I have been single for a few time now hahaha, and I didn´t have a trouble with it because there was not a boy I was interested in at the moment. So as far as I could see it, love was just another word in the dictionary. But recently I met this guy, and we shared photos and sadly the first time the word love starts having a meaning to me, is with a guy that lives in a whole differnet continet! Why life likes making this kind of jokes? People says that if things are that impossible is because they weren´t meant to be yours, but what if it they were but you don´t have a clue how to reach them? uh uh uh? Hmmm anyway. For now I will just enjoy this "impossible" friendship that would be awesome if turned into something else, what else can I do after all? Teletransportate like he says he would like to? Scientists switch your bright minds on and work it right now! Hahahaha.

Have you had an out of the reach relation?

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