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Roleplays and Adventures
Here are some of the writing pieces that I've done in the past and some continuing as we speak. Enjoy reading it, for these are important to my heart.
[TB] Chapter 2.2 - A Terresian Quest
Ancaladar: *He flew them, and after a while they arrived near the castle.* Here we are... I bid you all a good rest before we go again

Link: Alright. Let's get going.

Shunsui: Right. You’re home, Sheik. *He smiled faintly*

Sheik: *She nodded faintly.*.... thanks.. *She said before running off.*

Shunsui: I'll go ahead and make sure she returns to Zelda. *He looked to Link, hoping for him to understand what he wanted*

Link: ...*He nodded* Guys, there's going to be a lot of commotion around the castle. Let's just stay in the inn for tonight.

Melody: *She nodded to him, looking at him oddly before following him.*

Ukitake: *He stared at Shunsui worriedly as he saw him walk off* Shunsui...

Alonsa: Hmmm..


Shunsui: *He took a deep breath before opening the doors to the castle, walking into the throne room. His steps echoed through the seemingly empty halls*

*The throne room seemed empty, but there were four guards standing by a room guarding it. Low muffles could be heard on the other side*

Shunsui: *He tilted his hat away from his eyes, narrowing his eyes as he led himself towards the sounds* "She headed off before me... I have a bad feeling about this."

Zelda: *it was some time before the guards moved out of the way. She walked out of the room, her ears lowered as she had her hands folded together in front of her. Her eyes were closed and she looked like she had been crying. She didn't glance over as she walked over to the thrones and sat in one.*

Shunsui: *He sighed, looking to where she left from wanting to go in and speak to the King himself.*

King Daphnes: ( Farewell Hyrule King ) *He walked in, seeming a little aggregated though he remained calm. He walked over to the other throne, sitting in it as he looked to Shunsui. He gave him a cold glance.*

Shunsui: *He placed a hand on his hat, tilting it over his face as he gave a faint smile. He walked over to the King, glancing back at Zelda, then to him. He sighed* Your majesty the king. I apologize for meeting this way, I really do.

King Daphnes: *He stared at him angrily.* Do you realize the damage that you've cost the kingdom? I already have to deal with worrying about my daughter being kidnapped by horrible beings with nonsense ideas of taking my kingdom, but now I have to worry about a man kidnapping her heart when she isn't even ready to rule this kingdom. *He glared, seeming to be angry* You put us behind, you've risked her life and the fate of Hyrule. Her magic is what protects this kingdom with the assistance of Link.

Shunsui: I am only to blame for it all. That's only natural. I could have said no, but I was a fool blinded by my admiration towards your daughter, your majesty. *He took his hat off, placing it in front of him and knelt down on one knee, staring at the hat as he lowered his head in shame, his eyes closed* I have failed in my duty as a tribal guard and soldier of my own people by putting another kingdom's princess' life in jeopardy and I will accept and due punishment towards me by the royal family of this country with no further word...

Zelda: *She looked over at him, feeling small tears slide down her cheeks as she tried to hold them back.*

King Daphnes: *He stood up in front of him, looking down at him.* You've only put more work upon my shoulders, you know. I have to fix things now.. *He glanced to Zelda from the corner of his eye before looking back at Shunsui.* As strict as I am, I feel bad for having to do this to you.

Shunsui: ...*He slightly opened his eyes, looking up as he faintly frowned*

King Daphnes: *He walked past him, moving his hands behind his back as he began to pace back and forth along the red carpet.* I have been king for a long time, dealing with the death of her mother against my soul. Zelda is a mirror image of her, you know. *He said, the room falling silent for a moment.* Even if I am the king of Hyrule. Nothing can compare to losing his loved one, including his daughter

Shunsui: ...*He closed his eyes* I am prepared to also be executed if need be.

King Daphnes: Giving her up to a man that I know protected her and the secret she possesses is now my hardest struggle in life. *He turned to Shunsui.* Which is why I must prepare you for your next steps to becoming king as well as training my own heir to the throne. *He said, seriously.*

Shunsui: *He narrowed his eyes* Am I even deserving of such opportunity?

