As I return to work, I feel like I've wasted my little break. What have I accomplished in the last week, really? I chatted with friends, spent a day or two in utter and absolute rest, and honestly spent most of my time asleep or lounging in my house. In one way, I'm a true testament to the fact that age does not sour laziness in any way, although I admit that I don't believe it's aggravated my lazy tendencies either - I'm about as lazy as I always have been, it's just I can now say I'm resting up for the next hellish week of my life instead of being lazy for the sake of laziness.

In other news, I have at least looked at the projects I've been connected to. The old site requires me to write a few pages a week, which really isn't much of a problem given the prompts they throw at me is at the very least entertaining; I've begun to tag a few RPs here on Gaia and have been given some permission to write a few stories on that if I so wish; and finally, my greater project, "Pactum Factum" is still without an artist and in dire need of revision. Where are my partners? I haven't heard from them in weeks?

I'm like a tired old man waiting for his grandchildren to call. How bitter.