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Roleplays and Adventures
Here are some of the writing pieces that I've done in the past and some continuing as we speak. Enjoy reading it, for these are important to my heart.
[TB] Chapter 2.1 - Returning to Normal
*The group stayed in Korillia for quite some time, enjoying the different customs of such a different race. It was quite peaceful for them, and they all enjoyed the new feelings that were developed once the defeat of Nightshade and Ghirahim occurred.*

Melody: *She was walking amongst Korillia, seeing that everything was surprisingly normal after such a long time; as if Nightshade had never existed. Everyone waved to her as she walked by, only making her feel more of royalty.*

Jaylon: *He approached Link who was still sleeping in Melody’s bed and shook him* Hey!

Link: Nghh....what? *He slowly sat up, stretching as he yawned*

Jaylon: *He stared down at him* Where is my daughter? *He asked, sounding concerned*

Link: *He looked around the room* I was sleeping the whole time, I have no idea...

Jaylon: *He glared, turning* Well you better find her. You put your butt on the line when you said you would protect her at the castle.

Malayeka: *She looked over.* He's just grumpy, Link. Good morning. *She smiled warmly.*

Link: *A frustrated expression followed by a weak smile dragged him up out of bed, scratching his head. He simply nodded, getting ready to find her. He walked outside, getting lost from the new environments* I'll never find her in her own country...

Tiercel: *He waved to Link* Hey! Enjoying the scenery are we?

Link: *He smiled and waved* Yeah, it's very adventurous. *He laughed* What about you?

Tiercel: *He grinned* You know me and history.. I've been getting to know a lot about this culture. It's quite interesting. *He chuckled.* I saw Melody walking around. She looked really happy.

Link: I got scolded by Jaylon just because she wandered off. This is going to be a hard stay. *He crossed his arms, annoyed as he sweatdropped*

Tiercel: *He laughed.* Jaylon is just giving you the test. He's making sure you're right for not only his daughter, but the king of his people. Give it time.

Link: But being King all of a sudden...*He blushed* They think we're engaged or something, I mean it is really expecting too much of me.

Tiercel: *He rubbed his head.* Perhaps they're just being like this to make Melody feel better. She did just smile for the first time not too long ago.

Link: I-I guess.. either way, it's a big decision on its own. I don't think I could handle more...'training' when I'm not even sure about it myself, you know?

Tiercel: *He smiled.* Just try talking to Jaylon. He is a knight like you, you know. *He patted his back.* You should go find her

Link: *He put his hands on his hips, tilting his head* Know which direction you saw her last go in?

Tiercel: *He pointed towards a path that seemed to lead into a quieter part.* That way.

( Korillian Path Way - Image too big for journal)

Link: *He nodded, smiling widely* Thanks, Tiercel.

Tiercel: *He nodded.* No problem, friend. *He grinned before heading back to the castle.*

Link: *He walked in the direction he pointed, Fi dancing around him as he walked*


*The path he walked along lead to another exit out of Korillia. The path continued outside, leading into the forest.*

User Image

Link: *Looking around the forest* Back in the forest area, huh...

Fi: Try not to lose your way, Master.

Melody: *As he walked for a little, he could soon hear the sound of fast rushing water in the distance. She was sitting alongside a little lake that rested a bit away from Korillia at the end of the path. She was staring into the water.*

Link: *Stared at her, walking up to her and softly approaching her* Hi there.

Melody: *She looked back at him, stunned.* H-Hey... how did you find me?

Link: Tiercel told me you were here... Is this spot special?

Melody: *She blushed faintly, nodding slightly. In the distance, a large waterfall poured into the lake.* I came here all of the time as a child.

Link: *He smiled, staring at the waterfall peacefully leaning against a tree*

Melody: *She shyly stood up, looking over* Let me guess... my father woke you up, freaking out where I was?

Link: More or less. *He giggled*

Melody: *She smiled faintly, going over to him.* He did that a lot when I ran off here.

Link: I hope I get use to it...

Melody: *She stared at him* You really are... scared of him, aren't you?

Link: *He smiled at her* Not in the way your thinking of.

Melody: Then what do you mean?

Link: *He shrugged it off* Just a boyfriend thing, don't worry about that.