Zelda: *Her eyes stared at her father, also wondering what he had meant.*

King Daphnes: You have done something that I have never seen in all of my years with my daughter. You've made her smile like no other. Not even her own childhood friend has done so.

Shunsui: *His eyes widened, looking up at him* But... I endangered her the most, too.

King Daphnes: Yes, that is true. But you brought her home safely multiple times. How can I not be grateful for that? *He crossed his arms.* Though I am not pleased by her sneaking out in the first place.

Shunsui: You think too highly of me your majesty... I'm ashamed of not acquiring a deserving punishment for my actions of late. I--

King Daphnes: Silence. *He said sternly.* I did not say this is going unpunished. She is not to leave without my permission, she has to get her lessons when I say, meaning you get less time with her for the time being. There are two more things I must lay down...

Shunsui: Yes?

King Daphnes: You must keep her necklace with you at all times, no matter what. I do not trust it inside of the Sacred Realm. *He looked to her.* You know that Ganon's soul rests there, and he's escaped before. If he gets a hold of that...

Zelda: *Her ears lowered, glancing away. She remained silent*

King Daphnes: The last... *He looked back to Shunsui.* Being the future king, you need to learn too. I don't want you turning my Zelda unlady like..

Shunsui: *He stared at him oddly, slowly nodding his head*

King Daphnes: This includes cutting down on drinks. *He said bluntly.* I have guards around for a reason, you know... They tell me these things, including between you two.

Zelda: *She looked to Shunsui, speechless.*

Shunsui: *He frowned, clearly upset with the idea. He looked down in silence*

King Daphnes: *He nodded to him* I will let you spend the rest of your evening together. I.. am extending her freedom range to the town. *He said, almost sounding pained by it.*

Zelda: *Her ears perked up, stunned by this.* But... father... I thought..

King Daphnes: *He looked to her.* What's a princess who doesn't know her people? *He said, almost as if he's heard this before.* Your mother stated this to me. It's time we both grow up and move on.

Shunsui: *He nodded, smiling as felt happy for her*

Zelda: *She stared in awe, looking to Shunsui before smiling*

King Daphnes: I believe you have some friends waiting for you.

Shunsui: *He was about to speak as he stood up, Luffy, Nami and Robin entering the castle in the background. He turned to them*

King Daphnes: *He looked over, his smile soon fading as he watched them. He nodded to Shunsui, indicating their chat was over as he sat down in his throne, looking at them*

Zelda: *She looked over at them, knowing they were from earlier*

Luffy: *He walked up to the King, the King knowing he was the leader of the Third group, Strawhats* Hey old man-

Nami: *punched him to the floor, a giant bump appearing on his head* ....

King Daphnes: *He nodded to him in acknowledgement, seeming to ignore the comment on him.* It's been a while, hasn't it, leader of the Strawhat?

Zelda: *She looked to her father for a moment before looking back at Luffy. She couldn't imagine him of all people being a leader.*

Luffy: Ossan, we have a bunch of stuff going on that Laura and Preston wanted us to warn you guys... It's pretty bad, regarding Amaterasu, the Mother of All things.

King Daphnes: *His eyes narrowed, sitting up as he learned the importance of this, though he wasn't pleased that it was bad news like usual.* Perhaps we should speak upon this at the dining hall, where I am sure it can become more private. *He said lowly.*

Zelda: *Her eyes too narrowed, recognizing the words that he had spoken. She looked to Shunsui, knowing he must be confused, but she sworn not to tell a soul about this at the cost of her life.*

Nami: That's probably for the best... *She looked over to Luffy*

Luffy: Ossan, can you bring us meat?!

Robin: *Chuckled softly*

King Daphnes: *He chuckled lowly, standing up* You're in Hyrule castle. We have feasts practically every night. But first... I must introduce you to someone. *He said, looking to Zelda.*

Zelda: *She shyly stood up, looking to them.* I am Zelda, princess of Hyrule.. *She said gently, giving a small curtsey as she closed her eyes.*

King Daphnes: She is the balance amongst all of Hyrule, destined to keep it protected. She is.. aware of the situation we all are experiencing. *He said, hiding anything from Shunsui.*

Luffy: *Looking at her, nodding while picking his nose* Zelda. Yosh! It sounds familiar...

