? We're kind of causing a scene...

Saber: I guess you’re right. Yosh! Let's get going, little girl! Watch, by the end of this day you’re going to love me. We can be friends, okay? *She turns around to a bunch of people in her way* GET OUT OF MY WAY DAMMIT! *They run off and she walks inside with everyone*

Link: *smiling as he sweatdropped, holding melody's hand as he followed with Zelda*

Melody: *She looked at her nervously, not wanting to agree with her right now. She walked with Link, staying close to him. She looked back at all of the people who had interacted with them, not wanting to encounter them again*


*Inside, her, Link and Zelda were at a table with the strawhats. It was much quieter and calming, Sanji poured Melody some tea, rubbing her head and trying to get her comfortable. Link smiled as Chopper was giving her a check up, Usopp was trying to make her laugh*

Luffy: Sorry about all that, guys. Haha.

Brook: I can see she's a little better...but I have no eyes! Skuuull joooke!

Link: You guys sure are a lively bunch..

Nami: It's never a dull moment...

Zelda: *She nodded.* Terresia has such a high energy feel. I wonder how you can even sleep at night with all of this action.

Melody: *She stayed quiet, letting out a small sigh to herself. Her butterfly flew onto the table, staring at the people around them*

Usopp: *He sweatdropped* Sometimes it's pretty hard, but everyone in the entire city is friendly. Well except Zoro.

Zoro: I'm gonna dunk your nose in your coffee. You want that? Do you want your nose inside your coffee, Usopp? *Stare*

Usopp & Chopper: *Behind the table shaking*

Melody: *She looked up at him gently.*... I don't think you're... unfriendly. You were offering to help me.. *She said quietly*

Zoro: Tch... I just saw you lying there. Don't get the wrong idea... *He looked away*

Sanji: Melody, do you want some more tea~~?

Melody: *She shook her head shyly.* I'm fine, thank you..

Zelda: *She smiled faintly.* I should probably write to my father tonight. He's probably worrying.

Saber: You can use the log room upstairs, there's paper and pens there. We go there to write important things and journals. *She smiled, looking to Melody* We have a library if you want to relax and read. We have the most awesome books. I read a book about-

Strawhats: YOU READ A BOOK?!

Saber: Picture book, whatever.



Link: *Staring all wide eyed, laughing to himself*

Nami: So....changing the subject. You said you needed help?

Link: Well... we keep hearing that there's something wrong with the sky. We're planning to go there soon, to my home island. I want to make sure we get there safely...

Zelda: *She looked over, a worried expression appearing on her face* Again..? *She asked quietly* The sky... *She looked away* It was a hard challenge for both of us.

Robin: We've been to many sky islands before. If it's how to get there that's in question, we have many recommendations. If you’re suggesting of that particular problem, you'll need to define that. *She smiled warmly at him*

Fi: *Comes out* I'll then explain-

Chopper , Brook , Usopp , Luffy and Saber : AHHHHHHHH!! WTF IS THAT?!!

Link: Th-that's Fi! It's okay!

Saber: Can....can I touch it?

Fi: No.

Melody: *Her butterfly flew towards Fi, sitting beside her.* "It appears these people have yet to see real magic"

Fi: No, magic is all over the place. I analyzed it to be of my physical appearance intimidating to them, but I could say the same thing for that skinless fellow there.

Brook: *Turns to Zoro* I think it mentioned me. I'm famous.

Melody: "They've yet to understand that I can communicate to you as well." *She looked over at her butterfly, then to Fi*

Fi: I am speaking with the Inner Power. As I was about to speak of before, the problem in question is a barrier. I have only found it out to be of something that separates different time periods.

Nami: Different time periods? Is that possible?

Fi: The key lies in the lost memories of the people of the surface. I do not claim to understand the circumstances in which caused this nor of the time corruption in itself. What we seek in assistance is a way to penetrate the barrier without negative circumstance.

Robin: How interesting...

Melody: *She looked away, feeling sorrow.* And we can't blame Nightshade or Ghirahim for it either.

Zelda: *She nodded.* The only way we can figure it out is by getting there. I miss Skyloft anyways. *She smiled.*

Sanji: Not recklessly, though. Gathering information from that is your best bet. I'm not sure where you could start, though. But you have time. *He lights up his cigarette, blowing the smoke out the window as he narrowed his eyes* It seems rather complicated. I'd seek Ammy.

