Welcome to my journal guys! There will be a lot of things here unlike it just being one thing. Anything that is related to another series of things or just one other thing, will have the same title. Anyway, if any of you weren't here to see my Zombie Apoc. story, this used to be that and I'm starting fresh. On a not so good story, let me tell you how life is treating me as of late.

Written March 10th, 2013
Well, I was in school playing kickball with some friends and the coach. There was this kid that had been annoying me for weeks that could be stacked to months, anyway. It finally ticked as he told me to shut my wimp ass up, which to me is ridiculous because he's mentally handicapped and he can't walk from class to lunch without sh*tting his pants, I mean I have no problem with people that are mentally challenged, but this kid was getting to me real bad; I'm not even really sure why. So back on topic, I walked over and went to punch him, but a teacher saw and came over. I knew I was gonna be stopped so I hit the teacher right in the face. He was knocked out, the the coach came up and tried to stop me as well, so I kicked him in his stomach, by the time that all happened, the kid was gone and a sheriff had finally arrived even though sadly, they had 4 UFC sized guys that couldn't take me down, and in all honesty, I'm practically a toothpick. Anyway I was hit with two charges of Battery on School Official which could've landed me in jail, but I got 21 days of home detention.