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Roleplays and Adventures
Here are some of the writing pieces that I've done in the past and some continuing as we speak. Enjoy reading it, for these are important to my heart.
[TB] Chapter 1.32.1 - The Legend of Korillia
Melody: (The Crow, The Owl and the Dove (Instrumental) ) *She opened her eyes, feeling herself pressed against him. She didn't get a good sleep like she had hoped, but she was thankful that she was able to. She sat up, looking to the window. She felt slightly sick to her stomach, knowing that today was the big day. The day they've been waiting for for a long time. She got out of their bed and Link's arms, covering him. She walked to the window, staring out. She saw that it was snowing lightly.*

Fi: *She appeared out of the sword in a blue sphere, nodding towards Melody* ...Melody, it is finally time. I suggest waking Master Link.

Melody: *She looked over to Fi, giving her a small nod. She sighed quietly, going over to Link's side of the bed and lightly shaking him.*

Link: *He softly began to open his eyes, sitting up. He stared at her, nodding* Today's...that day, isn't it?

Melody: *She looked away, giving him a sorrowful nod. She walked back to the window, looking out of it.*

Link: *He got up and started to get dressed, putting his sword and shield on as Fi entered the sword.*

Melody: *She sighed quietly, looking over* I should see if the others are awake.. *She said quietly, nervousness within her voice.*

Fi: I have concluded your fellow companions to already be outside waiting.

Link: Let's go meet them, Melody. *He opened the door*

Melody: *She closed her eyes, grabbing the cloak he had given her and walked out. She felt uneasy about all of this, but she walked with him.*

Link: *Outside, they walked out towards the group. They were all prepared, staring at Melody as they smiled* Everyone... are you ready for this? It's time to get back the Inner Power...!

Ven: *He looked to Link.* Technically no one had it in the first place.

Melody: *She stared down at the ground, avoiding eye contact from them all.*

Tiercel: Ancaladar said he's on his way, though he wasn't sure if we should fly there... the snow has been hard on him.

Alonsa: Huh? How are we supposed to get there, then. It

Shunsui: Perhaps walk.

Ancaladar: *He walked forth, chuckling* I am bigger than all of you. It does not mean I cannot run.

Ukitake: *He smiled, rubbing his head* You too, know the dangers. You should stay far away from the field once you bring us.

Ancaladar: I can fly you part way, but once we reach Grandilia, I will have to walk.

Sheik: *She ran over in Sheik form, looking at them.*

Harrier: *He gave her an awkward look, drawing his sword.*

Sheik: I am the princess' guardian. She requested that I join you. I am Sheik of the Sheikah. *She stared at them hard, her voice the usual Sheik voice. She looked to Shunsui.*

Shunsui: *He chuckled, placing his hand on his hat as he turned to Ancaladar* Sheik, good to have you. Try to keep up with us.

Link: *He stared at her, unsure if it was a good idea* ...

Sheik: *She glared at him, knowing he was teasing her about her speed. She walked over to him, tripping him into the snow.* Speak for yourself. *She said, getting onto Ancaladar's back. She looked to Link, giving him a small nod.* The princess says not to worry about her. Her necklace was placed safely into the Sacred Realm.

Ven: *He rubbed his head before helping Alonsa onto Ancaladar.*

Link: *He nodded, smiling* Just... be careful on her behalf, alright?

Alonsa: *Faceplanted on Anacaladar's back* Oh... gosh never gonna get used to this big guy...

Ancaladar: *He bowed his head as he waited for everyone to get onto his back.* Are we all ready?

Tiercel: *He patted his back.* Be careful Ancaladar... I don't want you damaging your wings.

Harrier: He'll be fine Tiercel. He's a dragon.

Tiercel: He's also my bonded... and yours too.

Alonsa: *She jumped on the top of Ancaladar's head, pointing out in front of him as she laughed confidentially* Onward, Dragon! To the place that will decide the fate of my sister's smile!

Ancaladar: *He growled lowly.* I will not do this if you keep doing that...

Ukitake: We don't know what will happen there. This is the last chance to ask if you’re all prepared.

Link: *He nodded, glaring into the distance holding Melody's hand* Ready.

Shunsui: Same here. *He chuckled, tilting his hat over one eye*

Alonsa: Prepared like never before!

