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Roleplays and Adventures
Here are some of the writing pieces that I've done in the past and some continuing as we speak. Enjoy reading it, for these are important to my heart.
[TB] Chapter 2.3 - Wonders in Terresia
Melody: *She continued to step back, falling back as she crawled against the grass*

Amaterasu: *She stood up, stretching her body as she let out a small bark. Her tail wagged, looking up as her butterfly touched Ammy's nose*

Melody: *She watched her butterfly interact with the wolf ahead of her. She sat there in the grass*... Who... are you..? *She asked nervously*

Amaterasu: *She tilted her head, shaking off some of the snow. She noticed Melody in the distance, and started barking at her*

Melody: *She stared at her with fear in her eyes. Her butterfly flew over and landed on her shoulder.*

Amaterasu: *She began to walk towards Melody, sniffing the ground as she did. She looked around her surroundings, her nose twitching. She stopped in front of Melody, looking down as she smelled her foot*

Melody: *She watched her carefully, feeling herself tense up. Her butterfly flew over, circling Ammy then Melody*

Amaterasu: *She began to bark again, but soon noticed Melody wasn't able to understand her. She tilted her head, sitting down next to her*

Melody: *She stared at her*... What... are you?

Amaterasu: *She began to howl, causing a blue light to appear at the tip of her nose. The light formed a silver orb that landed on the ground. Ammy moved the orb with her nose next to Melody's hand, licking her hand*

Melody: *She watched her in awe before feeling her lick her hand. She looked to the orb*... You... want me to take this?

Amaterasu: *She barked cheerfully as she wagged her tail, her tongue sticking out*

Melody: *She shyly moved her hand over, taking the orb into her hand as she looked at it*

Amaterasu: Does it work, Melody?

Melody: *Her eyes widened, staring at her, then at the orb*.. I... can understand you...

Amaterasu: *She barked cheerfully, her tail wagging* Holding that orb you can. *She licked her face, her paws resting on her legs as her tail wagged*

Melody: *She stared at her.* How do you know my name?

Amaterasu: *She got off of her, sitting down as she tilted her head* That's a silly question. Maybe you don't remember.

Melody: *She blinked, confused* I'm... afraid I don't understand.. I've.. never seen you before

Amaterasu: *She whimpered, looking up at the butterfly. She barked at it as her tail wagged* I'm Amaterasu.

Melody: *Her butterfly circled her, sitting on her head soon after* ....Amaterasu... *She said quietly to herself* I.... It sounds.. familiar

Amaterasu: *She gave a short howl into the air, causing the butterfly to glow* I am Mother to All, I am the creator. I created all of what you see... all of your friends. Okami Amaterasu.

Melody: *She stared at the butterfly, her eyes widening. She listened closely to Ammy, not understanding fully*... But that would mean...

Amaterasu: *She scratched behind her ear with her foot, laying down on the grass* I created even the Inner Power. You may call me Ammy.

Melody: ( Little Peace in Korillia ) *She stared at her nervously.* Ammy.... Why did you... want to see me?

Amaterasu: Because I love you and I wanted you to know that. *She tilted her head* But um... I also wanted to apologize. I'm sorry. I'm sorry I wasn't there when you were alone for so long. I tried. I'm sorry, Melody.

Melody: *She looked away for a moment, trying to understand*... Why would you apologize? *She blinked.* You have... everyone else to worry about too... You shouldn't apologize for this. I’m... just one person.

Amaterasu: I love you. I love everyone. You suffer so much. *Her ears lowered as she softly whimpered and nudged her with her head* You suffered and I wasn't there...

Melody: *She lightly petted her, hoping it was right to do.* But there are other people suffering as well.. what makes me so special from them? Not... to be rude.

Amaterasu: *She sat down, tilting her head* I wasn't there. The Korillians prayed and I couldn't find them... Even when I looked where I was supposed to, I was too late. Bodies were everywhere. And... He tortured you. I feel responsible for letting him go and do what he did. He is my responsibility. *She looked down* It's my fault...

Melody: *She looked down, taking this all in*... they.. prayed to you? *She closed her eyes*... How was the one who created everything.. unable to find it? I'm not mad at you... I'm just confused.. but what do you mean he was your responsibility?

Amaterasu: I don't claim to understand the very day. I just remember seeing nothing. Nothing at all, in the spot where a large kingdom stood. *She looked at the butterfly* I gave them the Inner Power... I'm happy I left something with them. I didn't know he would try to steal it... Everything I did, he was in my shadow trying to take my creations.

