Yep, it's come and past now. I want to keep my list of gifts here so I remember them. ^_^

Eroy - 10 F Baits.
I can fish more now! xD

Bonicker - A trade roughly 1k in my favor that he knew. ^_^

MTGFreek - Bought a Demonbow for 1.1k over vend as a present. =O

DJCheezy - 130 tokens and 64 tickets.

Shiletimis - 50 A Bait.
*dies of happiness and bait smothering*

Ebbeqz - Strawberry Cheesecake,
my favorite! n.n

[-Panda-] - 5 F baits and 1 A bait.
At this rate I won't have to buy any bait when I decide to go for a month. xD

Disturbing Poison - Arrow through my head, Blue Glamrock Jeans, Emo Glasses, Flower Wrist Band, Trap Jaw, Heart-Shaped Box of Sweets!
So much stuffies, thank you!

Disturbing Poison Part 2! O.O - Flower Crown, In Da Hood Black Sweater, V Pin Left Half, Purple Daisy Bouquet, Demonic Pendant!
O.O .....*cries* Too much stuff! Thank you! icon_crying.gif icon_crying.gif

lil_silver_knight - 3000 gold!
Thank you very much! It will go to good use. n.n

Saranil - Chyaku Norisu Scarf, G9 Laptop, and Laurels!
*hugs* Thanks so much!

Kyrianna - 3 A Bait. More fishing for me. ^_^

Kereika - White Top Hat, Purple Pinstripe Vest, Skyblue Pinstripe Shirt, Green-Blue Winter Beanie, Black Tie, Pancakes, Silver Promise Ring, Soft Blue Underwear(xD)

<3 Love you Kere!

Thanks to everyone who gave me gifts! It means a lot to me. ^_^

I'll mention Aethiana here too. She ended up winning my b-day auction(with the only bid)