Link: Ammy?

Zelda: *Her eyes widened, not wanting Link to know anymore. She stood up.* Thank you... for your help. We should ask Laura and Preston. *She looked to Link.*

Nami: H-huh? You’re leaving already?

Saber: Aw, really?

Melody: *She stared at Sanji, curious as to how he knew about Ammy. She wanted to ask, though she remained quiet.*

Robin: *She smiled at Zelda* It's alright. There's no harm in knowing, the world knew about Her once already. If you go to them they'll suggest the same thing, and that's going to Ammy's Grove.

Zelda: *She nodded faintly* Regardless.. I would like to get back anyways. I promised them I would see them tonight.

Melody: *She looked away shyly, almost wanting to talk to Laura and Preston about Ammy. She didn't think everyone knew.*

Link: *Staring curiously, almost dumbfoundedley*

Saber: *She smiled* You guys are a cute couple. I can see good things coming your way. *A small boy jumped on Saber's lap, short black hair as he giggled*

Mikey: Mommy, I'm hungry...

Saber: *She sweatdropped* I just fed you peanut butter and jelly...

Luffy: Mikey eats a lot like us! *He giggled*

Link: Aw you guys have a kid! Hi Mikey! *He smiled at him*

Mikey: *Looked up at Link and Melody with a finger in his mouth* OOoo... Hehe!

Fi: *Staring at the baby all expressionless. She nodded, dancing around him before entering the Master Sword as Link got up, Mikey running up to his leg*

Mikey: Noooo!

Melody: *She smiled faintly, looking down at him. She stood up as well, looking to Link*

Link: *Messed up his hair as he smiled* Kids are cute...*He blushed*


Luffy: *Staring out the window laughing*

Melody: *She watched this, stunned. She glared at Sanji with a cold expression before running out after Link.*

Zoro: Good job, Swirly brows. I think she's mad at you. *He grinned*

Sanji: WHAT?! NOOOOOOOOO Melody-chaaaaannn!! *smashes through the wall trying to give her the stuff on his tray*

Franky: Watch what you’re doing to the damn boat!

Chopper: At least she's in good health!

Robin: *She giggled*

Zelda: *She watched them* I'm sorry about all of this.. *She smiled.* Thank you for your information. *She nodded to them all before leaving*

Luffy: Come back anytime! You guys are funny! *He smiled really big, laughing as he stood up, waving both arms at them* See ya later!!

Saber: Bye guys!! *She also waved*

Brook: Yohohoho! I'll sing for you all the next time you come by!~

Chopper: We'll fish! And we can play games...! Please come back! *He was all teary already* I'm not crying you bastards!

Link: *Holding his face as he waved at them, laughing.* Bye!!

Melody: *She looked back at them before she left with him and Zelda.*

Link: *Walking with them, turning to Zelda* I'm sure she can get used to things now that Nightshade's gone. I kind of want her to be in big groups.

Zelda: *She smiled* You can't force her Link. She has a natural trait of shyness. You WERE causing a commotion as well.. and I can tell she doesn't like to be noticed by crowds. Besides, our group is fairy big.

Link: It's good for her! *He laughed* These guys are awesome.

Melody: *She looked back at Link before closing her eyes as she walked.*

Zelda: They are nice, but you need to give her time. She looked afraid coming here.

Link: *He crossed his arms, tilting his head* Hey, things were unexpected for me too. I just did what Fi said. If we're going to be in Terresia, she should really open up to people who are caring and want to help out. *He walked ahead, a little annoyed*


Ukitake: *Looking up at the Symphonian Elite homes* These homes look very large. One of them is a school. Perhaps Raine is teaching the children. Let's go visit!

Alonsa: Kay, but I'm going between you and the kids.

Ven: *He chuckled faintly* Ukitake, I'll never understand you. *He rubbed his head*

Ukitake: *He smiled as he opened the school doors, entering quietly with them. They entered a classroom, seeing Raine teaching. He put a hand to his lips to tell them to be quiet*

Raine: Lloyd, why don't you answer the question. Lloyd? *She turned around to find him sleeping* ...