Melody: *She looked at him.* Tell me.. I can tell it's bothering you.

Link: It really isn't. Though it's the first time I've ever became a close acquaintance to parents, I don’t know much about families at all.

Melody: *She stared at him, realizing what he had meant.* Link.. *She said quietly.* We're your family.. *She took his hands.* Me, Shunsui, Ukitake... everyone.

Link: *He smiled nodding to her, thinking about his little sister Aryll and his grandmother. His eyes narrowed*

Melody: *She leaned in and kissed him softly.* We should head back. *She said quietly, breaking their silence*

Link: *He nodded, watching as Fi danced on the surface of the water and up the waterfall, twirling in the air as water sprinkled off of her shining body, floating to them and splashing his face. He giggled, cleaning his face as she went into his sword*


Shunsui: *He was sitting behind the castle, against the walls with a bunch of sake everywhere, drinking all peacefully*

Zelda: *She was sneaking around the castle, looking for him. She wasn't in her Sheik outfit. Eventually, she made her way around the castle and found him*

Shunsui: Someone's being naughty this evening.

Zelda: *She smiled gently, walking over.* What do you mean? I'm not the one with a castle's supply of booze around me.

Shunsui: *A blush across his face from the sake, he took another sip as he chuckled lowly into the bowl*

Zelda: *She looked out, admiring the kingdom.* It's stunning here... I'm surprised that they were able to hide it for so long.

Shunsui: They keep to themselves. Don't see much tourists around these parts. I wonder if they go out for supplies in the mainlands.

Zelda: *She leaned on the walls, holding her hands together.* Well they are in an alliance with Grandilia.. I wouldn't be surprised. *She looked over at him.*

Shunsui: Once they go out for supplies, I'm thinking it'll be quite a shock, being an extinct race up till now. *He sighed, drinking more from the bowl*

Zelda: Well they never reacted when Melody was adventuring around... So perhaps they truly are forgotten now.

Shunsui: *He smiled* Perhaps it's better that way. Else they'd be discriminated against as a race from the dead, and rename the forest something awful.

Zelda: *She hugged herself as she looked ahead, shivering.* It looks like it's spring... but it feels like winter still. *She frowned.* I should have brought a cloak.

Shunsui: You’re an easy read. *He laughed, holding her wrist as he pulled her down on his lap*

Zelda: *She blushed, looking up at him.* How long do you plan on staying out here for? I don't want you passing out.

Shunsui: The inside's too fancy for me. Outside suits me much better.

Zelda: *She laid her head on his shoulder.* How can you stand Hyrule Castle, then? *she teased.*

Shunsui: That's different. The love of my life rules there. *He chuckled, hugging her to keep her warm*

Zelda: *She smiled gently.* I'll stay out here with you then. I enjoy this feeling of being free, anyways.


Link: *Walking into the castle, just before entering Melody's room. He sweatdrops as he just noticed himself walking in front of Jaylon*

Jaylon: *He looked to Link.* May I talk to you for a moment? *He asked, looking at him as a golden dragonfly circled him*

Link: *He slowly turned, pale as a ghost. He nodded softly, brushing his fingers through his hair as his ears lowered* Okay.

Jaylon: *He smirked slightly as he began to walk down the hall with him, taking him away from Melody's room.* Why do you look so scared?

Link: *He looked up at him, curious to ask something as well* Well, I'm not use to it. What does it feel like to feel protected over your child? Do you think I'm a bad influence?

Jaylon: *He chuckled lowly* Link.. I've been watching you since you met her. I trust you, but I've been testing you. You've already passed my test. You've made her happy.

Link: *He blushed, scratching his nose as he looked away* I... wanted to find her smile. I believed in it the whole time, because I could feel inner emotion... through the things we did, respectively.

Jaylon: *He patted his back.* I know Link. This is why I'm happy you're my son to be. *He grinned.*

Link: *He blushed a bright red, his ears perking up as Fi came out of the sword, nodding in acknowledgement close up to his face* F-fi, you too...?

Fi: I believe so.

Jaylon: *He smirked.* I should teach you some Korillian sword techniques. It would be impressive if you could master them.