Melody: *She looked to her*.... I'm confused. Are you saying.. Nightshade knows about you?

Amaterasu: Once upon a time. I had to erase his memories, but our connection led him to the closest thing to me: my holy creations and artifacts. One was the Inner Power. I have others. The Triforce, A Sacred Tree, and so on. Nightshade was very persistent and I told him no. He got mad at me.

Melody: *She listened closely*... The Triforce... He was after the Triforce as well? *She blinked* Is that why Link's... destiny is tied with mine?

Amaterasu: *She barked, wagging her tail* He wanted all of my holy creations, but I always stopped him each time. The one he went after I erased his memories was the Inner Power. The last time I saw him was the day I erased them. He is good at hiding from me, even unknowingly. I am the Sun. He is the Shade that the Sun never lays eyes on. It is a shade that blankets around my eyes and I can never turn the light around to look, as I bring the Sun everywhere I lay eyes on.

Melody: *She stared down at the ground.*... So he's the complete opposite from you then... are you related to him? *She asked, painfully*

Amaterasu: *She barked* Though my real form is what you see right now, I am indeed... related. He was once one of my many brothers...but he turned away from the Sun.

Melody: *She closed her eyes* He fed on the evil and greed.. I remember the day he attacked... Everything went dark in the sky.. perhaps he hid it from you.

Amaterasu: *She licked her hands, wagging her tail* I'll explain further. Under moonlight, I am not blind. The sun reaches through the large moon, I have brought natural light through all and the shade of the moon is a good one. Nightshade is a shade of corruption, the shade that the sun can never bring light to. Nor reasoning... for I have failed him as he has distrusted me.

Melody: *She shook her head, looking over* You haven't failed anyone... You should know this more than anyone. Things happen for a reason.. *She looked down at a couple of flowers* It's destiny..

Amaterasu: There are destinies I myself cannot predict no matter in what way I intend to create life. Humans...inspirations and creativity cultivate the life I create. I can only watch the ones that destroy... The ones that lose fate in me fall from the Sun, forever in a darkness I never find. I know it is late, but I want you to know I always cared... I'm so sorry.

Melody: *She looked at her, staring at her* Please.. don't be sorry.. I knew someone was always watching me. If it weren't for all of this, I wouldn't have found Shunsui.. Link.. any of my friends.. I might not have become what I am now.

Amaterasu: *She licked her face, barking as she chased her tail, falling and laying on her back* I love you and all of your friends. I will always watch over your adventures together... Your lives you'll create. Your everything from birth to death. And when you do die, you will raise into the source of my light. My heart, my every being. And you will from there on be at an everlasting peace...That... I promise. *The silver orb began to disappear from Melody's hand*

Melody: *She looked down, feeling it fade. She looked over at Ammy*... Thank you.. *She smiled faintly*

Amaterasu: *She barked and barked, wagging her tail. The ink at the tip of her tail began to draw a pink portal that would bring Melody back. She sat down, tilting her head as her tongue stook out. She raised a paw, moving it twice as to wave goodbye*

Melody: *She looked to the portal nervously. She watched Ammy for a moment*... Thank you *She said before going through it*

Amaterasu: *She playfully swung her paw at the butterfly, barking as to say to help her always*

Melody: *It nodded to her before flying through*


Link: *Looked back at Melody smiling* Hey, your smiling again. *He smiled too*

Melody: *She looked around, noticing that she was back to her normal self. She looked to Link, giving him a small nod. She wasn't sure how that happened, but she believed she understood, though she was stunned that Nightshade was a part of something that was supposed to be good. She only connected the dots now realizing that he is a God, just like how Ammy is. She had defeated a god.*

Robin: We're here... This is... Terresia. *She smiled as she looked up*


*The Town was divided into many circular districts, at the center being the castle that towered over. The bottom districts were of average or lower civilians, as it got wealthier the higher towards the castle. It was a massive difference, a beach on the other side of the town down a hill where festivals took place, and the ocean docks near them. There were tons of ships and pirates bringing in trades for the markets, as well as different races all over the town. The skies were filled with flying devices powered by magic, as magic elevators brought people to different districts*

Zelda: *She stared up at it in awe* This is amazing.

Melody: *She looked up at it as well.*

Ven: Still boggles my mind that Melody made her way here, of all places.