Lloyd: ...*Snoring*

Colette: L-Lloyd, the professor's...asking you a question..

Raine: WAKE UP!! *She tossed a chalk in the air before catching it as she spun, blasting it at his forehead. He goes flying and crashes next to Alonsa at the very back*

Alonsa: Head for the hills!! *Ducks under a desk*

Ven: *His eyes widened, stepping back*... I'd hate to be him.

Lloyd: *His face red from the mark* U-uhhh owww...!! W-what?! Is school over...?

Genis: ...Seriously, Lloyd? *Genis, his best friend and also Raine's little brother. He looks like her with the same white colored hair, but he had long strands going down the sides of his hair. He wore blue and was also a half-elf by blood*

Raine: ...Class is over for today.

Ukitake: *He chuckled*

Ven: *He rubbed his head, staring at Lloyd*

Alonsa: And to think Lloyd's the leader of the First group, Symphonia.

Lloyd: *Stood up, rubbing his forehead. He turned to them surprised, recognizing Ven right away* Huh? Oh hey...It's you guys. From that tournament in Tumelga, right? *He grinned* Wow what brings you guys all the way here?! *He was excited, Genis and Colette walking to them as the rest of the class began to leave*

Ven: *He smiled faintly.* The Princess of Hyrule needed to come here for some business, so we tagged along for company.

Genis: Princess of Hyrule? No way! Zelda? It's too bad she's forgotten most of us, huh Lloyd?

Lloyd: Well, I'm sure people's memories will come back sooner or later... I'll fight for each and every one of them! *He made a promising fist, smiling reassuringly to Genis*

Ven: *He smirked.* She's been... sort of busy. She got in trouble recently, considering she's usually not allowed out of the castle.

Colette: It's usually like that...*She folded her hands together on her chest, smiling sweetly towards Ven* I-It's nice to have you and your friends in Terresia. Welcome!

Alonsa: Haha thank you, chosen one.~

Ukitake: Chosen one?

Colette: Ah, yes... I suppose I'm not very chosen-like... I'm sorry.

Lloyd: Stop apologizing all the time, Colette. It's not your fault. You see, Colette's the chosen of regeneration. She saved the world along with me and my friends once from these guys called Cruxis Angels. Zelos Wilder is also a chosen one.

Alonsa: Zelos?! Ew, that guy...?

Ven: *He chuckled* I don't like him either. He flat out flirted with the princesses earlier in front of everyone.

Genis: That's Zelos for you. ...I don't really like him that much, either. But without him, believe it or not, we wouldn't be here today. Even though he almost tried to kill us... He's pretty complicated, and hides things about himself from people.

Lloyd: He's a good guy... once you get to know him a little better.

Colette: I believe that too. We're all good friends. I want to be friends with your group, too. *She smiled at them*

Ukitake: Sure why not?

Ven: *He nodded.* Most of them are at the castle. You're welcome to come with us.

Colette: Oh, sure. I'll do my best! *She walked ahead only to trip over a loose tile, falling on her face*

Ukitake: ...Are you okay, Colette?

Lloyd: She's a klutz.

Colette: *She sat up on her knees, holding a red nose* I-I'm okay...hehe. I'm sorry...

Ven: *He nodded to her, turning to leave* Today has been crazy. I can’t' wait to sleep.


*At the castle, Ven, Alonsa, Ukitake and the other three enter the throne room to find Link, Melody and Zelda*

Preston: More guests..

Lloyd: *Walked to them* Oh, your Link! I remember you.

Link: Hey Lloyd!

Melody: *She looked over at them, her butterfly staring as it rested on her shoulder.*

Zelda: *She smiled faintly, looking at the people walk in*

Colette: *She looked over to Melody in awe, finding her to be beautiful. The butterfly also grabbed her attention.*

Laura: Hi Lloyd. *She smiled* We were just talking about Ammy's Grove. They might head there tomorrow, but don't know their way around.

Lloyd: I could show them if you guys want...

Genis: You, Lloyd? It's kind of hard to believe you with responsibility.

Lloyd: Hey, shut up Genis.

Zelda: *She smiled warmly* I would appreciate it if you did.

Lloyd: *He blushed at her, trying to remain cool and composed. He closed his eyes as he smirked* O-of course! I can do it for you guys no problem.