Link: *He looked to him, smiling widely* Hey, that sounds fun!

Jaylon: We could do it tonight, if you're willing, though I know that Sheik person of yours wishes to return to the castle and the Hylian princess as soon as possible.

Link: *He tilted his head, thinking as he crossed his arms* Hmm.. Actually, I suppose that's a bit more important. *He thought of her father worrying*

Fi: Master, I advise you to escort Sheik as soon as possible. Tomorrow morning sounds sufficient, according to that I believe you are able to learn a few techniques just the same. Do not forget of your other 'quest' as well, there is not much time to spare once we return him. *She entered the sword*

Jaylon: *He looked over, smirking* I see a job for the hero is never done.

Link: If it brings peace to the different regions, why not? I don't mind it when I'm together with my friends.

Jaylon: *He smiled, nodding.* Go ahead and see Melody. I will train you after dinner, but be prepared. I haven't fought in many wars and lived for nothing.

Link: Can't be as bad as Ghirahim was.

Jaylon: *He chuckled.* We'll see. *He said before turning.*

Link: *He stood there all wide eyed before shrugging it off and heading to Melody's room*

Melody: *She heard him coming, quickly hiding something behind her back as she saw him enter*

Link: Huh? You look like your hiding something, is that what I think it is?

Melody: *She stepped back.* What... do you think it is?

Link: *He teasingly stepped forward* I bet it's the picture of me...to replace the moustachio knight.

Melody: *She couldn't help but smile, shyly hold it out to show a picture of him and her cuddling.*

Link: *He giggled* It's cute. I like how you did my hat...

Melody: *She blushed faintly, setting it down.* What did my father want?

Link: Oh, just... guy talk. Yeah...

Melody: *She looked at him oddly before shrugging.* Are we.. going back tomorrow?

Link: *He shrugged faintly* We’ll talk about that at dinner.


Link: *He stepped outside as soon as it got dark, looking around for Jaylon as Fi floated in front of him*

Jaylon: ( Hidden Skill Training ) *He was standing outside in a cleared out, almost abandoned area near the castle. His cloak flowed in the breeze with his hair. His dragonfly was perched on his shoulder.*

Link: *He walked over to him as Fi followed, nodding* Your majesty, I'm ready for your training. Melody is still asleep.

Jaylon: *He smiled softly as he turned, facing him.* I'm glad you decided to do this.. it will help prove to me that you're ready.

Link: So what did you have in mind, Your Majesty?

Jaylon: *He reached out, his dragonfly going over and forming the sword that they had seen before and a sheild that had the Korillian symbol on it.* I will help you learn something I like to call hidden techniques. It uses inner magic and allows you to finish off foes with precise movements.

Link: Hidden techniques... I've never heard of them before. Do they have an origin?

Jaylon: They've been passed down through brave warriors of different races, some of which originated from your kind as well as my own.

Link: So does each technique come from an ancient hero? How many of them are there?

Jaylon: *He nodded to him slightly.* There were eight of them, for there are eight techniques

Link: Eight heroes... Is it possible for a single person to obtain all eight?

Jaylon: *He smiled to him.* You recall the mission that you're on... there was a legend about the chosen one.

Link: *He nodded* It makes me wonder if the eight warriors were related to the prophecy as well. Things always seem to lead up to my ancestors.

Jaylon: I do know that it is both my and your ancestors that created these. *He smiled.* Which is why you and Melody have similar destinies. You need to obtain all of these to prove that you really are the chosen one.

Fi: If you are to protect the Princesses, and the two destines are truly intertwined-both ancestry should have techniques that are now able to be merged within your knowledge as both the Hero of Time and the Korillian King, respectively.

Link: Two entwined ancestries... That makes sense, from what we know so far.

Jaylon: *He gripped his sword tightly.* Are you ready to learn?

Link: Right. Actions speak louder than words.

