This is the journal entries from Ender Honshim's journal, referenced at the end of the last part.

My name is Ender Honshim. I was one of the leading Yshrenian scientists working on the Incorruptus project. I've left the project because my vision is too grand for the rest of the scientists to realize. They don't see the fundamental flaw with our current incorrupti, that they require a Knight's Ark. The Knight's Ark is just an object, it can be lost, it can be broken, or it can even be stolen, assuming the thief has the right equipment. My goal is to create a new incorrptus, and use the pactmaker's blood as the ark, so it can never be lost, it can never be broken, and most importantly, it can never be stolen. I've created a new incorruptus for the purposes of this project. Her name is Siitah, and if you could only see her. I think she's my finest creation yet. The first step is to liquefy Siitah's Ark. I shall start using my 4 year old son, Heston, for this experiment.

After injecting the Knight's Ark into his bloodstream, Heston almost immediately began to show unexpected side-effects. His once pale skin darkened to a dark brown, and the color of his iris changed from green to bright red. Curious, however, Heston is currently incapable of transforming into Siitah. It appears she has yet to make a pact with him.

Another unexpected side-effect. On a trip to the city, we ran into a pack of boars ready to attack us. Heston lifted up a lumberjack's axe, three times his own size, and removed the boar's head in one blow. It seems the ark may be channeling a small bit of Siitah's strength to him. However, he is still incapable of making a transformation.

Heston has yet to enter a pact with Siitah, but another unexpected side effect has arisen. His blonde hair seems to be turning blue of all colors. Well, he certainly looks distinctive.

Little progress is being made with Heston Honshim towards project Siitah, and so, I have prepared a new formula that I will test on my newborn daughter, Lydia.

Lydia has gone through the same side-effects as Heston, however, neither have yet to enter a pact with Siitah. Something must be wrong, but I keep checking my formulas, and they're perfect. So then, the problem must be with Siitah...
Regardless, I cannot afford to build another incorruptus, and I wouldn't even if I could. If Siitah does not consider my children worthy of a pact, then I'll just have to wait until they are.

Heston turns 14 this year. I've been testing his blood monthly, and have seen noticeable resonance with Siitah as heston grows stronger. For this, I've encouraged Heston to get out and exercise more. Lydia shall serve as the control in this experiment. If Lydia continues to grow in compatibility with Siitah without growing in strength, then I'll consider it a coincidence. Perhaps Siitah just desires a more mature pactmaker.

Heston's become a strong young lad, and his compatibility with Siitah has grown exponentially, yet he still has yet to form a pact. This is very troubling. Lydia's compatibility has also grown, but as predicted by the previous experiment, her lack of strength keeps her from the level of compatibility that Heston has reached.

My son, Heston, has gotten married and had a child. This is where I've discovered another unexpected side-effect. Heston's daughter, Sheir, also has their dark skin, red eyes, and blue hair, completely undiluted from the mother's genes. After testing Sheir's blood with Siitah, it seems that her's also resonates with the Ark's power.

The process is taking longer than I had expected. If it keeps at this rate, I won't live long enough to see Siitah come to life. It is because of this that I have set up a failsafe in case I may die to protect my experiment: religion. Every night, I tell Sheir, and Lydia's 2 sons, Toan and Max a story. A story of a great Goddess who lives within the planet. She wants us to grow strong, so that one day, the strongest warrior in our family will conceive the Goddess reborn. They seemed to enjoy the story.

Today, Toan had his first child. Just as expected, the Ark's power has not diluted from one generation to the next. Still, none of the children with Ark-blood have yet to make a pact. I can't help but feel sad. 40 years later, and I still don't see any flaws in my formulas. I must be a fool.

As I lie on my deathbed, I've decided to send my notes to the scientists of Yshrenia, hoping that they can help finish what I have failed. I do this, yet I know they will not help. They care little for a fruitless endeavor such as this. I only wish I could see Siitah in glorious battle.