Nami: We may have traveled with her before...you know. The memories of people were...

Robin: Let's not say anymore in front of this bystander here, shall we? *She directed it towards Shunsui*

Zelda: *She looked to Shunsui, smiling faintly.* I... I'll join you all in a moment.. *She said before going over to him, taking his hand and pulling him out of the throne room.*

King Daphnes: *He watched her, only feeling his heart warm for once with the sight of his daughter smiling.*

Shunsui: *He smiled at her, but feeling sad at the same time*

Zelda: *She walked to a window around the corner, looking at him* Shunsui.. *She said quietly.*

Shunsui: I'm sorry...

Zelda: *She took his hands into her own, staring up at him.* Why are you apologizing?

Shunsui: *He smiled as he shook his head* Oh, I just kind of felt like I needed to... But things don't seem to be as bad as we thought them to be.

Zelda: *She smiled softly.* Shunsui... He accepts you... He.. sort of made us official, in a weird way.. if you understand what I mean.

Shunsui: *He smiled, hugging her* I... couldn't be happier.

Zelda: *She hugged him tightly.* Shunsui.. He accepts us... *She closed her eyes, smiling.* I've never seen him do this.. He's usually cold hearted and strict.

Shunsui: ...*He chuckled, sighing in relief* Looks like we need to pick up your necklace.

Zelda: *She nodded to him.* I'm allowed to go as me, this time.. *She smiled up at him before leaning up and kissing him.*

Shunsui: *Smiled* Think I’ll miss the ninja babe, though.

Zelda: *She giggled lightly.* She'll still be there. I'm not going to stop being rebellious, you know. I just... won't as much.

Shunsui: *He chuckled* That's good... *He turned to where the dining room was, curious from before* ...Mother of All things...

Zelda: *She heard him spoke, quickly turning his head to face her* L-Let's go get my necklace.. *She said as she pulled his arm away, giving him no time to respond*


Zelda: *She had rushed with Shunsui to get her necklace back from the Sacred Realm, saying goodbyes with him for now. She knew that she had important business to attend to. She walked to the dining hall, entering it as the group were talking.* Sorry that... took so long.. *She said quietly, walking in*

Nami: Oh, that's alright. *She smiled at her, nudging Luffy to wake up*

Luffy: *Falls off his chair, drool all over the table and empty dishes*

Zelda: *She sat beside her father, looking at the group. She still found it hard to believe that they were close to her father, of all people.*

King Daphnes: *He nodded to them.* Now please, start from the very beginning. Mentioning 'her' seems to be a large issue alone..

Nami: Ammy has been of late unresponsive and hasn't appeared since the reported deaths of Nightshade and Ghirahim. The Senshi can no longer detect her at the 'Center of the Universe’.

Luffy: Must mean Ammy's in the world of the living!

Zelda: *She looked at them.* Perhaps she is here.. undoing what they have done. *She closed her eyes.* I saw what they did, though when they were defeated, Korillia was fully restored. Perhaps she is fixing the rest.

King Daphnes: *He glanced over, wanting to question what she had meant but remained silent.*

Robin: *She looked over to her, curious* I heard that the Korillian empire was brought to ruin. An ancient civilization... Amaterasu is repairing such a place?

Luffy: Must be because that one guy's gone, right?

Zelda: *She smiled softly to Robin* One of my friends was actually a survivor... sort of, and the princess of Korillia. She's in the market with some of my friends.

Nami: That makes sense. And it's good that Ghirahim is gone, because he knows about all this. Amaterasu must have been hiding from him, knowing that he'd interfere with Her creations.

Luffy: Usually Ammy isn't afraid, but Ghirahim was always around your friends at the market. She couldn't risk appearing in front of them, because nobody should know about Ammy except the ones chosen to by Her herself.

Zelda: *She nodded to them.* What do you suppose we should do? We can't just start a search party.. that would be too suspicious.