Link: *His ears perked up, happy to hear this*

Zelda: *She nodded to him, turning to Laura and Preston* I'm sorry to cut this so short.. I should find Shunsui and tell him the plans.

Preston: Sure no problem.

Colette: I-I like your butterfly friend...*She looked up at Melody, faintly smiling*

Melody: *She looked over at her, giving a small smile.* Thank you.. He's... sort of been with me my whole life. Well.. *She rubbed her head* It's more complicated than that. There's a large backstory behind it. *She said, her butterfly flying over and circling Colette for a moment*

Colette: *Her eyes widened as she felt really happy she spoke to her. She clasped her hands together cheerfully, admiring the butterfly* He's very cute... If it's not so much trouble... I would like to hear the story between you two sometime... when your available. *She looked down, faintly blushing*

Zelda: *She left the throne room*

Melody: *She nodded.* I wouldn't mind telling you it.. *She smiled faintly.*

Colette: *She smiled at her, nodding* I could also tell you a little about me, too... We could share stories together... *Suddenly, beautiful pink angel wings appeared on Colette, floating up above Melody. She began to fly around with her butterfly giggling cheerfully*

Link: *Smiling, and staring in awe* Colette... has wings!

Melody: *She watched in awe as well, not expecting that from her.*

Laura: Colette is the Chosen of Regeneration, and she gained the power of angels. She's also one of the nicest people in Terresia. *She smiled down at them* Melody would get along very well with her...

Lloyd: *Smiling at them* They do look like they could share a nice bond together.

Link: *Looked at Lloyd* I bet you and I, too. We could be good friends. *His ears perked up, smiling at him*

Lloyd: Haha sure!

Lloyd: Colette and I will prepare for tomorrow, so we'll let you guys get to sleep. it's been a long day for you all.

Ven: Thanks for your help. *He nodded to him.*

Melody: *She watched as her butterfly flew onto her shoulder. She looked away, staring at the ground*

Colette: *Landing in front of her, her wings disappearing as she did. She looked at her concerned, putting on a faint smile* Thank you... Melody.

Melody: *She looked at her for a moment*... why are you thanking me..? *She asked gently*

Colette: *Her eyes shook as she smiled, her hands folded together on her chest* For letting me play with your butterfly and... for talking to me. You’re a very nice person... so thank you.

Melody: *She blushed faintly, not understanding, though she went with it.* You're.. welcome.

Colette: I-I'll see you tomorrow, Melody! *She followed Lloyd, tripping as she did*

Link: I-is she ok?

Laura: Y-yeah.

Colette: *She stood up, cleaning her dress. She blushed as she became slightly embarrassed* S-sorry, Lloyd.

Lloyd: Are you okay? *He laughed* Let's go home Colette.

Link: Those two are cute. *He smiled*

Melody: *She looked away again, sighing quietly to herself.*

Ven: *He rubbed his head* This is going to be exciting, though I'm confused about it all. I'm going to go to bed.

Alonsa: Another adventure tomorrow, stud! And with new friends, too. How exciting, I guess we'll have to wait and see what it's for! *She ran to him, hugging his arm as she walked with him*

Ven: *He smirked, walking with her*

Link: Well, let's get some sleep Melody.

Melody: *She nodded faintly, looking to Laura and Preston* Good night..

Preston: *Smiled at her shyly* Goodnight, Melody

Fredrick: The two of you should sleep as well, Masters.

Preston: Aw do we have to...

Fredrick: Absolutely. Also, prepare your King's speech, sire.

Preston: *He blushed* I-I have to prepare a speech, too? *He looked down all scared*

Laura: *Jumps off her throne* I'll help! *She smiled, taking his wrist*

Preston: Okay..

Melody: (Melody and Link ) *She turned, walking out of the throne room as she looked down*

Link: *Following her* What's up? You seem pretty down, Melody.

Melody: *She shook her head faintly* I'm fine. *She said as she walked*

Link: Are you sure...?

Melody: *She hesitated, giving him an unsure nod.*

Link: *He kept silent to himself, following her. They reached her room* I don't think we requested a room for two. But we can check inside...