Ancaladar: *He jumped up into the air, flapping his wings. As he did, the loose snow on the ground flew around. He began to fly towards Grandilia.*

Melody: *She held onto Link, looking away from everyone. She was hoping she was ready for this.*

Ancaladar: *He flew steadily, the snow that hit them seemed colder and hit harder than what it would normally.* We should enter Grandilia in a couple of hours

Melody: *She looked up at him, unsure of what to say.*

Ven: *He looked at his swords, checking to make sure he was prepared. He glanced to Ukitake. He was worried for his friend.*

Ukitake: *His hair flowing from the snow and wind, a serious expression determined to help everyone*

Shunsui: *Laying on Ancaladar's back, his hat over his face. He tilted it away from his eyes with his finger to glance at Sheik and Ukitake*

Sheik: *She was admiring the view from the bottom before glancing over to Shunsui. She smiled lightly under her mask.*


Ancaladar: *They flew for a while, the air blowing past them with fast speed. The snow seemed to be picking up as they flew on.* We are in Grandilia now... I can keep going, but not for long.

Melody: ( Snow Upon Grandilia )*She looked down at the snowy Grandilia, stunned by it. She hadn't seen it this beautiful before.*

Shunsui: Fine by me, friend. Try to bring us in to at least where we'll be able to see that forest.

Ancaladar: *He flew for a while longer before landing into the snow.* I cannot fly anymore...

Tiercel: *He looked to his wings.* Ancaladar.. there's ice on them... you pushed yourself.

Alonsa: *She hugged Ancaladar, moving her hand to pet him softly* Aww... We're sorry, pal. Will you be okay in this weather...?

Ancaladar: I will be fine. *He chuckled, running through the snow as if it were nothing.*


Melody: *She looked around to see that they were approaching Yatalia soon.* Ancaladar... you need to stop... *She said suddenly*

Link: Huh? Why?

Melody: *She looked away.* We're approaching a town... He needs to..

Link: *He nodded* Right, we don't want to frighten them... I suppose we'll have to get through the town to get there on foot.

Alonsa: Well can't we just go around?

Melody: *She shook her head.* We're approaching Elevity right now... after Elevity there's another town, which is Yatalia. Once we reach Yatalia... we'll be close.

Ancaladar: *He stopped, kneeling down into the snow for people to get off.*

Ukitake: *He landed in the snow with Shunsui and Sheik* It seems like we'll have to handle it on our own from here. It's no problem.

Link: It sure is cold, though... *He landed, holding his arms up to catch Melody*

Melody: *She hesitantly slid off of him, falling into his arms.*

Ven: Are you going to flash step us there?

Melody: I don't think we should.. *She said nervously.*

Shunsui: *He nodded, agreeing* Seems like they rearranged things. There could be traps, and there are towns next to us.

Melody: *She nodded to Shunsui to thank him.*

Harrier: Well... Let's start out tedious walk.

Tiercel: *He patted Ancaladar.* Go back to Hyrule. I'll call you when we are needing you.

Alonsa: *She hugged herself as she walked through the thick snow, her face blushed from the cold. She narrowed her eyes*...This is going to be a long day for me...

Ukitake: For all of us...

Ven: *He took his cloak off and tossed it onto her head, beginning to walk with them.*

Harrier: We can't complain. Melody is the one in bare feet here. *He rolled his eyes, walking ahead.*

Melody: *She closed her eyes as she walked, not wanting them to worry for her.*

Link: Do you want me to carry you, Melody? Your feet will get bad frostbite...

Alonsa: *She put the cloak on, feeling guilty for Ven*

Melody: *She looked away.* You don't have to...

Tiercel: *He watched as Ancaladar flew off, catching up with the others.*

Link: *He picked her up, hugging her close to him* We're going to have a harder time once we get into that forest... If you’re barefoot, I might as well carry you when I still can... *His eyes shook as they narrowed, thinking about what was going to happen*

Melody: *She blushed faintly, holding onto him.* It's not that much walking.. we should go through towns to avoid the snow..

Ven: *He sighed.* What do you think will happen?

Ukitake: A battle that will determine the fate for Korillia can be anything. We need to be prepared for some sacrifices, and we need to keep going no matter what may happen. We promised Melody.

Alonsa: *She turned to Ukitake, sorrow in her eyes as she nodded*


Melody: *They walked for a while together, the snow seeming to stop. As they approached Yatalia, a thick, enchanting forest stood ahead. It had an eerie feeling to it. She stared at it nervously, feeling the memories of her rush through her mind*

Link: ...So this, is Yatalia? I can see the Forgotten Woods from here...

Shunsui: *He crossed his arms in his haori, staring back at Sheik* How are you fairing so far, Sheik?

Sheik: *She was already walking towards the town.*... I had no idea this place was so big... *she spoke to herself quietly, admiring all of Grandilia.*

Melody: *She looked up at the forest*...Forgotten Woods... We should go around the town... the people inside of it fear anyone who goes towards it.