King Daphnes: *He looked up at the ceiling, thinking* I could go to Terresia

Robin: *She smiled softly towards him* Preston might call a King's gathering. Please, wait until then when you'll have protection.

King Daphnes: *He nodded to him* It's been a long time since I've seen him.. *He chuckled* I will wait until then. But for now, what else should we do? This seems to be no big... problem, considering our usual enemies have been taken care of by my daughter's friends.

Zelda: *Her eyes narrowed, staring at her father*

Robin: It's the idea of Ammy appearing. She never appears unless the secret of the world is endangered. The two may have perished but a bigger threat may lay masked among the different lands, and it could lead up to the Great Demon in our ancient history. Ammy fought a being that was to be her husband but betrayed her, and abused his power. He is known as Tsukuyomi, The Father of All things. He has since then been sealed by her and her daughters at the Center of the earth, and we fear her return means more than restoration.

King Daphnes: *He listened carefully.* I understand.. This is confusing. If this is the case, then I will be on alert and I will accept any preparations that I must. But until then, what can we do?

Nami: I'm pretty sure he's sealed up tightly. Laura and Preston have also fought him, and defeated him. There's no way he was revived. But the fact that she usually appears in the world's when trouble still remains. We want your kingdom to be on the defence of any receiving damage or natural disaster caused by Amaterasu's fighting if so were to happen. Her power is enough to shake the world, so having her amongst us is not always good.

King Daphnes: *He nodded.* We've done it before, we can do it again. *He said, reassuringly.*

Luffy: We'll go back now. *He stood up, stretching as he rubbed his stomach laughing* Ossan, your food is always the best! Hahahaha thanks!

Zelda: *She looked down for a moment before looking over* I wish to go with you too. *she said suddenly.*

King Daphnes: *He turned his head, shocked*

Luffy: *He smiled widely* She's tough! She's not like most princesses, I like her!

Nami: Hey we're not going to babysit. It's too dangerous...

Luffy: She can defend herself. I can tell.

Zelda: *She stood up, looking at Nami* I am the leader of the Seven Sages, and I was the one who banished Ganondorf's soul into the Sacred Realm. I bear the Triforce of Wisdom inside of me, and I am keeper of the light. I need to continue my duties and start my future ones.. which is why I need to go. I need to see Terresia for myself and see if Laura and Preston do need help, personally.. You forget, Laura is one of my best friends. *She looked to her father with hopeful eyes.*

Robin: *She also stood up, laughing softly* I don't see why not...

Nami: You guys are crazy... Your majesty, you disagree, right?

King Daphnes: *He stared at Zelda, clearly unhappy about all of this, though she did make good points. He let out a hard sigh*... She's right. It is a task I must give her. I need to test her and someone else there, and this seems to be a good way to do it.

Nami: Terresia isn't a place for whiners. You don't like it, you don't get a second chance to come back here. But, maybe with a reward for your safe return... *Her eyes sparkled*

Luffy: Well, we're pirates afterall. But my Crew could protect her, it's one of the three groups after all.

Robin: I suppose we can arrange something.

Zelda: *She looked away* I could also go with my friends.. They all wanted to see Terresia, and Shunsui and Melody seemed to have been there already.

King Daphnes: *He nodded to them.* We will arrange something.

Robin: I'll stay behind with miss princess. *She smiled towards Luffy and Nami* The two of you should leave for Terresia and tell them of our arrival. Understood?

Luffy: *He nodded* Stay close to Robin, okay lady?

Zelda: *She smiled, nodding as her ears perked up, clearly happy about all of this.* I promise.

Luffy: That settles that! Time to head back, Saber must be worried about me.

Nami: You’re right, goodbye your majesty. Princess Zelda. *She nodded, heading out with Luffy*

Zelda: *She watched them leave, looking to Robin* We should tell everyone our plans.

Robin: Well then, miss princess. *She wore her bag over her arm, placing a hand on her chair as she smiled towards her* Let's go see your friends, shall we? *She smiled warmly*

Zelda: *She nodded to her, hugging her father before running out excitedly.*

King Daphnes: *He sighed*.... a father's job is never done, is it?