Melody: I'm fine either way.. *She said quietly to him. She shyly opened the door, looking inside*

Link: *He walked in, setting his things on his bed* I never really asked this but... *He turned to her*

Melody: *She looked up at him, listening to him as she walked over*

Link: How do you feel? You know, about no Nightshade in your life?

Melody: *She stared at him for a moment, stunned by such a large question at a random time*... What do you mean?

Link: *He blushed, looking down* Well...besides adventuring, what are your plans? Do you plan to go back to Korillia, and be the princess you never got to be? Or... do you have a dream?

Melody: *She looked away for a moment, not knowing what to say* I don't know Link.. I really don't. *She said, feeling awkward*

Link: *He walked over to a window, looking at the falling snow* You have a lot of time... to figure out a dream. But when you do find out what your dream is, I don't want you to feel like you need to be with me, and sacrifice that dream. *he looked back* I care about you a lot. I care enough to know that everyone pursues a dream, something they really like to do. Please... don't let me stop you. You’re your own person, after all.

Melody: *She stared at him, stunned by his response. She slowly walked to him* Link... how could you ever think that? *She faced him as she stood beside him.* I wouldn't want to do anything without you.. *She frowned.*

Link: That's just it... *He looked down* Luffy and his crew... they all have dreams that bind them together. Lloyd and his friends, they've been through a lot, but have different dreams too. That's why... I don't want you to feel empty anymore. I don't want you to have to rely on me, or Shunsui, or anyone. I want you to be you, and to realize your potential and what you mean to yourself. I know that... Nightshade took everything. He took that time away from your life... the time to grow and learn about the world... T-That's why I'm saying this now... pursue a dream. *His eyes became teary* Find out a dream... that will lead your life. Don't be on my shadow... There are some things that will separate us... and if you’re separated from me knowing that you have nothing else to lead you in life terrifies me...

Melody: *She stared up at him, not knowing what to say to him. In ways, she didn't feel the same as he did* Link.. *She said quietly* This.. is what I want.. I want to see everything that I've missed with you and everyone else.. I was alone, even when I was a child. I was one of the few Korillian's without an insect and I got teased, despite being royalty.. You know our destinies are tied together. *She took his hands into hers, looking up at him.* This is what I want.. I don't want you to think you're burdening me or preventing me from finding my path, when I already know my path. I have the Inner Power, my job is to guard it and help you.. My path is to be with you.. *She said quietly.* As for the other parts, they'll come when they come.. I'm not going to worry about that until the time comes. *She stared up at him* Do you understand..? *She asked quietly, her own eyes filling with tears.*

Link: *Tears streamed down his face, closing his eyes as he faintly smiled, hugging her* I was just...afraid. I was afraid of dying and leaving you alone...

Melody: *She hugged him tightly, resting her head on his shoulder as she closed her eyes.* Link, you can't think like that.. Please.. *She said quietly* I used to think like that when I was young.. always fearing of losing my parents because they were all I had.. I lost them afterwards.. Thinking about the unknown was my biggest mistake. *She said quietly, knowing she was slightly attacking herself.* It was why I was running..

Link: I know... I'll try... to not think about it anymore.

Melody: *She nodded faintly against him, feeling her tears stream down her cheeks and onto him.*


Alonsa: (Ven and Alonsa ) *She walked into their room, which also had two beds. She sat down on her bed, kicking off her shoes against the wall. The snow began to pick up outside, piling against the window. She looked up at Ven cheerfully, but turned her face away sorrowfully as she stared at her pillow faintly smiling. She softly sighed, feeling pained by something.*...

Ven: *He glanced at her for a moment* Hey... what's wrong with you? *He said, laying back on his bed*

Alonsa: *Her eyes narrowed* ...You'll hate me if I told you.

Ven: Why would I hate you? *He asked, staring at her*

Alonsa: *She closed her eyes, gripping her bed tightly with her hands* You remember that night I was locked out in Hyrule Town?

Ven: *He nodded to her, reminding himself of the worry he went through* Yeah.. what about it?

Alonsa: ...I was never locked out. I didn't try to even open the door.

Ven: *He fell silent, staring at her*... Why?

Alonsa: *She gripped the bed tighter, hurting her hands in the process* You... were never supposed to find me. I wanted to...freeze there alone. But you found me and I ended up alive.