Jaylon: *He nodded, walking ahead before stopping, giving himself some spce.* Watch closely... *He gripped his sword as he moved into battle position, closing his eyes. In front of him, a training stump thing stood waiting for the blow of Jaylon. His sword began to glow as his grip tightened amongst the hilt. A breeze flew by them, causing Jaylon to quickly move with it, flying through the air as he ran. Around the stump thing, magic began to swarm around it before it was sealed amongst a magic barrier that had layers to keep it trapped. Jaylon was in the air, swarmed by magic as he moved his sword back in careful position, his shield on the ground from where he was before. He was holding his sword with two hands, bringing it back before stabbing through and shards of the magic flying into the air. It seemed to be a hard and fatal blow. After he was finished, he flipped back and landed on his feet, the magic suddenly disappearing, but the stump was damaged severely.*

Link: *His eyes widened as Fi floated back also surprised, yet facially normal. He stared in awe as fragments of the training doll fell around him in cinders, his face lighting up in excitement* ...That...was so...cooool!! *His eyes sparkled as a piece of the doll hit him in the head, but he didn't notice*

Jaylon: *He chuckled, looking at him* You are going to learn this technique. You have a different power than me, the Triforce of Courage, so the result will be different, but it will be more unique to yourself.

Link: But...but where do I even start? I have no idea how to do any of that. *He raised his hand to grab the handle of the Master Sword, suddenly making the Triforce of Courage appear on his hand and glow. His eyes also glowed for a brief second, as Fi looked, seemingly to understand now*

Fi: It would appear as you already know of them, but have forgotten the workings. By seeing the technique before you it has unlocked your ability to recreate the techniques.

Link: *He sweatdropped, pulling the sword out as he tried to understand what Fi meant. He looked to her a bit pale, as she floated above what remained of the training dummy*

Fi: Master Link, if you think about the technique and attempt them, the magic within you should respond accordingly. It is but a matter of movement on your part.

Jaylon: I time my movement with the wind. It guides me.

Link: The wind, huh... *He closed his eyes to feel the wind. As soon as one blew through his face, he braced himself. He placed his feet apart from each other, taking in a deep breath. He thought hard about what he had just seen, seemingly to remember something. The Triforce of Courage glowed as an unknown force began to pull on him, and by instinct he opened his eyes just as a wind blew outwards around him, his eyes opening, now glowing* The Triforce Slash...

Fi: *She nodded towards him, hovering up a bit more to give him room*

Link: *He dashed towards the doll, extending the sword away from his body as his shield pierced the ground. Layers of light appeared around the training dummy, forming images of the Triforce as a golden light around him left streams of triangles behind him, his footing on air, the master sword golden as he began to slash through the dummy, and by instinct he kept slashing, causing fragments of the Triforce to chip away and reducing the dummy to ashes*

Fi: *Also glowing gold*

Jaylon: *He crossed his arms, watching in slight awe. He was impressed, not knowing that Link was doing the move with more damage than he was*

Link: *He held back the sword, charging a final slash through the head of the dummy that was about to fall out in front of him, cutting clean through. The entire image of the Triforce shattered, golden triangles sliding off his body along with the light over him and surrounding his feet, fading away. He put the sword in his sheathe, golden triangles dusting off the sides of the sheathe and on Fi*

Fi: *She nodded in acknowledgement*

Jaylon: *He chuckled at him, looking at him.* That was amazing, and this is one of the more basic skills.

Fi: It would seem like the Triforce of Courage has influenced the technique. I have concluded a sudden boost in energy within me, and have analyzed the contents of even more hidden potential of this power.

Link: *He fell on his butt, dazed as he stared at her*

Jaylon: *He walked over to him, helping him up. He patted his back.* Good job.

Link: I...don't know how I managed to do that, but it happened... If I had all eight, I'd be invincible!!

Jaylon: *He chuckled.* It is your destiny to obtain the rest. *He reached into his armor and pulled out a dragonfly pendant. He put it on Link.* Here. This will glow if there is a new technique to be learned nearby.

Link: Thanks...! I bet this will make it much more exciting to travel to new places, now!

Jaylon: *He smiled.* When it glows, you will know what to do. Trust your instincts. Now, it's getting late. You should get some rest, and I'm sure Melody is lonely without you.