Robin: *She giggled* I suppose it never is. *She narrowed her eyes towards him, smiling and giving him a nod before following the excited Zelda* Quite the energetic one.


*Outside, the two find Shunsui waiting for Zelda*

Shunsui: Hey, how'd it go?

Zelda: *She looked to him* It went.... smoothly. *She said slightly, trying to hide what they talked about.* We're going to Terresia in the morning... all of us. *She held his hand as she looked at him*

Robin: How sweet. Is he your uncle? *She teased*

Shunsui: *He sweatdropped* Boyfriend, actually. Who might you be? *He chuckled*

Robin: I'm Nico Robin. I'm assisting with Miss Princesses' escort to Terresia.

Zelda: *She nodded to him* My father is sending me with them to go there to check on Laura and Preston.. He's testing you and me. *She smiled faintly*

Shunsui: Terresia, huh? *He held on to the necklace, sighing* Quite dangerous. But sounds fun.

Robin: With his majesty's permission there shouldn't be anything to concern yourself with this time, is there Mr. entertainment? *She giggled*

Shunsui: Phew. *He laughed*

Robin: Where are your friends?

Zelda: *She looked to her* They're staying at an inn.. We should go find them. I'm sure you want to meet Melody. *She smiled faintly before walking ahead*

Shunsui: *He smiled, crossing his arms in his haori as he followed behind with Robin*


Zelda: *She walked into the town, people greeting her surprised. It was her first time being out of the castle as her normal self She looked around*... Shunsui, do you know where they went? *She looked back at him*

Shunsui: I believe it's that inn there. *He pointed*

Zelda: *She walked with him, looking around. She walked inside.*

Ukitake: *Looking at them* Oh, you’re back. *He turned to Robin, smiling* Oh, you were with the other two from earlier...

Robin: I do hope your dragon is alright.

Tiercel: *He looked over* Ancaladar just got angry. *He chuckled* He hates surprise attacks.. last time that happened he was teleported away from us.

Robin: *She turned to the others with a smile, placing her bag down* I'll be accompanying you all for the time being... I hope that won't be a problem.

Link: Sure...you’re... Robin, right? *He smiled*

Alonsa: Nice to meet'cha.

Melody: *She remained quiet, looking at her nervously.*

Ven: *He nodded* New friends are always good

Zelda: *She walked over, sitting down* We're going to Terresia in the morning. My father requested all of us to do so.

Link: That's great, I wanted to go there anyway.

Shunsui: *He chuckled* It's going to be the most dangerous of places visited under Korillia.

Robin: Actually it's quite relaxing. I'm sure you've heard silly rumors.

Link: Everyone we came across always talks about how dangerous it is, usually.

Robin: Wouldn't want to live anywhere else. *She smiled, taking out a history book out of her bag and opening it to begin to read as she sat on a small armchair* Monsters are the only concern... It's no trouble.

Melody: *She watched Robin, slightly curious about her.*

Harrier: Glad to have a guide. *He smirked*

Robin: *She smiled as she softly turned the page, crossing her legs*

Ukitake: Will we be taking Ancaladar tomorrow morning? He seems stressed.

Tiercel: *He shook his head.* He sounds really... tired...

Link: Terresia is quite the distance away... Is it okay to go by foot in this weather?

Alonsa: We'll figure it out in the morning! Don't worry, right Stud?

Ven: *He yawned, leaning back as he nodded.*

Melody: I don't mind going by foot.. *She said shyly.*

Alonsa: Then it's settled! *She backed up into a wall excitedly, shaking an unstable shelf above that held a vase, the vase moved off the rim and was about to fall on Zelda* !!!

Robin: *Looked up from her book, frowning. She raised her hand* Tres Fleur. *Three arms sprouted out of the wall, under the vase and catching it before it fell over her*

Zelda: *She winced as she saw it falling with the gasping, closing her eyes. She opened them slowly, seeing that it was stopped. She looked to Robin, stunned*

Alonsa: *Hands over her mouth* I-I'm so sorry Zelda...!