Shunsui: I suppose we didn't really notice the details back then. Now that I take it in, this is one massive multicultural tourist city. The magic powered advanced technology that they use for transportations is admirable.

Robin: At the three corners around the perimeter are where the three groups reside. The beach area for us Strawhats, the Senshi Shrine up the hill of prayers and the Symphonian elite homes higher up.

Zelda: *She was walking towards it* I want to see Laura and Preston. *she smiled faintly*

Alonsa: We'll have to operate the magic elevators to get to the top. Nobody get lost now! *She led them to a tall building, pressing a button to open the doors to a magic circle inside*

Melody: *She looked over at it nervously, not wanting to go near it*

Link: Wow... that platform will raise us up to higher levels, huh? I've never seen anything like this in Hyrule. Who makes this stuff?

Robin: In these parts, only elves and half-elves use magic, but it's become so over used it's hard to tell. The creations here are also part of Preston and Laura's secret ability to imagine things that become real.

Ukitake: I-imagine things that become real?

Robin: Nobody really understands. *She smiled, not wanting to reveal anything more to them*

Zelda: *She nodded to her, trying to play along.*

Ven: This place is crazy...

Link: Alonsa comes from here. That makes a lot of sense why she's so-

Alonsa: Did I hear ya right?! Do you want a sucker punch?!

Melody: *She glared at Alonsa, grabbing Link's hand*

Shunsui: Well then, shall we move on? *He pushed everyone onto the elevator, entering himself laughing and enjoying the different reactions*

Link: Wh-whoa! Hey, hang on a second...

Melody: *She clung to Link, trembling*

Robin: *She smiled, reaching for a lever inside a panel that she pulls up. The magic circle began to rise*

Alonsa: It feels nice to be back home.~

Tiercel: It reminds me of Armethalia...

Harrier: *He nodded* Too much if you ask me.

Link: Wow, there's even more places like this that exist? *He was getting excited* Traveling is fun.

Ukitake: Especially when you’re not sick anymore~ *They reached the highest district, the doors opening to a magic road that brought them to the surface of the roof of a building, leading to a staircase to a castle up ahead*

Alonsa: God I love this place...

Zelda: *She looked ahead in awe.* This is pretty amazing.. though I would get lost easily on my own.

Ven: At least I know where you get your personality from

Alonsa: This is it! Terresia Castle. *The castle had different doors all over, the main doors at the base with other doors extending out of large balconies and magic roads that extended outward to other parts of the city from higher doors on the castle*

Link: *His eyes widened* Look at all the different roads in the sky... This is all so breath taking...

Shunsui: Makes my head spin a little.

Melody: *She looked down as she continued to walk with them.*

Zelda: *She held Shunsui's hand, practically pulling him along.* This is amazing. *She smiled*

Harrier: Armethaliah?

Tiercel: Yeah... *He chuckled*

Shunsui: *He chuckled as they began to open the doors. Inside was all white with red standard royal decorations. A long staircase let up to higher levels, with a massive golden door to the left side leading to the throne room. There were no guards, but Fredrick stood in front of the golden doors*

Fredrick: *Turned his head to them* Oh... my! Is that the Princess of Hyrule?

Link: Hey I think that's their butler.

Robin: Yes, Fredrick. He created most of what you see in the city, including this castle.

Zelda: *She smiled warmly* It's amazing.. I can't even express how I feel right now. I'm thankful my father allowed this.

Ven: *He walked with Alonsa, holding her hand unintentionally*

Fredrick: Welcome to Terresia Castle. *He looked to Robin* Nico Robin! I didn't see you. I've heard word of the Princess arriving but... *He bowed to Zelda* Princess Zelda... welcome, please may this be your home to walk in whenever you please. M-may I get you anything? Anything at all?

Robin: Fredrick loves guests. Usually because he never gets them.

Fredrick: *He pouted*

Zelda: *She smiled warmly to him.* Thank you, I will come here more often now that my father has changed some ways. Are Laura and Preston free? *She asked shyly*

Fredrick: They're just behind these large doors. Let me open them for you. *He pressed his palm at the center of the door. The castle began to glow as it scanned for authorization*

Robin: This won't take long.

Alonsa: Hah! I remember this. *The doors began to glow, opening slowly* Any of the golden doors use magic to identify the person wanting to get in.

Harrier: There's something new, but still. *He chuckled.* Armethaliah used way too much magic.