Link: ...She's sleeping. *He sweatdropped*

Jaylon: I know that. *He nodded, turning as his dragonfly turned back to normal*


Zelda: ( Shunsui and Zelda ) *She was outside, uncloaked as she stood there on the hilltop, looking up at the sky where you could faintly see the stars. Her ears were lowered slightly as her hands were folded where her heart was*

Shunsui: Expecting a show up there? *He came walking behind her, holding on to his hat. As he stopped, he crossed his arms in his haori*

Zelda: *She looked back at him, giving him no smile like she usually did when she saw him. She looked worried.*

Shunsui: *He chuckled lowly, looking up with her* It's almost like your begging me to ask, you know.

Zelda: *She sighed quietly, closing her eyes as she lowered her head, lowering her arms as one held the other.* I'm... nervous for returning..

Shunsui: You've been out and about for quite some time, I doubt it's gone unnoticed as you say.

Zelda: *She nodded faintly.* I didn't expect it to take this long.. *She said quietly.* He's going to be furious... I might not see you again..

Shunsui: *Upon hearing this, he frowned and looked at the scars she had got from Dark Shunsui as well. He lowered his head, letting out a sigh* I'll...take full responsibilty. I'll go to see your old man myself to apologize.

Zelda: *She shook her head* You... can't do that. Link tried when my father found out I had went flying with him in Skyloft... if it weren't for Link being a student in the Knight Academy, he would have been forbidden to see me again. I can't let that happen to you. *She reached over, grabbing his hand.*

Shunsui: This seems to be rather difficult, in truth I shouldn't have let you come at all... I figured that with the necklace safe and all it would be okay...But you’re a princess, and I took you away from your duties unscathed, I have to receive the punishment from the King. It's better than having you be all alone through this.

Zelda: *Listening to him, she let go of his hand, looking out at the kingdom* What use is a princess if she haven't seen all of her country as her own self, or a princess who lives with no freedom? I'll take the punishments Shunsui.. I can't lose you. *She looked at him.* I won't let you.

Shunsui: *He narrowed his eyes, looking rather serious* I was the personal bodyguard of my tribe's leader along with Ukitake. I should have known better than to do something like this... I've made a grave mistake. Your hurt, and your away from your family. *He looked to the side, ashamed* I'm afraid I'll have to report myself, and whatever I receive is to be accepted with. I will not hide behind a lady. *He looked to her, placing his hand on her cheek* Whatever happens...won't change my feelings towards you. You know that.

Zelda: *She looked up at him, sorrow now filling her eyes. She didn't want him to do this. She knew how her father was. She rested a hand on top of his, closing her eyes as she felt faint tears forming in her eyes.*

Shunsui: *He held a hand at the back of her head, hugging her close to him* If a peace loving guy like myself gets out of line... I need to make sure I do the right thing to start over again... as a gentleman, a friend, and a downright fool...*he chuckled softly, smiling as he closed his eyes* I'm sorry, Zelda.

Zelda: *She nuzzled against him, resting her hands against him as she kept her eyes closed, her tears sliding down her cheeks.* You've done nothing wrong... You've given me happiness and allowed me to be my own self. Please.. don't apologize. I only hope my father won't be... heartless.

Shunsui: Can't blame the guy if he was... I'm not one for responsibility... *He hugged her tighter* But...even if he puts a barrier between us, remember the blossoms in the courtyard. Each one is me, and each night I'll be there waiting for our walks every time...

Zelda: *She looked up at him slightly, her eyes full of tears. She wasn't sure what to say.* Do you promise...? *She asked quietly, willing to risk anything to see him if that were the case. She clenched against his kimono in response to his grip tightening on her.*

Shunsui: I promise... *He said as he leaned in, kissing her gently.*


Alonsa: *She placed her hands on her hips, staring up at Ancaladar with a smirk* Still pretty snowy, but winter should be ending soon. Who knew that the battle would have raged for this long! I'm still shaken up.

Ancaladar: *He bowed his head lowly.* My dear, winter has only begun... *He said lowly, looking over to Shunsui.* When the snow stops, I would like to fly with you.

Shunsui: *He crossed his arms in his haori, laughing* If that's your request, sure thing. We've accomplished many things here, obtaining the peace along with the Inner Power, and curing Ukitake's illness. I'm up for anything at this point.

Ukitake: Ah yes... *He rubbed his head, smiling* I'm still so grateful I’m hardly able to get used to this much at all.