Zelda: It's alright.. *She said.* Robin, thank you.. *She said, shaken*

Robin: *The arms moved the vase to another shelf, turning into flower petals and vanishing from the wall once placed. She turned the page on her book, smiling casually* Please be more careful around Miss Princess.

Alonsa: *She slowly nodded* W-what were those arms...

Robin: *She narrowed her eyes, looking up from the book* I've eaten a cursed fruit of the sea that grants the consumer a special power. I ate the Hana Hana fruit. I am able to bloom my body parts wherever I choose in any numbers I desire.

Zelda: *She sighed quietly* Thank you.. *She nodded to her.*

Robin: *She looked back to her book, continuing to read as she nodded in acknowledgement*

Link: That's so cool... This inn's pretty run down, so we should watch what we do in here. *Looked to Melody* So walking seems like our only option, right?

Melody: *She nodded.* I don't mind it.. I walked through snow many times before. *She smiled faintly*

Robin: *She turned the page of her book, enjoying what she was reading but also over hearing the conversation* I'm fine with anything you choose.

Ukitake: *He rubbed his head, smiling* It's getting pretty late... I think we should get to our rooms.

Ven: *He looked to Ukitake* I wouldn't mind some tea before bed... want to join me?

Ukitake: That sounds nice. *He smiled, nodding*

Ven: *He nodded to him, standing up and walking out, giving Alonsa's hand a quick squeeze before leaving with him*

Alonsa: *She smiled, looking up at the window. It was snowing outside, and the sunset was beautiful* ...I think I'll get some fresh air.

Shunsui: *He chuckled* It's very pretty out there.

Melody: *She looked at Link with hopeful eyes*...Can we...?

Link: Want to walk outside for a bit?

Melody: *She nodded to him.*

Robin: *She looked outside after turning another page of her book, noticing the falling snow. She felt nostalgic, seeing the snow falling so slowly. It pained her to remember what she did, but she felt herself smiling anyway*

Melody: *She took Link's hand and left the inn.*

Zelda: *She looked to Robin* What are you reading?

Robin: *She looked to Zelda, looking back down* Historical events that have been passed down from long ago. Somewhat of a Terresian guidebook to where our festivities come from. We celebrate many things, so I was rather curious of their origin.

Zelda: *She smiled warmly* Is there anything coming up soon we could see?

Robin: *She closed her eyes, smiling as she faced the window, her reflection off the glass* The starry night festival. I spend it with my husband, Pierre.

Zelda: How soon is that? *she asked, curiously*

Robin: Near Christmas eve, on the 21st.

Zelda: *She looked to Shunsui, looking curious* Do you think we could go..?

Shunsui: *He smiled, placing his hand on his hat* Star gazing, sharing a glass of wine... I'm sure the king will make an acception. *He chuckled*

Zelda: *She moved a hand onto his lips, smiling* He doesn't need to know this one time.

Shunsui: *He faintly blushed, chuckling as he hugged her* I can't wait.

Robin: *She smiled at them, happy for it herself*

Zelda: *She hugged him back.* Neither can I.. I haven't been to a festival since I was young.

Harrier: *He yawned, standing up* I'm going to go to bed.

Tiercel: *He nodded* That sounds like a good idea. Good night everyone. *He smiled* Nice meeting you, Robin.

Robin: You as well. Sweet dreams.


Link: *Outside with Melody* It's getting dark...

Melody: *She looked to him* We can go back inside if you want

Link: *He smiled* Yeah, we should... but, Alonsa is still out somewhere, right?

Melody: *She nodded* I'm not sure where though

Link: I hope she comes back before it gets really cold out. We'll leave the inn door open for her.

Melody: *She held his hand* I'm sure she's fine. *She walked back with him*

Alonsa: *She was sitting in the snow, looking up at the rest of the sunset. Her hair blew away from her face, staring at it almost sorrowfully*


*The next morning, as everyone got up and met outside, Alonsa was missing*

Link: Has anyone... seen Alonsa?

Ven: *He was looking around, remaining quiet.*

Melody: *Her eyes were sorrowful*...She didn't come back?

Ukitake: Was she out the whole night? *He looked at Link worriedly*

Link: We left the door open, though...

Zelda: We can't leave without her.. We need to find her.