Tiercel: *He nodded* This place is great still

Melody: *She watched the doors open*

Fredrick: Please, go on in. Miss Josephine and Sir King of the World awaits... *Robin sweatdropped*

Robin: The two of them were allowed to choose their names for Fredrick to call them, well, Preston kind of overdid it...

Ven: And I thought Ghirahim was bad...

Alonsa: *She giggled, entering the room. It was a long hallway of green and red. There stood four tall throne chairs, the two largest were seated by myself and Laura. The one next to Laura was seated by Zelos, and the one seated by me was a boy with blue hair*

Laura: *Her eyes widened as she saw the large group at the entrance. She gently smiled*

Preston: *Staring as he blushed, nervous of what was going on*

Zelda: *She smiled at them all* It's usually all of you visiting Hyrule Castle.

Melody: *She looked over at them.*

Laura: That's certainly true. This is such a surprise, it's very exciting. Please come in...*She smiled as she stared at Preston all excited*

Preston: *He sweatdropped* S-sure...

Blackstar: Don't worry Preston. They look cool.

Zelda: We have come here for a reason.. but I would like to speak to you and Preston alone later. *She said, her ears lowering slightly*

Zelos: Sounds mysterious. *He narrowed his eyes as he smirked* Oh look. It's the guy that beat me in the tourney... How ya doing? No hard feelings on this side.

Shunsui: Oh, so you’re over here Zelos. *He chuckled* Hello there.

Laura: That's fine, Zelda.

Ven: *He looked to Laura, not knowing what to say. He felt awkward.*

Laura: *She too looked over to him, slightly sorrowful. She smiled faintly* Hi... Ven.

Blackstar: So what's the deal? You guys have important things to talk about? I'm Blackstar by the way. The second soon to be king! I'm going to rock, you dig? My name's going to be everywhere soon.

Preston: *He sweatdropped, slightly embarrassed as he sank into his chair*

Ven: *He nodded to Laura, looking over to Blackstar. He didn't seem to like him.*

Zelda: I already stated that the reason why we're here is meant to be between Laura and Preston. *She smiled.* Other than that, we're just here for friendly hello's for a while. I was hoping we could stay for the Starry Night Festival.

Preston: *He blushed again* The starry night festival? I like that... event. It's very nice to stay under the stars with somebody you love.

Laura: *She smiled* I see, you can stay in the castle. I'm sorry it's such a maze... The starry festival should be in a few days.

Zelos: The kitchen is just to the left for any of you starving, less, important guys. Ladies, feel free to eat a cuisine fit for armies.

Link: *Frustrated, crossing his arms* The King and Queen sure are dating confident people.

Laura & Preston: Ahahahaha...haha..

Melody: *She looked to Zelos, clearly not enjoying his comment.*

Zelda: *She smiled to them* Thank you.

Harrier: Wait... Doesn't this mean Christmas is coming soon?

Blackstar: Yeah! Haha! Christmas is awesome. I'm gonna buy something awesome for Preston. Something nobody else can out...buy. Yeah, I'll go with that. Out buy.

Preston: Will you be spending Christmas here, too? *He smiled*

Zelda: *She looked back at the group* I'm fine with it if you all are.

Melody: *She looked nervously at her friends* I'm afraid.. you guys will have to help me. It is my first Christmas..

Link: Aw, sure. It'll be the best Christmas you ever had!

Blackstar: Espically with Blackstar in your first Christmas. It's going to be an awesome first Christmas for you, I'm pretty jealous already.

Robin: *She giggled*

Laura: Robin, were you their escort?

Robin: Yes, I was told by Luffy to do so.

Melody: *She looked to Blackstar, giving a small, faint smile*

Zelda: *She nodded* My father seemed to trust her as well.

Laura: Good work, thank you so much Robin. You’re free to go now, you can see Pierre.

Robin: *She smiled* Everyone, miss princess, It was nice meeting you all.

Zelda: *She nodded to her* Thank you Robin.. We wouldn't have made it here without you.

Robin: I'm sure we'll be spending the leading up festivities. It was a pleasure for me, thank you. *She smiled, leaving the throne room as she giggled at Fredrick who offered her a cookie, but was ignored.*

Preston: Fredrick will bring you guys to your rooms. Zelda wishes to talk to Laura and I, so Zelos will have to go as well as Blackstar.

Blackstar: Sure I respect privacy. No problem. *Looks to Zelos* Unlike some guys I know...

Zelos: Hey, if my babe tells me to go, I listen. *He mumbled something about him*

Blackstar: I heard that. You wanna fight, Zelos?!