Melody: *She blushed faintly, looking away. She felt embarrassed, but she knew she did good deeds*

Ancaladar: *He looked to Ukitake* I would like you to join us when we go out. *He chuckled.*

Ven: *He picked Alonsa up and helped her onto Ancaladar.*

Alonsa: *She reached a hand to Melody, offering to help her up smiling* Let's go hun. I bet your dying to see what's out there with your newly obtained freedom.

Melody: *She smiled faintly, taking her hand and getting up with her.* I am... it feels wonderful.. *She looked to Link.*

Link: *He giggled, hands behind his head as he looked up. He climbed on the top, reaching his hand to Shiek* Let's get you home safe and sound.

Shunsui: *He smiled at them*

Sheik: *She looked up at Link, getting up on her own as she glanced down at Shunsui.*

Link: *Staring at her oddly, but looked ahead to the falling snow* I bet Christmas is just around the corner.

Ukitake: *Flash stepped with Shunsui next to them* It appears that way.

Melody: *She looked at them oddly*... Christmas? What's... that?

Alonsa: Ehh? You really don't know? It's almost like, the best time of the year! You get gifts and sing songs!

Link: It's a bit more than that.

Alonsa: *She pointed her finger to her lips, looking away as she blushed* It's a nice date holiday too.

Tiercel: It's when Harrier becomes a monster in the dining halls.. *He chuckled.*

Harrier: *He pouted.* You stay in the libraries... so I had to stay with family alone.

Ven: *He glanced back past her for a moment before looking ahead, staying silent*

Melody: *She looked to Link, blushing.*

Link: It's pretty awesome. You share the holidays with family and friends and cherish everyone around you with presents and gatherings, nice foods and all kinds of cheerful doings. Some people sing Christmas carols in the villages, and it's even the time to help charities and the time for giving.

Shunsui: *He chuckled* That sums it up fairly enough.

Alonsa: We should totally do Chris Kringle.

Melody: *She looked at her*... what's... that?

Alonsa: Well, it's like a game of sorts. Say Stud picked out Perky's name from a hat, he has to buy a present for him. And if Perky grabs Loni he buys me something, and it goes on until everyone has a name. It's pretty exciting to think of what the other person will get you.

Harrier: *He rolled his eyes* That's stu--

Ven: *He smirked.* Let's do it. We've been together long enough to know what everyone likes.

Ukitake: Yes, it sounds like fun. I wonder who I will get. It's rather exciting.

Link: But first, we need to bring Sheik back.

Sheik: *Her ears perked up slightly, hearing her name. She wasn't paying attention*... Don't worry about me... continue.

Ancaladar: *He flew faster in the air, because I was assuming they were flying.* We'll be there in a couple of hours.. the wind is with us.

Link: Alright. *He looked over to Alonsa and Melody, giggling* I bet Melody's cheerful side is pretty fitting in the group now, huh Alonsa? It's definitely better than it was.

Alonsa: I always knew she hid a cute smile! *She winked at her*

Melody: *She blushed faintly.* Stop it.. *She couldn't help but smile.* I'm not used to it.

Tiercel: Definitely suits you better.

Melody: *Her butterfly stared at Link, specifically in the Master Sword's direction*

Ukitake: *Staring at the butterfly oddly* So this is the Inner Power.

Shunsui: Now that we know it's not her parents, we don't know what it's thinking if anything at all. It's a little empty.

Melody: *It gave him a sharp glare, clearly offended*... the Inner Power is a spirit... *She smiled faintly*... if not all spirits of the Korillian

Alonsa: Sounds pretty cramped up in there.

Link: I wonder if it can speak with Fi.

Melody: *It gave a nod, staring at them.*

Ven: It's like the goddesses. *He crossed his arms.* It's theirs

Link: That's pretty cool.

Ancaladar: *He flew faster.* Odd.. the wind suddenly shifted

Link: Hmm...

Ukitake: Perhaps you should try to fly lower, where the wind is less strong.

Ancaladar: *He began to go lower*

Melody: *She hugged his cloak to her, feeling the wind go against her.*

Luffy: *Holding on to his hat as he looked up, spotting the dragon. His eyes sparkled as he began to drool, Nami staring at the dragon all wide-eyed as Robin smiled casually* L-LOOK AT THAT UP THERE!