Ven: *He sat up, feeling a rush of anger fill him* Why would you want to throw your life away like that?

Alonsa: Because I deserved to. *She looked up at him* I didn't...want to come here at all. But then you made me like you more... And I was confused. But I ran away from Terresia... and I didn't even feel like a member in our group, so why the hell not?

Ven: *He glared at her, his face becoming serious. He stood up.* Don't give me s**t like that.. You deserve to stay here. You deserve it far more than me. *He said, standing up. He turned, clenching his fists* You didn't abandon your village because you were too much of a damn coward, only to return to see it destroyed. You didn't shame your family before.. *He felt angry tears forming.* I thought I lost you, Alonsa. I refuse to let you talk s**t like that... Do you hear me..? You are wanted. *He turned his head, angry tears streaming down his cheeks.* You deserve to walk, be happy, and be your unique self more than an ignorant fool such as me.

Alonsa: To what cause? Nobody understands where I come from or who I am. It's because all the people I loved died. They died in my hands because I couldn't defend them. I couldn't stop what was inevitable, and each and every one of them died because I didn't do what I was supposed to. So I ran. *She looked away, smirking sadly* Running away is all I've been doing. People never like me. They never see the 'real' me. So I wanted to be with the ones that did. The ones that are dead... They remember what I was like... Not even I remember anymore...

Ven: I told you to not talk like that! *He said, turning.* Alonsa, you're wanted by our group. We like your nicknames you give us, your smile, your personality. Alonsa, you need to stop thinking like that. This is our new beginning. Didn't you hear the Inner Power's little legend? Nine of us. That included you.

Alonsa: *She looked down* They all think I'm a joke. I don't blame them. I don't blame them for seeing an empty shell... *She closed her eyes, beginning to fight back her tears* I don't know... who I am anymore... I don't want to love you because you'll end up like them... *She raised her feet up to her body, hiding her face against the wall* I'm afraid...

Ven: Perhaps if you stop assuming, it would be different. *He said, walking up to her and kneeling down beside her.* You know damn well I'm too stubborn to hear otherwise. I'm not going to hate you or judge you. Everyone was freaking out when we saw that you were gone that day. Melody was in tears, Link was freaking out, hell even Shunsui looked like he was going to punch a wall.

Alonsa: *She opened her eyes* Everyone...was freaking out...?

Ven: *He stared at her with a serious expression* Would good ol' Stud lie to you?

Alonsa: *She looked up at him, her eyes shaking* Heh...no... I bet he wouldn't. You see... *She looked down* When I was really small... like the size of a peanut maybe... I lived in a small village. It was my duty to be on watch every night, because they were all too elderly and sick... our group was already in bad shape from rival villages... We specialize in martial arts, but I didn't know they were all sick. I suppose we're similar stud... we didn't take our roles as kids very seriously... Grandpa died telling me I failed, and grandma would have survived if I didn't try to defend her, she pushed me away and I...

Ven: *He put a finger onto her lips, staring down at her.* The past is past. We can't keep grieving over it forever. *He said calmly*

Alonsa: The flower anklets I have...are the only thing left from my villiage. Ven... promise me something...

Ven: What is it? *He asked*

Alonsa: *She looked up at him* Promise me that... if I ever fall in love with you... that you won't die because of me... I'd hate you forever... okay?

Ven: *He smirked to her* I don't know if I can promise you that. If I'm dead, there's nothing to hate *He poked her cheek* Yes, I promise.

Alonsa: Also... don't leave me with a baby right before you die, or that would suck... *She teased, laughing*

Ven: *He blushed faintly* We haven't even talked about anything like that, and you're already thinking about kids?!

Alonsa: *She put a finger on her mouth, her tears magically seeming to vanish* Because I need you to buy things like baby food, beds, hunt, change the diapers especially... Oh and I would need you for the times I'd want to go shopping.

Ven: *He groaned, clearly not enjoying the thoughts of this. He rolled his eyes* Yes, Alonsa, I promise... *He rubbed his head.* And I know a way to make you believe that I'll keep this promise.

Alonsa: *She blinked* How?