Shunsui: Sounds good. *He smiled, walking with them*

Ukitake: I can already feel spiritual energy in that forest. Almost abnormal.

Shunsui: Now that you mention it, they feel awfully familiar.

Melody: *She got out of Link's arms, beginning to walk and leading them. She closed her eyes as she approached it.*.... This is normal.. It's a long story... so I might as well tell you while we're going inside of it.

Sheik: *She followed alongside Shunsui, holding his hand as she walked to where it was hidden from the others.*

Ven: *He looked back at Alonsa, helping her walk through the snow.*

Alonsa: Snow...sucks. *She blushed, holding on to his hand as she looked away*

Link: What kind of story? *His ears perked up, they were blushed red from the cold*

Melody: It's the part of Korillia that I know.. *She looked down at the white snow, her feet stepping into where she was looking. They approached the forest, and inside you could see that there wasn't a lot of snow on the forest floor due to how thick it was.*

Harrier: *He looked over* Oh boy... let's hope we don't get lost.

Tiercel: This is her home, Harrier. We'll be fine.

Melody: (Forgotten Woods ) *Her butterfly flew ahead, looking around the forest. It seemed to be guiding her.*

Link: *He followed them with the others* The Forgotten Woods... Seems quite, I wonder if Nightshade and Ghirahim are already here...

Melody: *She walked on the parts with no snow, looking ahead.* When a Korillian dies, their spirit is transformed into an insect guardian form.. What you're sensing is all of the Korillians.. *She looked back to Ukitake and Shunsui, her butterfly nodding in agreement.*

Ven: *He looked around, his arm around Alonsa for comfort.*

Shunsui: *He looked up at the treetops, smiling* I see.

Link: Hmm... I feel on edge, we can't be too calm.

Melody: *She continued to walk, looking ahead.* When they die, the original guardian is then transformed into their spirit weapon, never to be seen as an insect again.. that is when their soul is released. When I die, my parents will be free, but the bow will be left.. However, it cannot be used by normal hands. Only a Korillian may use it properly. What happened was Nightshade was killing everyone so fast... There will be weapons in places you won't expect and insects wandering for eternity alone... *As they walked in deeper, something unusual about the trees could be seen. She looked up at it, seeming to respond normally as if she knew of this. The trees had leaves still, despite it being winter. Everywhere seemed natural but cold, but the leaves stayed, providing sky coverage from air-based attacks.*

Alonsa: *She stared up at the trees, wondering why they still looked the way they did* How bizarre. *She sneezed, wiping her nose*

Melody: *She walked into the area where the leaves stayed. As she did, she passed what seemed to be a barrier. On the other side, pure magic could be felt. It was unlike anything the others had felt. It felt relaxing, yet alone.* ...We are amongst the boundaries of Korillia...

(Forgotten Woods (Image too large for the journal) )

Ukitake: A barrier was put up...

Link: To protect the Inner Power?

Melody: *She shook her head*... Korillia had this even when I was around... it was to block the outside people from seeing the magic inside... *Inside, you can see slight magic floating around freely.*

Ven: This is... just too weird. *he blinked*

Link: So it acts as a blanket for the outside... The Korillians were the only magic users in Grandilia? I wonder why...

Melody: The king didn't want overpowering people... the royal family has been an alliance with Korillians for years... they agreed to let Korillia be part of Grandilia as its own kingdom if they would protect them and the Inner Power... and to hide their magic.

Shunsui: *He looked at the magic around, smiling.* Interesting place indeed. I suppose we'll soon be seeing the destruction from that time ago.

Melody: *She looked down, her butterfly flying straight along a path. The sound of water could be heard nearby. It flowed calmly, giving the atmosphere a soothing feeling. She looked up, trying to find the river.*

Alonsa: *She crossed her arms, tilting her head as she followed* Enemies can attack at any moment, it's nerve wrecking already...

Melody: *She walked ahead, seeing the river. It flowed gently and calmly.* I don't sense them yet... *She watched as the river flowed.*

Link: *Looking around* You come from one amazing place, Melody.

Melody: *She looked over at him for a moment, not knowing what to say. She looked ahead, walking over to a little bridge that seemed to have a lot of age on it.* This is Sorrow River.. it never leaves Forgotten Woods.

Shunsui: Sorrow River? That's not a very pleasing name for a river.

Melody: *She walked across the bridge with them.* It was named that because it is alone, not touching another body of water, yet it is so peaceful.

Harrier: *He looked at her, smirking.* A bit like you, huh.

Tiercel: *He glanced at him, giving him a glare.*

Link: *He turned back to him* That makes no sense, Harrier. We're here for her, and she's not going to be alone anymore.