Nami: A dragon?!

Robin: *Smiling as she looked up* ...How curious.

Luffy: MEAT! *He reached out for the dragon, his arms extending and grabbing on to Ancaladar's tail, his legs wrapping around Nami and Robin*

Nami: Wh-what are you doing you idiot?!

Ancaladar: *He roared, his balance beginning to topple and shaking them*

Tiercel: A-Ancaladar! *He shouted.*

Alonsa: Wh-what's going on?!

Luffy: Here we go!! Hahahaha! *He flung towards Ancaladar, laughing as Nami screamed* WOOOHOOOO!!

Robin: *Laughing to herself, holding on*

Nami: LUFFY!!

Ancaladar: *He attempted to claw them off, roaring angrily.*

Melody: *She held onto Link, her eyes closing tightly*

Ukitake: *He sensed them and stared behind towards his tail, his eyes widening* W-what?!

Luffy: W-whoaa! *He flung above them, extending his arms and legs as he enjoyed the free fall* It's HUGE!

Robin: There are people riding it...*She landed elegantly, holding on to her bag as Nami fell on her butt*

Link: *He pulled his sword and shield out, standing and facing towards them*

Luffy: *Landed in front of Link, holding onto his hat and smiling widely* Yo!! An adventure!! Hey, can I eat this dragon?!

Nami: *Punched him in the head* obviously not!!

Robin: We seem to have bothered travelers. They seem rather frightened.

Tiercel: *He glared at them, pulling out his wand as he glared.* If you want Ancaladar, you have to go through me first.

Harrier: *He nodded, drawing his blade as flame surrounded it.*

Melody: *She looked at the girls, feeling afraid. She had never seen people like this before.*

Sheik: *She stared at them, her hair covering one of her eyes*

Robin: Must we fight for the meal? *She crossed her arms, a cold tone as well as expression that scared them*

Nami: Of course not... this is crazy, we need to apologize before we start something-

Luffy: BRING IT ON! I'M FREAKING HUNGRY! *Nami grabbed his arm* H-hey!!

Nami: Look, we don't want to cause trouble on the top of a dragon.

Ancaladar: *He landed hard, knocking them off with a strong force. He turned, growling at Luffy.* Will you kindly drop the food idea? I am trying to return these people who defeated large evil forces that threatened the world, and they are tired. *He said angrily, clearly not wanting to deal with this*

Luffy: *He glared angrily, punching his palm, cracking his knuckles* Oi! It's talking! That's too creepy, we need to eat it! Where's the talking voice box on it?! I bet it's a machine! I can't even eat those!

Robin: A mythical talking creature... *She extended an arm in front of Luffy, stopping him as she approached it, rubbing on its nose* Let's rethink this. I won't let you harm him... If you do I won't forgive you.

Luffy: *He pouted* ...Fiiine!

Harrier: *He sighed* If Ancaladar dies, we die. *He looks to Tiercel.*

Tiercel: *He nodded, looking over.* We have food if you want some.. just don't eat my dragon.

Nami: We take cash too. *Her eyes sparkled, giggling*

Luffy: That's boring. Anyway, I'm Monkey D Luffy! This is my navigator Nami, and our archeologist Robin! We're pirates!

Alonsa: Pirates?!

Ven: *He glared.* You look pretty dopey for a pirate.. *He said to Luffy

Luffy: *He placed his hand on his hat staring blankly, blinking*

Nami: He insulted you.

Luffy: He did?!

Robin: *She giggled into her hand, staring at them warmly* I'm sorry for this. We were heading to Hyrule Castle as messengers from Terresia.

Sheik: *Her eyes narrowed at them, clearly interested, though she stayed silent.*

Link: Are you guys friends with Laura and Preston?

Luffy: Uh huh. But I got hungry and saw this delicious dragon meat! I didn't know people were actually riding food. Oh well...