Laura: *Sweatdrops* Please don't kill yourselves on the way out.

Zelda: *She watched them oddly.* I... I'm assuming this is natural.

Laura and Preston: Uh huh.... *Sweatdrops*

Ven: I guess you could say it’s tough love. *He rubbed his head*

Link: *He laughed* Let's leave Zelda to speak with them. *Blackstar put his arm around Link, laughing all confidentially* H-hi-

Blackstar: I'll show you guys around! We got the best rooms ever. *Looks to Melody smiling* Hi. You’re popular around here, I hear a lot about you. Melody right?

Melody: *She looked at him nervously, giving him a small nod*... What do you mean?

Blackstar: Well, all kinds of things pass through this town. We hear a lot. I can tell you more on the way out.

Zelos: He won't stop talking either way.

Blackstar: Just trying to be nice, Zelos...

Link: Yeah Zelos, butt out.

Zelos: Hahaha! Okay, whatever you say bud.

Link: I'm not your bud...

Melody: *She closed her eyes* I don't think I can handle this..

Blackstar: *He looked at her, feeling bad that they were pressuring her* I'm sorry...

Alonsa: Huh. It's like being around me all day long. Phew I don't know how you guys handle it.

Shunsui, Ukitake, and Link: ...

Ven: You're the comic relief here. Relax. *He ruffled her hair*

Melody: Please... try not to clash heads around me. I'm not.. used to this

Link: *He smiled* That would get anyone pretty uncomfortable.

*They all left the throne room*

Preston: *The doors closed on them, he stared down at Zelda curiously as he blushed nervously* S-so... it must be pretty important.

Zelda: *She nodded to them, walking closer to them to avoid talking loudly* It is...

Laura: You’re fine. Once golden doors around here close voices can't be heard on either side.

Preston: You can say it now.

Zelda: *She closed her eyes, her ears lowering* Yesterday we returned from our war inside of Korillia. Ghirahim and Nightshade are no more and the Kingdom of Korillia seems to be perfectly fine, for Melody received what she was destined to get. But that is not why I am here...

Laura: Why are you here, Zelda? *She leaned down her throne curiously*

Zelda: When we were on our way back.. we ran into Nami, Luffy and Robin. They told us of important news.. I was invited later on to attend a private meeting inside of Hyrule Castle with my father and them. It was regarding the situation with Amaterasu

Laura: *Her eyes widened* Right, Ammy...

Preston: Yeah... We sent them there to tell you about it...

Zelda: I wanted to stay here with you two for a while to make sure you don't need any other help.. I know... how it is a struggle, especially considering your situations. *She frowned, her ears lowering*

Preston: *He looked down with narrowed eyes* Many... many people have forgotten about us, and about Amaterasu. It is good that a few selected people know, but things have became complicated since then...We don't know what Amaterasu is trying to accomplish on her own.

Laura: Ammy is the creator and Preston and I are her utensils that are used to create many of what you see. When we first arrived confused of our purpose, we struggled hard to find how who we were. Soon, Ammy turned all of the people in this world into humans, like us. It is said we come from a dimension very different than us, and before everyone became human, if Preston and I died, the world would have too.

Zelda: *She nodded to her* I understand.. *She smiled faintly* You two are important to me, and I want to make sure you two know you have my support. I'm staying here to make sure everything is alright, until Preston gives final words for a meeting with the kings. *She looked to Preston* Also.. I should let you know that Jaylon is alive. Korillia is back and normal. I've never seen Melody smile until Nightshade's death.

Preston: Jaylon. *He nodded unsure* Okay... Wow, It's been a while I wonder if he remembers anything about the situation.

Laura: That's what the meeting would be for. Do you think Amaterasu would show up in that meeting? She's done crazier things.

Preston: The meeting's about her, so it would be weird, but convenient if she did.

Zelda: *She nodded.* We can't think of that.. If it happens, it happens.. For now, I want to enjoy my stay here. *She smiled* My father accepts the fact that my heart belongs to Shunsui, and he's testing us here. But.. I would like to ask you that if you need help with anything, please don't hesitate to ask. I want to help you in any way that I can to search for Amaterasu and find out what's going on.

Preston: I'm really concerned, something big might be happening and she might be trying to fix it on her own...She's like that a lot...

Laura: I hope she'll be okay.

Zelda: Her heart is in a good place. She would know if she needed help.. *She turned for a moment* Though... Now I am wondering..