Harrier: Relax, I'm kidding. *He rubbed his head.*

Melody: *She walked with them, leading them ahead for a little bit. She stopped, freezing as she stood there. (Returning to Korillia )

User Image

She could see the large stone walls of her kingdom, all old looking with green spots. The stone still shimmered in the sun that peeked through the leaves, but it looked ancient.*

Fi: *Fi came out, staring out in the distance towards it* Master, there are signs of ancient civilization beyond this point. I have concluded it to be the Ancient Kingdom, Korillia.

Link: *His ears perked up as he stared up the walls with a serious expression. He nodded, prepared*

Ukitake: So this is the place...

Shunsui: *Arms in his haori, looking at it with a serious expression under his hat*

Melody: *She stared at it for a moment, trying to contain herself. Her butterfly flew towards it, going towards the entrance at a sudden fast pace. She looked back at her friends for a moment before looking ahead and heading towards the front. Against the stone, engravings of insects could be seen. They all were different.*

Alonsa: *Looking up, the light that came through the treetops over her face. Shapes of leaves could be seen on their bodies, a chill blowing down the group. She narrowed her eyes* So pretty...

Ven: *By random instinct, he reached over and took Alonsa's hand, holding it as he walked behind with the group.* This is... really beautiful actually.

Sheik: *She nodded.* I-- er.... the princess would agree.

Melody: *She took a deep breath, heading towards the entrance, which was a beautifully carved arch in the wall. The arch was covered with vine/mold on the stone, but engravings of a strange Korillian symbols could be seen on each side.*

User Image

Alonsa: *She blushed, but she felt happy.* Being in such a place with everyone... I'm thankful... It makes me want to try harder.

Link: *He smiled* Yeah... We all will.

Melody: (Korillia (Version 1 - Ruins) )
Basic Layout of Korillia (Middle was cut out by scanner)
*She walked into the kingdom with them, looking around. There were buildings along the sides of the main path, some whole and untouched, some into ruin, and some with black all over them, burnt by the night of Korillia. Ahead, insects were moving around, wandering Korillia as if they were people. Magic too swarmed around the place, giving Korillia an enchanting look. It seemed to go on ahead for a while. In the middle in the distance, a large fountain laid, water still spewing from it. In the middle was a statue of a dragonfly. Her eyes looked around, stunned to see how much damage the place had taken. Stone rubble laid randomly, yet it seemed so peaceful. The buildings that were standing along with the stone had green on them as well to show their age.*

Link: *The dragonfly statue got his attention, looking up at it. He had an idea what it was.*

Ukitake: Isn't that the King's guardian?

Melody: *She looked up at it, giving them a nod.* That was my father’s guardian... a dragonfly.

Ven: Makes you wonder what insect you would have if you were Korillian, doesn't it?

Alonsa: *She put her hands on her hips, nodding as she smiled cheerfully* I think I'd like a ladybug!

Link: A ladybug, huh? I think I'd want a grasshopper! *He smiled, his ears perking up thinking about it*

Shunsui: A cricket. Definitely a cricket.

Ukitake: Hmm... Maybe a firefly...

Tiercel: *He smirked, looking up.* I would want a dragonfly.

Harrier: You only say that because you have a dragon.

Tiercel: *He glanced back.* You would be a stinkbug.

Melody: *She walked towards the fountain, the gentle sound of the water filling the silence of the kingdom. She could see her butterfly perched on the dragonfly with insects flying around it. They seemed to be happy and talking.*

Link: I wonder if the other guardians are happy the king and queen are back.

Ukitake: I'm sure they were all people before, it must be a shock to them.

Ven: *He rubbed his head, thinking and not paying attention*... What would I be? I know, a-- *Before he could finish his sentence, he tripped over an object, slamming into the ground.*

Alonsa: *She reached a hand to him, bending down as she moved her bangs behind her ear* Stud! Are you okay?!

Ven: *He groaned.* Yeah.. I'm fine.. *He sat up, grabbing the object he tripped over. He held it, seeing that it was a beautiful silver sheath with gold and sapphires on the edges. There was a sword in it, the hilt matching the sheath.* What's.... this doing here? *He attempted to pull it out, but it didn't budge.*

Alonsa: Looks like a sword from the royal family!

Melody: *She turned, looking at it. She slowly walked over to it, grabbing it from Ven's hands. She stared down at it, feeling tears wanting to form.*... my father’s sword...

Shunsui: ...It's a nice sword. *He tilted his hat over one eye, staring at it in silence*

Link: The king's... sword.

Alonsa: Meaning, this is actually that poor little dragonfly!

Ukitake: Or, it was...

