Chapter One: Becoming a family
White flakes have fallen from the heavens on to this small medieval village. A young, small figure was asleep on the dirty snow ground. The small child had slept soundly, as her small lips opened a bit, and let out a short breath out, the coldness had made the child’s breath appear, as a fog on a rainy night. A man, tall, slightly muscular with a fuzzed face, stepped out and coughed a bit, as he looked around, seeing the village covered in white. His pale green eyes lay on the child sleeping on the ground near his store. His throat felt pain seeing the same the figure from before many times, he walked back in the store, and got out a knitted blanket, he had made. He wrapped it around his arms, and as he walked out of his shop, he placed the blanket on the child. “Maker…I hope this helps you, lass.” He said with a deep raspy voice.
The child had short brown hair, her small hand passed through her hair, as she opened those piercing blue eyes of hers. On her face was a tattoo, it didn’t fill her whole face, but just her right eye and on her left cheek. Her small body sat up and looked around seeing hand pressed on the snow, not a smile on her face, as she looked up seeing other children her age play in the snow. The girl’s blue eyes looked at the blanket that the man had placed on her, but she had no clue.
Who would really show kindness to her?
The young girl began to walk around the village with the blanket wrapped around her shoulders. The same man from before, stepped out and saw the small child, made her way around the village. An old women with a basket in her hands, walked towards the man. “Good morning, Sir Fredrick. How are you doing?” the old woman asked. Fredrick looked the woman, and forced a smile. “It’s not ‘Sir’ anymore, Valentina. I’m not a Templar anymore, remember?” he said, looking back in the direction the child went off. Valentina looked at the child walking slowly through the snow. “I know you worry for that small girl’s well-being…Ever since that happened to the girl’s parents.” She said in a soft tone. Fredrick nodded. His body shivered, as he remembered every moment from what happened from that night.

Two years ago…
Two figures had appeared in a fiery blaze and faded slowly. One a man and the other was a woman, and she had long bright blonde hair flowing into the fire as her lovely round face burned into ashes. The man looked like the same girl…same piercing blues and short brown hair, he was quite tanned. His arms wrapped around the woman’s waist. He placed a hand on her cheek and stroked it softly. “I love you, Sanya…” he said in a kind tone. The woman’s bright green eyes looked at him, and placed a hand over his, a smile appeared on her lips. “As…do I, Lucian. I love you. I just hope our dear daughter can forgive us for leaving her so soon.” A tear slowly rolled down her ebony cheeks, looking at her lover. “She will forgive us…Now, let’s rest beside the Maker, love.” He said. His body drew closer to her and kissed her deeply on her lips. They both disappeared…
Fredrick, in Templar armor, came into the burned home, everything was black, and the smell of dead bodies had a rise into the air. He coughed and looked around the area with another man, he had short spiky grey hair, and a 5 o’ clock shadow on his face. “I wonder what the hell happened here…” the man whispered. “Maker’s breath…Rowell. Look at this.” Fredrick said, he lefted a turned table over. Rowell walked towards his friend, he removed what looked like a table cloth and saw Lucian and Sanya’s burned bodies. “s**t…Lucian.” Rowell said. Fredrick looked at his teacher, and raised an eyebrow. “You knew him?” he asked, looking back at the bodies. Rowell nodded, and sighed softly. “Lucian was a great swordsman…he married this Antivan woman, she wasn’t a push over…she knew her way around daggers and magic.” He said, kneed down beside the bodies. “You mean she was an apostate.” Fredrick said. Rowell nodded yet again, as he grabbed a note under Lucian’s shoulder. The edges of the note were burned; he unfolded the note and began to read.

"Whoever finds this letter…it would mean that Sanya, my wife and I are at the Maker’s side. Rouge groups have been after Sanya, for being born with magic in her blood. We have a daughter, she’s only six years of age, and unfortunately she has witnessed our deaths."
Please watch after her…We beg you.
Lucian Garder & Sanya Convonza

Rowell folded back the note and looked at Fredrick. “Their daughter… He never told me he had a child.” he said softly. Crying could be heard from the corner of the room. Fredrick walked toward what appeared to be a wardrobe closet. He placed his hand on the hilt of his two-handed blade; with his other hand he opened the closet doors. There was the small child. He lowered his hand to his side, and looked at the young girl; he soon got on his knees and looked at her. “Are you all right, child?” he asked. Tears stopped following down her face, and her sharp blue orbs looked at the man before her. The small hands she had wiped away the remains of the tears she had produced. She nodded her head softly. “Rowell…she appears to be unharmed.” He said, still looking at the child. He had noticed the tattoo on her face. Rowell walked over towards them, and his pale grey eyes looked at the child. “She looks like Lucian…” he said, as he knelt beside Fredrick. “I’m Sir Rowell. I’m an old friend of your father, Lucian…Tell me what is your name child?” he asked. The girl looked at the other man, she leaned towards Fredrick and more tears began to follow down her cheeks. Her heart began to beat faster, as from the corner of her eyes saw her mother and father’s corpse on the floor. It made her feel weak. She placed her small arms around Fredrick’s neck as more tears now fell from her cheeks to his cold Templar armor. He was stunned by her touch; he sighed softly and placed an arm around the child’s small waist. ”It’ll be all right…” he said softly. The girl cried more. “It’ll be all right…” he repeated.

Fredrick shook his head and turned to Valentina. “Poor girl…Indeed. And I see that you’ve have also showed liking towards the girl…It was kind of you giving her bread those few nights.” He said, crossing his arms. Valentina’s cheeks redden a bit at his compliment towards her. “It’s the least I could…Sanya was wonderful woman. I have a feeling this young girl will do something great.” She said. Fredrick looked again at the young girl walk back to her spot on the ground, sitting down, and warming herself with the blanket he had given her. “Rowell…he died. Trying to save the girl…” he said softly. “Oh…yes. I know. Those blighted rouges came in the village again and tried to kill the poor girl. I’m just glad you and Sir Rowell were here to stop the madness.” She said, placing a hand on her own chest. “Rowell paid the price…well. He will always be remembered.” He said, leaning by the doorway of his shop. The young girl looked at Fredrick and Valentine talk; her hands began to shiver slightly. Her blue piercing eyes looked up and the sky as white small orbs falls from the sky. Fredrick walked towards the girl, and sat down beside her. “How are you doing, lass?” he asked. The girl looked at him, with a plain face. She only nodded her small head. He looked at her and sighed, placing a hand on her head, ruffling her short brown hair a bit. “If you want you can stay with me…if you give me your name.” he said with a grin. She looked up at him with her lips slight parted from each other, in disbelief. Two years…had been a long time since she had a home to call or be in a soft bed. She looked down at the dirty white ground and sighed softly, and her breath was visible. “Well…I’m waiting, lass.” He said, ruffling her hair more. “My name is…Axel.” She said. Fredrick looked at her and smiled.
“Well, Axel…You’re living with me. So from now on…Your full name will be…” he said.
“Axel Vaux”

{PS: This my first try at writing a story i really wanted to work, it's based on the world of Dragon Age, which a video game i fell in love with. this basically my take on what would the third game would be in the series
It's clearly only my fan-fiction, if you wish to comment or want me to continue to type another chapter I will}