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Zeta Epsilon Kappa Epsilon
This is my journal. What? You want to know somethin'? You know, if I told you, I'd probably have to kill you... Hah! I'm only jokin'! ... Or am I...? Nah, it's cool, you'll be fine.
Name: Dawn Majestic
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 180 lbs.

Suit: Tokugawa Heavy Industries Custom XM109 Aegis 5
Project Odyssey Aegis 5 Unit 07 "The Lamia"

Based off of the recently assimilated Shinkawa Heavy Industries' latest M108 armor suit and redesigned by the junior think tank engineering corp of the Filbert University of Engineering, specifically on a special project group spearheaded by military intelligence and the corp's most promising students. The Lamia is one of twelve nearly identical prototypes produced by the project. The Lamia in particular is the seventh suit and the unit assigned to Adept Majestic for development. The Aegis 5s are intended for use by specially trained military cyborgs to create a high-mobility and high-survivability personal armor that would make its user in effect a 'super soldier'. Shinikawa Heavy Industries' M108 designed was originally created by cross-breeding several different armor system blueprints onboard a super-computer and allowing the computer to rapidly put each suit through a gauntlet of thousands of tests, passing the traits of the surviving suits onto another generation of designs and repeating the process until the M108 was the projected design. It was decades beyond what the military had fielded during the most recent contact war with the Elves, the closest existing relatives being the heavily armored main battle exosuits which more approximated combat mechs then personal armor. Togukawa Heavy Industries took the design and gave it to the Filbert University for further development, and the project team has essentially 'gone wild' with such advanced designs. Using much more advanced materials and technology then the budget-minded Shinikawa industries could've ever dreamed of.

-Ballistic Layer (Shown: Aegis 5, Unit 09)
Reactive applique plates that can be quickly and easily replaced, and mitigate the majority of conventional firearms, impact weapons, and environmental hazards.
-Armor Layer (Shown: Shinikawa Industries M108 Prototype)
Primary armor consist of numerous, separated ceramic composite plates and scales each rated to the grade of standard military issue protective armor, and housing a layer of ablative gel designed to absorb and disperse directed energy weaponsfire. This layer also insulates the suit further from electrical discharge, radiation, and heat. It is also at this layer are the mechanical seals that lock the wearer into the suit and create a controlled environment inside it, as well the binders that limit the amount of physical force and range of movement that the suit can exhibit, this is of course to prevent any self-harm from accidental application of force.
-Skin Layer
A synthetically grown aramid fiber with similar properties to both kevlar and latex, very heavy duty and rated to protect against a broad spectrum of threats. The fibers of this material tighten to prevent weaponsfire from penetrating the suit, however the liquid-metal crystal layer underneath that makes up the brain of the suit's onboard computer hardens in response to this impact and spreads out the kinetic energy. Though impacts to this layer have been known to cause hiccups in the onboard computer when not picking up external signals. The surface of the entire skin layer has been treated with a layer of optical-phasing arrays that are organic in structure but synthetic in nature, grown alongside the suit's skin. When charged these arrays activate and redirect light around the suit rendering the user effectively invisible though the arrays short out when the surface of the suit vibrates beyond their operational threshold, furthermore the user will present a visible silhouette if there is particulate debris or an excess of fluid on the surface of the suit. A layer of this same phased optic technology is also applied to the suit's ballistic and armor layers to render the wearer fully concealed.
-Muscular Layer
A full muscular system composed of synthetically grown and electrically stimulated muscle fibers much stronger and more efficient then anything found in nature. The system is bonded to the skin layer and under layers of the suit with carbon nanotubes comprising ligaments and cartilaginous structures. This layer also houses a nervous system of fiberoptics that enables communication and telemetry for the suit's systems.
-Undersuit Layer
An insulatory layer that facilitates an interface between the user and the suit, as well as monitoring user vitals and applying integrated emergency treatment such as the injection of pain killers or constricting the muscular layer to form tourniquets or splints. The undersuit is part of the Aegis 5 system, but not directly integrated into the armor so it can be worn without the primary layers. The inside of the undersuit is lined with an electrolytic gel that is part of the suit's power array and is also intended to provide comfort for the wearer, compress the wearer's body to improve bloodflow and physical performance, and numerous other functions. This gel layer is studded with numerous electrodes that gather data from the user's body independently of the wetware hookups, and can be locked solid to make the wearer's limbs immovable-though this is usually done in major emergencies to prevent damage to the wearer that can't be otherwise mitigated by the suit's other protective layers-such as a fall from extreme heights.

Composed of a similar layering system as the rest of the Aegis 5 suit, the helmet's main purpose is to keep a cyborg's most important squishy bits safe from all sorts of harm-from bullets to swords to banging your head on a low-hanging branch. This includes the reactive ballistic plates, a ceramic composite shell with ablative backing, and a proper gel and interface layer on the inside. However, with all of its sophisticated protective layers, preposterous reactive armor surface and retractable faceshield, and phased optic arrays it also houses numerous major computer systems and full spectrum sensor suits. The suit's computer system, wetware interface, and sensors are all hooked up together and all information is projected on the layer of polarized electrochromatic smartglass-which is reinforced with a protective ballistic laminate-for the wearer's viewing pleasure, this includes a fully customized HUD. Additional information is displayed on the screens on the back of the uppermost plates of chest armor which fold out some fifty degrees to be viewed by the suit's wearer. The retractable reactive faceshield contains a set of optical scanners as well as a sophisticated binocular function. IFF comes standard with user-set definitions and the navigational system uses a soliton radar cross referenced with any available GPS data. All of the suit's systems can be adjusted on the fly by the user due to the 'Augmented Reality' system which sends data from the suit's onboard computer directly to the suit's HUD or the user's optical nerves as well as the sensory nerves in the hands and fingers to create an interactive interface that does not physically exist.

Zeke Ren
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