Melody: *She stared at it in silence, grabbing the hilt and pulling it out of the sheath half way. In the middle, a dragonfly was engraved inside of it.*

Alonsa: *She looked down, her eyes shook. She felt sad for the dragonfly*

Link: Should we... take it with us?

Melody: *She nodded slightly, looking up at him with tears in her eyes. She put it back into the sheath, giving it to Link to carry.*

Link: *He looked at it, his eyes narrowed as he put it over him.*

Ukitake: *He put a hand on Melody's shoulder, smiling down at her*

Melody: *She looked away, beginning to walk ahead. As they walked through more, it became more beautiful with how detailed everything was. The sun beaming through the leaves made everything seem so peaceful and relaxed. A couple of insect guardians came over, looking at the sudden people nervously, though they seemed to know who Melody was.*

Ven: *He looked around* This is insane... *He watched as a spider crawled up Link's back, smirking.* Link, you made a friend.

Link: *He turned around, his face turning pale* S-sir... or Ma'am... could you get off of me...

*The spider crawled off of Link.*

Harrier: *He couldn't help but laugh.* Aw Link, scared of spiders, huh? It's fine. I'm not scared of bugs. *A bee buzzed around him, causing him to yell and swat at it but stopping himself.*... right... these are people.. *He sighed.*

Melody: *She stopped, looking up to see a building that was larger than the other ones, symbolizing a castle. She recognized it, not wanting to say what it was. The sun seemed to shine on it the most. It was the more intact building here*

Link: *He laughed at Harrier, turning towards the large building* By the size, could that be the castle?

Tiercel: *He glanced ahead at Melody* Judging by how she stopped, I'm going to assume this was her home.

Melody: *She stood there in silence, feeling a gentle breeze blow past them.*

Alonsa: If we get up there, we might be able to see a good view of the area. The temple could be seen from there, so it's worth a go. *She nodded, putting her hands on her hips as her bangs fell in front of her eyes again, looking up at it*

Melody: *Her butterfly flew ahead excitedly. She watched it, closing her eyes as she slowly walked towards it. She felt her heart aching, knowing this was too much for her.*

Link: *He followed her with the others, putting a hand on her shoulder as he smiled towards the castle*

Ukitake: *He nodded to Shunsui, the two of them following the group from behind*

Sheik: *She slowed down, walking beside Shunsui as she held his hand. She felt the sorrow coming from Melody, feeling sad herself. She was still amazed that a kingdom was inside of a large forest.*

Melody: ( [Changes in Korillia ) *She walked up towards the castle. The stairs were up high, giving a good view of the kingdom. She didn't want to look at what Nightshade had done.*

Ven: *He turned as he stood up there, staring* Woah... He had fun, didn't he? *He said, looking around to see destroyed buildings everywhere amongst burnt down buildings and rubble. There were a few large trees knocked down into the kingdom as well.*

Shunsui: He has demons with him he controlled to help him with this. *He placed a hand on his hat, looking away* He won't escape unscathed this time.

Melody: *She couldn't stop herself. She turned herself, looking towards the kingdom. She stared around, feeling tears form amongst her eyes. A cold breeze went in on them. She noticed that there was even more damage, some that looked more recent. She looked back, seeing smoke rising into the sky. Her eyes widened, running over to another part of the higher ground to get a better view. There was a fire, and it seemed to have just started.*... They're destroying it more.. *She said quietly but sharply.*

Link: Who made that fire?! Are they here?! *He ran to where she was, his eyes widening*

Ven: *He glared over, resting a hand on his hilt.* We need to stop that fire. The insects will get killed.

Melody: *She stared ahead.*... Summer... this was what I was sensing... the fire marks... they aren't as recent... they were here since fall...

Alonsa: Those bastards are starting more crap here, even after what they did!

Ukitake: *He pulled his swords out with Shunsui, releasing their shikai after their release commands*

Sheik: *She jumped off of the hill, landing on her feet as she ran ahead at a fast speed. She jumped up, landing on the roofs of the buildings. She reached to her side, drawing a whip that shimmered a silvery aura.*

Melody: *She watched them*... They aren't here now.. I can't sense them. *She closed her eyes.* Can you guys... take care of that?

Ukitake: *After nodding with a serious expression, he flash stepped with Shunsui out of sight, following Sheik*

Melody: *She turned, looking back at the castle. Her eyes were full of sorrow. She began to walk towards it, going up to the large doors. She tried to open them, but she wasn't strong enough to, due to their age.*

Link: *He walked over to them, using his gold gauntlets to push*

Alonsa: *Looking at the fire from where she was, narrowing her eyes as she frowned*

Melody: *The door opened with the help of him.*...Thanks *She looked around as she stepped inside.