Laura: *She looked up* Yes?

Zelda: Until yesterday, I had no idea that my father knew about Korillia. I'm wondering how... tightly bonded each kingdom is.. or better yet... if everyone knew of the Korillians, why did it fall? Wouldn't she try to stop an entire race from being extinct?

Laura: *She looked down sorrowfully* Only Amaterasu could answer those questions... I myself have never heard of Korillia until recently... Until we felt disturbances that are unexplainable. Strange dreams... It never stops.

Preston: One of my dreams said that the countries didn't even use to exist near each other. Our memories are also messed up. Ammy would know all the answers, and that's why we need to find her.

Zelda: *She nodded* Let's just hope we aren't pressuring her.. She is the Mother of All Things...

Laura: There are some things Amaterasu keeps from even us and that only the Higher Gods know of. We haven't seen Ammy for so long. One of my dreams mentioned Nightshade doing something.

Preston: It's really weird.

Zelda: *She looked at her*... Nightshade? How recently was this?

Laura: I think it was the night before that war you speak of. Something about the Light and Shadow being tangled and threatening to rip the world apart, but I didn't know what it meant.

Zelda: *She nodded to her, thinking* I wouldn't know... Perhaps you should talk to Melody. She knows more about Nightshade than any of us.

Laura: Yes, maybe I will. Also one more thing.

Zelda: What is it? *She looked up at her*

Laura: If you have any problems during your stay, or feel like something is wrong, feel free to get the assistance of the three Heroes of Terresia. The Senshi's services are able to predict a future, sense evil presences, or solve puzzles. The Strawhats are good for offensive backup. Symphonian services can help with knowledge and brain storming.

Preston: Feel free to take your group to any of them if you need help on your quest.

Zelda: *She smiled softly* I will, thank you. I hope we can see each other later for some more enjoyable topics.

Preston: L-likewise. *He blushed as he waved*

Zelda: *She turned around and headed out of the throne room, looking for the others.*

Fredrick: *He smiled at her, offering a cookie on a tray* Princess Zelda, would you like me to bring you to your friends?

Zelda: *She smiled softly* Yes please. *She said as she took a cookie from him with a warm smile.*

Fredrick: *His jaw dropped, eyes all teary as his life became complete*

Zelda: *She looked back at him* Are you... coming? *She giggled*

Fredrick: Y-yes Princess! *He followed his new best friend* At the basement, there are sport events. Sir. Kyoraku was last seen down there. There are tennis courts. Upstairs is the dining hall and the bedrooms of Miss Josephine and Sir King of the World. There are also training facilities that Sir. Ven left to, and a library and... I could go on, M'lady.

Zelda: *She nodded to him, looking around the castle.* Thank you.. I'll be sure to ask you for your help. *She smiled faintly* I'd get lost otherwise. *She looked over to him shyly* Could you take me to Shunsui?

Fredrick: Ah, yes. *He clapped, and the center of the ground opened up a staircase down*

Zelda: *She watched for a moment, surprised* This castle has a lot of secrets..

Fredrick: I made it to trick intruders. We also have a dungeon. But that's another story, ahem. *He walked down, leading her to the sports area*

Alonsa: *Shot a volleyball at a wall, it bounced off and hit Fredrick in the face* LSSSHH......

Fredrick: *falls down the stairs*

Zelda: *She gasped, reaching out*

Fredrick: M-My goodness! W-what just happened?! Oh thank goodness I was in front of you, m'lady...

Zelda: *She looked at him, frowning* Are you alright?

Alonsa: *Runs up to her in her tennis.* Buttley! I'm sorry, there are just balls everywhere down here!

Fredrick: *He blushed* No... it's alright ladies.

Alonsa: Shunsui should be, erm... further ahead, Zelda.

Zelda: *She looked to Fredrick*... You're turning red.. are you sure you're alright?

Fredrick: Ohhh yeah, I'll be fine... This stuff happens to me every day. *Rubbing his head as he pointed down the hall* Lady Alonsa is correct, M'lady. just down that hall.

Zelda: *She nodded to him, smiling* Thank you. *She walked ahead excitedly*

Alonsa: FOUR! *She hit a golf ball and it went through Harrier's tennis racket*

Harrier: Dude, what the hell?! *He glared*

Alonsa: LSSSHHH.... I'm gonna go play hockey instead...~ *Runs off*

Zelda: *She continued to look around for Shunsui, folding her hands together in front of her as she walked.*

Shunsui: *He was in his robes, the haori and kimono on a bench as he played 'intense' ping pong with Ukitake* That was so cheap, Ukitake.