Ven: *He was already walking ahead, searching*

Shunsui: *He looked to his side* Wonder where she ran off to...


Alonsa: *She was sitting in the same spot, leaning against a building asleep.*

Ven: *After searching, he saw her. Sighing with relief, he picked her up and carried her back* Damn it Alonsa.. Don't do that to me.. *He looked over at them* Look who I found

Robin: *She frowned* Was she sleeping out in the cold? Is she going to be alright?

Link: Why didn't she come inside...*His ears lowered, staring sorrowfully*

Ven: That's not the point right now.. She'll be fine. *He said grumpily.*

Ukitake: ...*He looked to Tiercel and Harrier* So, where will Ancaladar be staying?

Tiercel: He said he'll be meeting us there later in the week. He has to get food.

Harrier: He doesn't like us there when he hunts. I guess it's a dragon thing.

Link: Oh okay. Which way do we start walking, Robin?

Robin: *She smiled, pointing in a direction* I'll bring you, are you ready? *She adjusted her bag over her shoulder, walking a few steps ahead before stopping and turning to wait for their answer*

Link: *He slowly nodded* Y-yeah.

Melody: *She held Link's hand, nodding as well.*

Ven: *He had moved his cloak onto Alonsa.* Let's get going.


Robin: *She stopped walking as it began to turn dark, looking up at the thick snow as she took off her glasses and placed them back on her head* We're nearly there... But we'll camp out and rest. These strong winds are a nuisance.

Link: I-It's cold....*He hugged Melody from behind try to warm them up*

Melody: *She blushed faintly, holding onto him.* It is..

Harrier: Tiercel and I can use a finding spell to find firewood.. but that would require us to pay a price.

Shunsui: These cold winds would just blow out the fire... How will we camp out? Alonsa already seems to be sick.

Robin: *She closed her eyes, folding her arms together* Leave shelter to me for now.

Zelda: *she hugged herself into Shunsui, shielding herself from the wind.*

Tiercel: What else do we need?

Robin: Mil fleur! Giantesco mano! *Giant arms began to sprout out of the ground, shielding the group and closing in a small little camp site, blocking the winds and falling snow. Smaller arms grabbed down tree branches, passing them down into the small space at the center between them for firewood*

Link: *Aimed a fire arrow at the wood, letting it hit and warm everyone up*

Harrier: That works too. *He rubbed his head, sitting down by the fire.*

Ven: *He sat down, Alonsa in his lap as he held her against him. He stared down at her* You stupid idiot... *He mumbled*

Ukitake: *Looking at her* She still hasn't woken up...

Robin: Sleeping in this temperature is deathly. I'm almost certain it was just like this the other night too.

Ven: *He glared at them* She's strong. Don't judge her.

Link: ...*He remained quiet, staring at Alonsa's face*

Melody: *She closed her eyes, sorrow filling her* We should have looked for her..

Link: *He looked down, his eyes shaking of guilt*

Melody: *Her butterfly flew around them, trying to give them hope.*

Shunsui: She's not looking too good. *He frowned, throwing his kimono over her and the cloak already on her*

Robin: We need to bring her body temperature back up.

Ven: *He rearranged them on her, making her bundled in them including her head* Why did you do that..? *He sighed hard.*

Alonsa: *She was breathing softly, shivering in his arms*

Ven: You know damn well I'm angry at you.. You made me worry. *He held her close against him, closing his eyes. He held his angry tears back.*

Ukitake: *Looking at them sorrowfully* Ven...

Link: *Staring at her* I really hope she wakes up...

Melody: *She looked over* If she doesn't... remember.. I have the Inner Power now.. I can try something.. *She said quietly*

Robin: *Hearing this interested her, staring up at Melody wanting to ask but found it to be a bad time*

Melody: *Her butterfly flew onto her shoulder, looking at Robin slightly. Her own eyes closed again as she leaned on Link.* I'm sure she'll be okay..

Alonsa: *Her eyes began to open slightly, feeling the warmth now on her* .....S-stud?

Ven: *He looked down at her, quickly wiping his eyes* Alonsa.. I... It's not what it looks like, okay?! Snow.. just got in my eyes.