User Image

There was three thrones in the throne room, two outer ones larger than the third. She stared at it, remembering her sitting there while her parents consulted with duties. The carpet was long and deep blue like her eyes, the trimming was golden yellow.*

Link: *He walked in in awe* So this is the throne room... *He looked all over the place*

Melody: (The Legend of Korillia ) *She too wandered, looking around. The windows were large with pure white curtains that looked old along with all of the other furniture. There were large pieces of cloth with the Korillian emblems, but two others were different. One had a large lady bug on it, and the other had a large butterfly. She walked to the thrones, staring down at it.* I used to sit here.. *She pointed out.*

Link: *He placed a hand on her chair, feeling odd that he did. He narrowed his eyes, his ears lowering in sorrow.*

Alonsa: *She too walked in, stopping near the entrance to look at them*

Harrier: *He felt the eeryness of the castle, turning around*... You have fun here.. I'm going to help with the fire. This place is too creepy for me. *He said, leaving.*

Tiercel: *He sighed, shaking his head.* Ignore him... *He looked to the cloth with the butterfly*.... is that your guardian? *He questioned.*

Melody: *She looked over at it, sighing quietly* I didn't have one when I was here... but I wanted a butterfly more than anything..

Alonsa: So they made this for you?

Melody: *She nodded slightly.* They wanted to make me happy.. *She looked away* I was one of the few Korillians who didn't have a guardian at the time..

Link: I sure know how that feels...

Melody: *She looked at him for a moment.* I'm... curious to see if... something is still here... *She said quietly, going over to the right side and headed to the stairwell.*

Link: *He followed her*

Melody: *She walked upstairs, the stones still engraved with insects like earlier.*

Ven: *He took her hand* Are you okay? *He blinked.*

Alonsa: *He looked at him, smiling widely* Yeah... Let's go see where they wandered off to.

Ven: *He nodded, taking her hand and leading her up the stairs with them.*


Harrier: *He sighed, looking around to see that the fire was out.*... Those creeps did a lot of damage here..

Sheik: *She knelt down, picking up an injured guardian locust. She stared down at it sorrowfully.*

Shunsui: *He placed a hand on his hat* Couldn't find an enemy anywhere, either.

Ukitake: Then how did this fire start?

Harrier: Do you think they used magic from a distance?

Sheik: *She stood up, walking over and resting it on a bush. Small tears streamed down her cheeks.*

Ukitake: *He turned to Sheik, staring sorrowfully* Perhaps...

Harrier: *He sighed.* Let's go back.. We can't do much anymore here. *He said, heading back to the castle.*

Sheik: *She stood there, not moving as she stared down at it. It seemed to be dying.*

Shunsui: *He walked over to her, staring at it. He put a hand over her shoulder*

Sheik: *She turned, hugging him slightly as she sobbed against his chest, her voice normal. A small bit of magic came from the insect, floating into the sky.*

Shunsui: Let's get going Sheik. *His tone of voice reassuring, as he placed a hand on his hat and looked to the distance*

Sheik: *She nodded to him faintly, wiping her tears as she began to walk back with him. She looked back, watching as the insect turned into a sword leaning on top of the bush*

Ukitake: Let's hurry to the others. *He flash stepped ahead of them*

Shunsui: *Flash stepped to them*


Link: *Still following Melody with the others curiously*

Melody: *She walked to a room, stopping as she looked at it. On the door, there was a piece of paper with a drawn butterfly that looked like a child had drawn it. It was a butterfly, roughly painted out of the lines, but it resembled her butterfly.*

Harrier: *He walked over with Shunsui and the others.*

Ukitake: This seems to be a child's room. Could this be...

Melody: ( Melody's Room ) *She slowly opened the door, opening it to see that everything had been untouched from the night she had left it. There were papers on the floor, all of butterflies. Her room was large, full of blue, yellow and white objects that a normal girl would have. The window filled the room with natural light, the curtains white to match it and in the middle was a balcony that overlooked the city. She stepped inside, looking around in sorrow.*

Ukitake: *His eyes narrowed, rubbing his head as he looked around. He leaned down to pick up two sheets of paper, looking at the two smiling. He could picture a young Melody drawing them, carefree.*

Alonsa: *She walked up to the walls, her hands on her hips as she admired more drawings on the walls*

Melody: *One of the pictures by her bed was framed. It was a picture of a knight carrying her. She walked over to her dresser, finding an old book that was embedded with small gems. She opened it to see it was her old diary.*

Ven: I see someone loved to draw. *He rubbed his head, breaking the silence.*

Link: *Stared at it, he giggled* Is that suppose to be your boyfriend back then?

