I'm not really sure what to put in these things, so I'll start off as if I don't know yah.

Hi, my name is Daryos Stormbreeze, and I'm a jack-of-all-trades type of guy! First trait is I'm handsome. Hey, don't lie, I saw you checkin' me out, journal. I don't blame you either. <3 That's why you sleep next to me. Then of course is my amazing fighting skill --- Martial Arts and various other deadly melee-weapon combats with daggers, swords, and hidden blades. You'll most commonly see me practice on the wooden pole we staked out in front of our little shack of a home.

Oh, you're probably wondering about the 'We'. Elissis Inwood, my fiance! Red hair, fair skin, smoking body, beautiful sly lips, and the smell of grease! I've grown fond of it, not gonna lie! She's a mechanic --- well, an engineer! She makes things with grease. I just dabble but she's a genius when it comes to that stuff.

Which comes to my greatest trait! My loving. And yes ladies, I'm sorry to say only she gets to experience the hours upon hours upon -hours- of enjoyment that is me! But you can be jealous and daydream all you want!

I'm also very free-spirited. As you might have guessed. Kind of a free loader, too. I'm surprise she's put up with me for so long! But hey, I like to stay at the beach and smell the water, take a swim, and fish. I cook fish -really- good, but I outta for as long as I've been a fish. (Psst, I'm not literally a fish...)

Well, I think I'mma go take a dip right now and wait for her to come home. Besides, Phill here (my little bomb) is acting up already and I don't want to deal with that. I'll just let him run around in circles until he runs out of energy. Good night, journal!