Ukitake: *Hair tied back* Can't take the heat get out of the kitchen.

Zelda: *She walked into the room, seeing that he had his usual stuff off. She looked over.*

Alonsa: *She let go of the hockey stick and it went flying through the room, across Ukitake. It scared him and he let go of the ping pong racket that goes flying to the ceiling, knocking down a chain reaction from the shelves that end up with Zelda under them and getting hit by a falling array of soccer balls* ...LSSSSHHHHHH I'm gonna go play outside... *runs*

Zelda: *She gasped, covering herself as she was 'attacked' and closed her eyes tightly*

Ukitake: Z-zelda!

Shunsui: *Walked up to her and placed his hands over her head* Ukitake, could you grab some ice for us?

Ukitake: R-right away, I'm sorry! *He ran off to get it*

Shunsui: Are you okay? *He chuckled* That Alonsa...

Zelda: I'm alright.. *She smiled faintly up at him.* Really.. It just startled me.

Shunsui: *He smiled* Zelda...you’re cute even when your hurt.

Zelda: *She blushed faintly.* What makes you say that? You didn't think so when we were in Korillia.

Shunsui: You were hit with an 80+ Kido spell. *He sweatdropped, Ukitake coming with the ice*

Ukitake: I would have been faster if I hadn't gotten lost.

Zelda: *She looked over* I'm fine... thank you though.

Ukitake: *He rubbed his head, feeling bad* I'll make some tea too...! *He ran off to get lost somewhere*

Zelda: *She watched him leave*... He feels bad, doesn't he..

Shunsui: He's always like that. Here, sit. *He helped her down on the bench, getting a sports towel and placing it on her forehead with the ice, holding it there*

Zelda: *She looked at him before closing her eyes as he put it on her* Shunsui.. I'm fine.. *She smiled.* I've never seen you in your black clothes alone before.

Shunsui: I sometimes take the other things off for activites. Plus, it shows off my chest hair more.

Zelda: *She blushed faintly.* I want to stay here a little past Christmas.. There are reasons, but I cannot explain fully.

Shunsui: That's alright, it sounds good. I like this place a lot.

Zelda: So far, from what I've seen I'm not sure. *She smiled, referring to what just occurered.*

Ukitake: *Ukitake came with Robin and Pierre* I found Robin and Pierre, they said we can go to their house and he'll cook us a meal.

Pierre: *Tongue sticking out trying to get the flour off of his nose, all flustered* Yes it's no problem, I insist. *Robin giggled*

Shunsui: That's great. *He looked to Zelda, leaning in to kiss her*

Zelda: *She blushed, shyly moving to him and kissing him back.*


Pierre: *Finishing placing the rest of the dishes on the table for Zelda and Shunsui, sitting next to Robin. As he sat his gourmet hat bounced on his head as he licked his lips, neatly placing a napkin on his collar* You won't have ever tasted anything more delicious. This is gourmet cuisine.

Shunsui: *Takes a bite* Oh....this is amazing... Even the drinks are incredible. *He began to chomp down on his plate*

Zelda: *She too had a taste, nodding in agreement* This is amazing.. *She smiled* It's better than what I've had at the castle.

Robin: *She smiled* Pierre is a very good cook. I've been enjoying it even before marriage.

Pierre: *His tongue out smiling at his new guests* I am Pierre Gourmet, you must be Shunsui and the princess. I'm quite honored to cook for another princess.

Zelda: *She blushed faintly, looking at him* Thank you for this. It is amazing. *She looked to Robin* You're lucky to have this every night,

Robin: *She giggled, finishing her plate. She stood up, bringing to plate to the kitchen* I hope you’re enjoying Terresia... It really is my favourite place to be.

Shunsui: The area sure looks worth adventuring. So many travellers, the whole town isn't even afraid of monsters that come through.

Pierre: It's because we have faith in the three groups. I'm a part of the Strawhats because I married Robin, but I'm not even that strong. People here are very high spirited, even when there's danger here.

Zelda: *She nodded* That's what you need to have a powerful kingdom. *She smiled* I know Hyrule will survive strong because the people are happy for the most part and they know Link will rise and save Hyrule, just as the legends say.

Robin: Relying on one man seems rather risky.