Melody: *She looked over, blushing faintly* I'm a princess... I had imagination.. *She looked down, flipping through her diary.*

Harrier: Looks like you have competition Link.

Link: *He smiled, laughing as he continued to look around embarrassed*

Alonsa: Awwww~! hehe, she was dreaming of you even before you became her prince charming.

Shunsui: Ain't cha popular.

Melody: *She sighed softly, looking down* We should look for the temple... *She said quietly, closing her diary.*

Link: But where? Do you think your parents know where it is?

Fi: *Fi came out, nodding in acknowledgement* Master Link, it would be wise to start searching. We have spent too much time here.

Melody: *She looked to Fi, feeling guilty*... Sorry... It's been over a century.. *She said, looking away as she left the room. She looked around seeing that her butterfly wasn't with them.*

Alonsa: *She put a hand to her lips, tilting her head confused* Flutterbug?

Melody: *She headed out of the castle, walking down the steps with her friends. She looked around, seeing that the insects were gathering by the fountain.*

Ukitake: They're gathering.

Link: But for what?

Melody: *She watched them, seeing that her butterfly was speaking to them. She stopped midway, staring. They all seemed to be bowing to her.*

Link: What's going on?

Shunsui: Seems like they know who Melody is now.

Alonsa: Can the little critters show us the way?

Melody: *They heard Alonsa, quickly moving as if they were forming a path. They all stretched out.* I... think they are... *She said quietly, going and following where they were lining up to.*

Shunsui: *He followed with them, holding his hat as he chuckled* Looks like they like Alonsa too.

Alonsa: Of course, I'm so loveable!

Melody: *She walked with them, following the insects closely. Eventually, they reached a strange part of Korillia, where there were willow trees that stood around a rock formation that seemed to be a foundation, but nothing stood there. She stared at it confused.*

Ukitake: *Looking around, a hand on his chin*

Melody: *She walked, seeing a stone tablet with ancient writing on it. It was in a different language.*

Sheik: ...It almost looks Hylian.. *she said.* But it isn't.

Fi: *She looked at it, nodding in acknowledgement* It is indeed not Hylian. It is unfamiliar to me, it may be Korillian.

Link: Can you read it Melody?

Melody: ( Ancient Hero ) *She nodded slightly, kneeling down to get a better look* It says... "The protector of Korillia, make haste and place the gem of Korillia onto the pedestal ahead. Thy pure heart will save the world."

Link: Gem of Korillia? Do we have something like that?

Melody: *She looked around.* No... I've never heard of that before...

Ven: Great... now what do we do?

Alonsa: Ohh boy~ Maybe we can ask her parents.

Link: Maybe. *He nodded towards Fi*

Melody: *Her butterfly flew ahead, landing on the pedistal.* "You're thinking too hard Melody. Think about it.. it will be clear. You've had it your whole life"

Fi: The spirit companion states that it is a simple riddle in which you possess and have been possessing to this very day.

Alonsa: I wonder what that could be?

Melody: *She looked around, trying to figure it out* I... can't think of anything.

Link: *He crossed his arms together, tilting his head* Neither can I. Have any of you seen her with something that could be considered a gem? I don't know if it's in a literal sense or not...

Ukitake: *He put a hand to his chin* A gem...

Shunsui: *He placed a hand on his hat, smiling as it amused him*

Sheik: *She looked over at Shunsui.* What, do you know?

Shunsui: *He looked at her, tilting his hat over his face* Not particularly. Though, I enjoy riddles like this.

Alonsa: Maybe her headband! She always wears that.

Melody: *She reached up, untieing her headband as she looked down at it, her hair falling into her face.* I... don't think that's what it means.. *She closed her eyes, moving her hair away as she tied it back into her hair. She opened her eyes, staring down to think. She saw her Korillian belt shimmer in the sun, the sapphire gleaming. Her eyes widened, quickly grabbing the sapphire from it and holding it.* This... this is what it means.

Link: That gem on your belt! Could it be the gem it's talking about?

Alonsa: Pfft, that was my second guess!

Melody: *She held it in her hands, walking to the pedestal where her butterfly was. It seemed happy as it fluttered onto her shoulder. She moved the sapphire onto the pedestal, standing there. Nothing seemed to happen.*

Harrier: ...Looks like it didn't work.

Ukitake: It seems to be the wrong one. Melody, do you recall wearing another one?

Melody: *She looked back at them, shaking her head.* I can't think-- *The ground began to shake, startling her as she quickly looked ahead, stepping back away from it.*

Alonsa: Eeekk! Wh-what's with this earthquake?!

