So, I just got my driver's permit on 03/07/13. Yay me. Though I don't have anyone to teach me to drive, I think i'll have to pay an instructor, but at least I'll have lower insurance, right?

I've found this really nice travel trailer for $750 and a really nice old man is selling it. He's a doctor. I took my dad to the trailer and I found that it needs at least $466 worth repairs and the old man said he'd sell it too me for $500. Also, I can make $75 monthly payments, so I don't have to have it all up front. I am thinking about moving into a trailer court by myself. I have had enough of room mates for a while. My last room mates where super awesome but the room mates I have now are like perfectionists, they always change their conditions and minds, and they are like still contradicting if they want me to live with them or not, like really?

Besides having my new room mates being total jerks (the guy who was supposedly my brothers friend, turned out was actually bullying my brother before he passed away last year,) everything is going go.

Lately, I have realized that I am an extremely forgetful and clumsy person. I loose and forget things constantly. Maybe, I am getting very very early signs of Somezheimer's.

I've tripped over trash cans and walked into metal poles lately on the sidewalk while reading books. Lost my wallet quit often, and sometimes my phone. =P Everyday seems like a battle against sanity lol.

Oh, and My work is awesome even though I work at mcdonalds. I have great co-workers on weekends when I work. Dorthy (my manager), Alex, and Stephan.
Alex has a great personality and is always smiling and in a good mood, so even on tough days, he makes everyone around him smile. So, I end up having a good day no matter what. Dorthy, she's like the most awesomest manager ever. She picks me up and drops me of to and from work. She's like amazingly nice and generous. Super sweet lady. Than, Stephan. He's like totally immature at times and a big flirt. Though, he sure knows how to make someone feel at home, he can get anyone to open up too him no matter what. Only if he works on him immature side a little more. Oh, yah. Than there's the other manager Dana. He's somewhat slow in the grill area and he does get detracted but he's super sweet and doesnt really get mad. These people always make my day brighter when I'm working. It's good to know such great people, especially at work.