Alonsa: *She smiled, her eyes shaking* ...I...tried to go in, but I was locked out... all the buildings were frozen shut...

Link: *His eyes widened*

Melody: *She too looked over*... We left the place.. unlocked for you though.

Ven: *He held her close and tight to him.* Save your energy. The point is you're safe. You're an idiot for going out so late, but at least you're safe.

Alonsa: I'm... sorry for worrying you...

Robin: *She smiled down at her*

Ven: *He glared at her* Worrying? You know I never worry. I'm a knight.

Robin: *She giggled at Ven's answer* Such pride.

Harrier: *He grumbled under his breath* A stubborn knight~

Ven: *He glared at him, remaining silent.* Just rest Alonsa. You aren't leaving this spot.

Alonsa: *She nuzzled into him, blushed from the cold but faintly blushing herself* Stud...you’re too cute...

Ven: *He looked down at her, blushing faintly before he tensed up* Cute? After all the damn fighting I did, and all I get called is cute? Don't I feel scammed..

Link: *He laughed, looking at Melody* That inn really was run down. She must have had frostbite, and with the door frozen, it was pretty hard to get in. Let's not go there in the future.

Melody: *She nodded.* I don't mind that.. *She smiled faintly.*

Zelda: *She frowned* I didn't think there was such run down places in Hyrule.. and I doubt my father knows either..

Ukitake: It's not your fault. For now, let's sleep. We shouldn't stay up any longer.

Link: Good idea.

Zelda: *She nodded faintly* How much longer is it, Robin?

Robin: It should take only half a day more or less.

Shunsui: Sounds perfect.

Zelda: *She cuddled herself into Shunsui.* Good night everyone.. *She said quietly*

Robin: Goodnight. *She smiled as she watched them all go to bed, her arms still crossed keeping up the shelter for them*


*The next morning, they were reaching the outer borders of Terresia. Alonsa was now up and walking on her own behind Ven*

Link: I see a castle from here...!

Zelda: *She looked ahead.* It's amazing looking, just from here.

Ven: *He had his arm around her, using the excuse that he didn’t want her to wander off again*

Alonsa: *She smiled up at it* Neat... More castles. *She laughed*

Robin: It's hard to believe their butler Fredrick created it all on his own using his cursed fruit power. He's able to mold the surroundings and floors to create bridges or homes, in this case. He's quite the constructor.

Link: Terresia sure sounds foreign alright.

Tiercel: Anywhere can sound foreign though.. *He looked over.* To Harrier and I, you are the weirdest race of elves we've ever met. *He chuckled*

Harrier: *He groaned*... don't remind me of the ones back home.

Link: I don't even want to count the many times we've mentioned Hylian to you guys. *He sweatdropped*

Robin: I'm sure you've met Raine. She's a half-elf, so elves exist around Terresia.

Alonsa: This place sounds like a real circus, eh?

*They began to walk ahead as Melody began to feel something odd about the atmosphere*

Melody: *She began to walk slower, looking around as she felt it, though she didn't say anything about it*

Ven: I don't want you wandering off without me Alonsa.. *He said in a strict voice*

Alonsa: Yeah, I know...

*The sky began to turn pink only to Melody's eyes, as the temperature began to warm around her. She heard a howl*

Melody: *She froze, her eyes widening from what she was hearing and seeing. She looked around*

*A warm, red light appeared in the distance. Each footstep Melody took melted the snow as grass and flowers bloomed from each step, leading to a spot snowless, with a beam of light landing upon it beyond the red light*

Melody: *She stopped, looking ahead at the odd light.*... What...? *She looked back at the grass, feeling the warmth around her. She looked back ahead, feeling fear enter her.*

*Her eye sight became blurry, and when it cleared up it showed Amaterasu, laying on the snowless spot asleep*

Melody: *She stepped back slightly, seeing the wolf ahead of her. She felt scared, not understanding. Her butterfly flew towards it.*

Amaterasu: *Her ears twitched, beginning to open up her eyes.*

End of Chapter 2.2
Chapter 2.3

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