Zelda: *She shook her head as she finished eating her own meal* Link is the chosen one.. He's stopped many villains before. He's powerful.

Robin: *She smiled warmly* It's nice that you think so highly of him.

Pierre: I bet Shunsui always protects you, right? *He smiled, tilting his hat over his face as he blushed* Romantic.

Shunsui: *Also tilted his hat, chuckling* I will always do so. Nice hat, little guy.

Zelda: *She smiled as she blushed, looking to Shunsui.* My father wants him to be the next king of Hyrule.

Robin: That's quite the responsibility, Shunsui. Can you handle it?

Shunsui: I sure hope so. *He chuckled, a little sad he won't be able to drink as much. He took a bowl of wine* I'm just going to favor these while I still can. Pierre, why don't you show me around so we can let our women talk amongst themselves?

Pierre: *He pointed to himself, his eyes round and pale-like along with his face as he sweatdropped* M-me? Alright. But I don't drink, okay? At least not as much as you seem to... *He got up, following him after kissing Robin's cheek* I'll be back my Finest.

Robin: *She smiled* Alright, Pierre.

Zelda: *She smiled to Shunsui, feeling sympathy for him.* Behave yourself. *She said teasingly*

Robin: *She sat down across from Zelda* So, I assume you've spoken to Preston and Laura alone.

Zelda: *She nodded* I let them know of my father's plans

Robin: You've yet to meet Her, have you? *She smiled* I have, along with Lloyd and Usagi's groups. She's very beautiful...

Zelda: *She nodded, frowning* I haven't met her in person.. though she's done something very special for me.

Robin: *She tilted her head still smiling* Oh?

Zelda: *She nodded faintly* It is a long story... but have you seen the necklace that Shunsui wears?

Robin: I do. Could that perhaps be yours?

Zelda: *She nodded faintly, her face becoming serious* You must not tell anyone of this.. though my friends all know.

Robin: *She leaned back on her chair with her arms crossed* I promise.

Zelda: *She nodded to her again, closing her eyes as she looked away.* It was a long time ago.. Ganondorf had kidnapped me and got angry because I refused to give him my Triforce piece.. He killed me, and Link was too late to save me. It was against what the legend prophesized. The six other sages of Hyrule prayed, and with the help of Ammy and the goddesses of Hyrule, I was revived. However, it was not normal.. My soul was placed in that necklace by mistake. There's a hidden legend upon this now.. "The Princess of Hyrule shall rule forever as long as three cracks are not placed against the necklace, where the soul awaits to be freed into peace." It was cracked once recently by Ghirahim, though thankfully he didn't find out the secret. I asked Shunsui to hold onto it and protect it ever since.

Robin: How interesting. So it's essentially your soul placed in by Ammy. You should offer an offering next to her statue; they say good things happen when you do.

Zelda: *She looked over at her.* An offering...? What would I do? *She blinked*

Robin: *She giggled softly, reaching for a bookshelf next to where they sat. She pulled out a book of Amaterasu that was written by the three groups labled 'Our Ammy'*

Zelda: *She looked over at her curiously, looking at the book*

Robin: *She flipped through the pages, finding what she was looking for. She turned it over to show her the picture of a statue of Ammy in a forest-like area. Small birds and creatures were gathered around it as flowers rested upon the ground and top of the statue* This is her shrine we built recently. It is a special shrine that bestows a wish upon the purest of heart that wish for their most personal desire to come true.

Zelda: *She stared at it, wondering about it now. She looked up at her.* How... close is this?

Robin: It's in a spot between two forests that surround the city. Between Tangerine Woods and Eternia Forest is a Grove. She's in the deepest part of the grove. It's her sanctuary-away from home, so Ammy sometimes appears there the most when she's amongst the living.

Zelda: *She nodded faintly, smiling* I might visit there... I.... want to give her thanks.

Robin: *She narrowed her eyes, smiling* You know... Ammy never realizes some of the mistakes she makes during her creations. She has so much on her paws that she's unaware sometimes. If you talk to her about your necklace problem she will fix her mistake for you. She is our mother, after all. A child went there to wish for her stuffed animal to be fixed, and Ammy sewed it up for her...

Zelda: *She stared at her in slight shock*... You think she would do that for me?

Robin: Sure she would. If you desired it enough.

Zelda: *She smiled faintly*... Thank you for telling me this. *She nodded to her*

Robin: It was no trouble at all. *She smiled back*

End of Chapter 2.3
Chapter 2.4

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