Ancaladar: *He growled lowly, it echoing through the air a bit*

Nami: I think if you continue with that talk, we'll be the ones served for dinner. *She rolled her eyes, placing her hands on her hips* Let's just get to castle town already. We already apologized, and our message is a priority, remember? *She walked off*

Luffy: Yeah you’re right. You guys can keep your food! Just this once, okay?! *He smiled widely, patting Link's head as he followed Nami*

Robin: *Staring at Melody and Ancaladar, inspecting them curiously before smiling and following them*

Melody: *She stared at them nervously, not understanding. Oceans didn't touch the Grandilian border.*

Sheik: *She watched them walk away, remaining silent. She zoned out, staring at them*

Ven: That was... odd.

Shunsui: Was it just me or did Luffy's arms stretch like rubber?

Link: ...I just noticed that too! What is that guy?!

Harrier: *He looked over* He might have thought we were odd. I guess it's just where he's from. We use magic, remember? They seemed stunned by Ancaladar

Alonsa: He called him a mythical creature. I guess Terresia hasn't seen them for a while.

Melody: *She looked to Shunsui*... When... we were there... I didn't see any.

Shunsui: Terresia is very different from the rest of the lands. It's actually a place where people worldwide visit, and the technology there is advanced.

Ukitake: Preston and Laura are at the peak of the high royal family that control the area, and there are many unique faces and concepts.

Link: Terresia sounds amazing...

Melody: *She closed her eyes* I didn't like it... I felt out of place and scared

Alonsa: Terresia is full of danger... I was born there, so I should know. My family and everyone live there. The country is ruled by three groups, and they always protect everyone.

Link: Three groups...?

Alonsa: There are a billion secrets in Terresia, so baddies and all sorts of natural disasters come to pass there. Three groups known as the Heroes of Terresia guard the rest of the land. The first group are called Symphonia. The second are Strawhats, and the Third are Senshi.

Ven: Sounds technical and complicated. *He looked to Melody* How the hell did you manage to get yourself over there?

Melody: *She looked over to Ven.* Nightshade.. *She spoke, hoping her answer would be clear*

Link: But why is such a technological land so close to Hyrule?

Fi: It may have something to do with the interference I've been detecting lately.

Melody: *She looked over*... Interference?

Sheik: *Her ears perked up, listening closely to Fi. She knew of Terresia, but she had always wondered this.*

Fi: *She nodded in acknowledgement, floating above everyone* It is said that long ago, a boy and a girl awoken in a world unfamiliar to them. Legend states that they have since then been protecting the new world, with hundreds of allies along the way. It is said that the origin of their past is connected to everyone's being and the purpose of this life, but none could obtain this information from their royal family. The Three groups travel amongst the different lands, trying to protect others. However an interference has lately obscured people's memories of Terresia, and don't remember knowing them. I conclude that the time barriers are also a related issue.

Link: This sounds complicated, but I wish I knew more about it.

Alonsa: A world unfamiliar to them... So they're aliens?

Shunsui: I wonder what that means...

Alonsa: They say that only the King and Queen know... I also heard a rumor about something interesting. In accordance to the boy and girl's arrival, it is said that the Gods tricked them into staying in this world.

Sheik: *She walked to Ancaladar, feeling the awkwardness fill. She looked to them.*.. We should keep going. *she said, suddenly wanting to change the topic*

Link: *Curious, he stared at Zelda* Alright... but, Sheik... do you know anything about Terresia? I have a feeling I do... but I can't seem to remember anything...

Sheik: *She stared at him, not wanting to tell anything* ... All that I know is that the legend itself is a mysterious one, similar to how your destiny is directly connected to Melody's. *She said, getting onto Ancaladar, keeping it vague like always.*

Link: *He looked down, even more curious.* I suppose we should get going... if we encounter Laura again, we should ask her...

Ukitake: I have the feeling she wouldn't be inclined to say anything, but it's worth a shot.

Sheik: *She sighed, knowing that it would be a bad idea. She felt for Laura, knowing the pressure she was under, especially being a royal family member herself. She closed her eyes.*

Ancaladar: *He waited for everyone to return and began their travelling again, flying to the castle quickly.*

Shunsui: I say we travel to Terresia after... I finish up at the castle. I'd like to see Zelda before we go.

Link: ...Right.

End of Chapter 2.1
Chapter 2.2

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