Ven: *He moved a hand under her chin, leaning in. He closed his eyes, gently kissing her as he held it.*

Alonsa: *She blushed majorly, her eyes widening. She slowly closed them, reaching her arms around his neck. Her eyes became teary, but she remembered what he had said before and she let herself give in, feeling like her role had just reset, and it was back to protecting the ones that she loved once again* Ven... I think I'm already in love... I'm pretty easy, huh?

Ven: *He smirked.* You had me before you even realized this. *He ruffled her hair before he stood up.*

Alonsa: *She cheerfully laughed* I think you got promoted to Hunk!

Ven: *He froze* I... think I prefer Stud... thanks...

Alonsa: ...Yeah, it sounded better in my head...

Ven: Hunk just makes me sound like an a*****e, something I don't need to be reminded that I am.

Alonsa: *She tilted her head* Stud, can I sleep with you? Like not literally. I don't want babies yet.

Ven: *He laughed* You mean cuddle? By all means. *He said, going over to his bed*

Alonsa: Okay b- *she fell off her bed because she was excited* ...but I’m taking my pillow. oww...

Ven: *He rolled his eyes* There's no rush you know.. We have all night.

Alonsa: All night cuddling. I hope you don't get a hard on. *She jumped in with him*

Ven: *He groaned* I'm not perverted like that.. I'm a knight, remember? *He looked at her*

Alonsa: Does that mean knight's don't have privates?

Ven: *He facepalmed.*... just get in my arms so I can sleep.. *He said, annoyed*

Alonsa: Okay. *She got in his arms* ...Huh. Now I know how Melody feels. If I fart we don't mention that to them.

Ven: *He groaned* Melody is a lady.. it's different. *He held her to him, closing his eyes* Good night.

Alonsa: ...*She began to get bored so she started playing with his fingers, but yawned and nuzzled in* Nighty...


Zelda: ( Shunsui and Zelda ) *She was looking around for Shunsui, feeling herself getting lost.*

Shunsui: *Also lost, bumping into a vase. It almost fell but he caught it, and noticed Fredrick's head peaking out of a random room. He slowly waved at him all innocent* ...Don't want that to happen again. *He turned around, bumping into Zelda. She almost fell and he caught her* ...Oh, you’re much more fragile than a vase. That could have been disastrous!

Zelda: *She was startled by him hitting her, holding onto him as he caught her. She smiled faintly* At least I found you.

Shunsui: *He twirled her around back to her feet, tilting his hat over one eye as he smirked* And here I am. Like magic.

Zelda: *She held his hands* I need to talk to you.. It's... important. *She said, her ears lowering slightly*

Shunsui: *He smirked, nodding as he looked around for anymore vases* Okay but when we walk make sure it's not deadly.

Zelda: *She smiled faintly* I'd prefer finding a private place.. It's about.. *She glanced to her necklace.*

Shunsui: Your breasts?

Zelda: *She blushed majorly* S-Shunsui! No.. the necklace.

Shunsui: Aw. I-I mean Awwhh ha- I knew it all along, okay, where to? My room? Yeah my room. *He walked ahead, holding her wrist as he chuckled*

Zelda: *She followed after him, blushing majorly* If my father knew about this.. *She giggled softly*

Shunsui: *They entered his room. She noticed it was all flower themed*

Zelda: *She looked around, smiling gently* Just like the courtyard..

Shunsui: Smells like it too. Or maybe that's just us.

Zelda: *She walked over to the window, looking out as she saw the snow. Her ears lowered.*

Shunsui: *Pouring wine into two glasses* So, something up?

Zelda: *She nodded faintly.* I need to explain what we're doing tomorrow and for what purpose... but before I do, I need to tell you some backstory..

Shunsui: *He sat down on a pillow, drinking his glass as he placed hers nearest to her, listening closely*

Zelda: You remember the story of how my soul was put into the necklace, correct? *She turned, looking at him as she held it to her*

Shunsui: I recall.

Zelda: *She closed her eyes* There was a couple of things I didn't tell you

Shunsui: *Sipped his wine* Like what?

Zelda: When I was revived... It was by four people... three were the goddesses of Hyrule... the last... *She hesitated*

Shunsui: The mother of all things you've been trying to hide from me? *He sipped his wine again, placing it down as he smiled at her*

Zelda: *She nodded faintly to him.* Amaterasu..