Link: Step back everyone!!

Ven: *He grabbed Alonsa to him, resting a hand on one of his swords, glaring ahead.*

Melody: *She felt a sudden rush go through her, causing her to close her eyes tightly. A light began to glow around where her heart was.*

Link: *He quickly turned to her, his eyes widening as he reached for her unsure of what was going on* ...!!

Shunsui: *He started at her, serious expression as he held on to Sheik and his hat*

Sheik: *She watched, her ears lowering slightly as she held onto him.*

Melody: *Magic began to flow around her, before going towards the blank empty spot. It swirled around for a moment before the light from her heart stopped. Suddenly, a giant flash of light coming from the blank spot occurred, causing her to cover her eyes.*

Ukitake: *He put a hand over his eyes, unable to see anything* Melody?!

Link: *Covering his eyes* Mel-...!!

*The light faded, and she was standing there, uncovering her eyes. Ahead of them, a beautiful temple stood. It had statues of a guardian butterfly, lady bug, bumble bee and a dragonfly along the edges of the temple. It was shimmering in the sunlight, giving off a pure essense.*

Link: *His eyes widened in shock as he took a step back, slowly looking up as his eyes shook. He had an arm out in front of Melody, just in case, with his hand slowly releasing its grip from the hilt of the Master Sword. His ears perked up, as he remained speechless*

Alonsa: *Hey eyes shook, looking in astonishment*

Melody: *She too stared at it, stunned by it*... I.... did that?

Alonsa: Well I certainly didn't! Way to go, we found the temple! Haha, this is getting too easy! Let's get that Inner Power while we still can! *She ran ahead*

Ukitake: Alonsa, wait that's dangerous!!

*Alonsa crashed into a barrier, pushing her back.*

Ven: Alonsa! *He ran over, helping her up*

Alonsa: *Holding her forehead in pain* Wh-what...?!

Link: Alonsa! *Ran to her behind Ven*

Melody: *Her butterfly flew over to them* "Only the chosen one may enter. This is why Nightshade was unable to find this temple. A pure heart is key to opening it."

Fi: The spirit companion says that only the chosen one may enter the temple. I have concluded this to be Melody alone.

Shunsui: *He let go of Sheik, walking to the barrier* Seems to make sense... Melody, try walking through here for us.

Melody: *She stood there, staring at the temple. Hesitantly, she took a step forward, going through the barrier. She looked around, feeling overwhelmed by the feeling inside.*

Link: Melody!! Be careful in there, please! *His ears lowered, disappointed he couldn't protect her there*

Alonsa: *She put a hand to her chest, looking at Melody go in* Melody...

Melody: ((The Korillian Temple ) ) *She looked back at them, feeling nervous about all of this. She stepped forward carefully, looking around as she did. The area felt pure and safe. She walked up to the temple, going up the few steps. She pushed against the door, struggling but managed to get it open. Her butterfly remained on Link's shoulder, watching.*

Link: ...Melody... *Shunsui put a hand on his shoulder, he looked up at him as his ears perked up*

Shunsui: *Smiling* Believe in her, she'll get the job done...

Melody: *She walked in, looking around to see beautiful golden statues of guardian insects. Ahead was a giant painting of the Korillian emblem. She walked forward towards an altar slowly. She felt nervous and scared. She began to read a tablet that laid underneath it, telling her of the past and everything that had occurred. She noticed that it mentioned her many times, including her destiny to meet friends and arrive here. She stared up at it, moving a hand onto the wall. As she did, the wall lit up, the light shining out of the temple brightly.*

Link: *He saw the light, stunned by it* Whoa...

*The barrier had suddenly vanished, but the temple remained there.*

Link: !! *He ran ahead as soon as it vanished, heading up the stairs*

Alonsa: *Slowly putting her hand forward as she walked, afraid of getting hurt by it again* E-erm... Kay...

Ven: *He too ran forward, determined to find out what happened.*

Harrier: I don't like this... *He followed*

Link: *He entered inside with the others behind him, frantically searching for her location* Melody?!

Melody: *She was laying on the ground in front of the tablet, not moving.*

Tiercel: *His eyes widened, going forth.*

Link: *He ran to her, kneeling down and sliding to her side, shaking her as his eyes widened* Are you okay...!?

Melody: *She gave him no response, her body moving where he had shaken her.*

Ven: It looks like she's out..

Link: ...*He looked up at the tablet, wondering what happened*

Fi: The Inner Power... what happened?

Melody: *Her butterfly flew ahead, looking to Fi* "This is what it reads..."

Fi: *Nodded in acknowledgement towards them*

Continued: 1.32.2

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