Shunsui: Amaterasu, eh? Sounds like a mouthful. I'm just going to say Ammy.

Zelda: I was speaking to Robin earlier.. *She approached where he was, sitting on the other pillow there.* She mentioned a shrine made to thank her. I was originally going to go there for a simple thanks.. but she told me of something.

Shunsui: Nico Robin? You seem to be good friends with her. *He chuckled*

Zelda: *She nodded to him, looking down* Shunsui... she told me that if I truly desired this.. I could ask her to return my soul to its proper place. She's done favors for other people before..

Shunsui: That would mean meeting Ammy tomorrow.

Zelda: Which was what.. we were going to try to do.. Lloyd is taking us to the shrine tomorrow.

Shunsui: *He smiled* But being the Mother of All Things, Amaterasu won't be easy to find even with a guide.

Zelda: *She nodded*.. The message from Luffy was that she isn't in the center of the universe anymore... we're all assuming she's here with us, which isn't a good thing usually.. Robin mentioned she can be found by the shrine. Laura and I talked earlier and she also mentioned Nightshade being somehow... connected into this. She saw him in her dreams. The only person who would know anything of this would be Melody, but she's so shy.. *She sighed*

Shunsui: So she's normally at the center of our universe? This Ammy is the real deal. God.

Zelda: *She nodded to him.* She created everything..

Shunsui: And all of Terresia knew about her but the rest of the world?

Zelda: *She bit her tongue, knowing she couldn't tell him of the secret, not yet at least.* Something occurred in time where everyone has forgotten.. Only high members of royalty and slight others remember.

Shunsui: That sounds like an even bigger problem... Do you think we can ask her that?

Zelda: *She shrugged* I'm not sure.. We need to find her first. Her being here is meaning a possible threat, and I remember earlier Fi mentioned something about a disturbance in the time between here and the Sky World... where Link and I used to be for a while as Ghirahim attacked.

Shunsui: What made you come down here?

*Suddenly, Zelda's head began to hurt after he mentioned it*

Zelda: *She closed her eyes, holding her head as she felt this*

Shunsui: Zelda...? Are you okay?

Zelda: ...I don't remember... I... I can't.. *She said quietly, holding back the pain*

Shunsui: Zelda, what's wrong? *He put his wine down, placing his hands on her head* It's okay, you don't need to answer.

Zelda: *She sat there in silence, trying to relax herself*... Something's preventing me from remembering..

Shunsui: Do you think the memories of people, including what just happened, is caused by Link and Melody's entwined destinies?

Zelda: *She opened her eyes, looking up at him*.. What do you mean?

Shunsui: ...I've just been thinking. If Link came from the sky world along with you with a different purpose in mind, and Melody came from Grandilia with her own purpose in mind, meeting blended the two and caused an interference. Which may result to a different time period in the sky, because Link hasn't started his destiny yet.

Zelda: *She looked up at him*... I never thought of it like that.. *She frowned* Now I'm confused myself.. and my head hurts

Shunsui: *He chuckled* Why not sleep then? You can bunk in with me for tonight.

Zelda: *She smiled faintly* I was going to either way, you know...

Shunsui: Can we talk about your breasts now? You so looked at them and changed your mind.

Zelda: Shunsui.. *She blushed majorly, gently hugging him.*

Shunsui: So, tomorrow will be the day we meet Her. Almost as suspenseful as the night before the war.

Zelda: *She nodded against him as she closed her eyes.* I'm not sure what to think... I feel afraid..

Shunsui: Are you afraid of Her, Zelda?

Zelda: Not of her... but of what could happen..

Shunsui: Don't worry... We're going to have a God on our side.

Zelda: *She leaned up and kissed him* I hope you're right. *She said sorrowfully*

Shunsui: Worst that could happen is we all die. *He teased, lying down with her*

Zelda: *She smiled faintly, cuddling into him.* I love how optimistic you are.. Good night..

Shunsui: You know what would be creepy?

Zelda: *She opened her eyes, looking up at him* What?

Shunsui: If all the couples in the castle slept the same way we do now, with me behind you like this. That would be sad.

Zelda: *She smiled faintly.* Shunsui.. I love you. *She closed her eyes*

Shunsui: *He chuckled* I love me too...

End of Chapter 2.4
Chapter 2.5

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