The first 9 parts of "Chapter 3: Destiny?" of my White Knight Chronicles fan-fiction thing. A few things I should note, first. After I wrote the first two parts, WKC had integrated some horrible new language filter, which made it impossible for me to post the third part, and everything I wrote on it was lost. That upset me quite a bit, and I ended up rage-quitting WKC, until WKC2 came out almost a year later. Now, originally, this part of the story was going just be something that took place between WKC1 and WKC2, but after I played WKC2 and realized its plot was absolute s**t, I decided to retcon it out of existence in my story. So, to clarify, this takes place after the events of WKC1, and the events of WKC2 never happened.

So, we had saved the Princess, and for now, Balandor seemed to be peaceful. However, my mind couldn't have been further from peace. As the days went on, my mind grew more and more chaotic with the thought of acquiring the Pale Incorruptus from Leonard. I decided it might be better if I got away from it all for a time.

I left Balandor, and made my way for Greede. Upon my arrival, I joined the Travis Mercenary Group, and they welcomed a powerful warrior such as myself with open arms. Maybe I can get stronger working as a mercenary. If I'm stronger, I might not need the Pale Incorruptus' power.

My first job was to investigate the Bunker Lode Caverns. Apparently, a group of miners went in last week, and they haven't come back. Their families were worried.

When I arrived in the deeper part of the Bunker Lode Caverns, I saw something astonishing. I saw 3 fire dragons fighting off 2 of the miners. The miners both had dark skin, and blue hair, like myself, and they were fighting off the dragons with nothing but their pickaxes! They were doing well, but the smaller man left himself open, and one of the dragons went in for a killing strike. Before the dragon could bite him, however, I intercepted it by stabbing it through its mouth. The two looked genuinely surprised to see me.

The three of us fought off the dragons, and escaped from the Bunker Lode Caverns. I asked them what happened to the rest of the group, and they told me that they had been killed, and the two of them were the only ones left. The larger man asked if he could have a talk with me at the pub. I agreed, as long as he buy the drinks. He did.

The two of them were both around 40 years old. The larger man was Loyem. It was clear that Loyem had seen many battles, as he was covered in scars. The smaller man was Kirvan. He didn't speak much. Loyem informed me that they were brothers.

Loyem asked me where I was from. I told him that I was born to a tribe in the Lagnish that was destroyed when I was a baby, and that I was raised by frogs in Albana. Loyem and Kirvan smiled when I said this. The two of them told me that they came from the Honshim tribe, a tribe that used to rule over the Lagnish desert. It didn't take me too long to put two and two together.

"What are you doing mining out in Greede?" I asked them. "Well, we had left the grounds to try and get stronger, but when we got back, the whole place was just destroyed. There was nothing we could do, so we just left. We had to find some work, so we became miners," Loyem said, "but now that we've found you, things will be different."

I was curious, so I asked "How so?"

"Come with us to meet the Shaman. She'll explain more."

Loyem and Kirvan took me to a quaint little house on the middle level of Greede, and introduced me to the Shaman. She was an elderly woman, her blue hair now a dull gray. She introduced herself as Estelle. Estelle told me about the Honshim tribe, some things I already knew, such as their swift and unexpected destruction, and some things I didn't know. She said that we are demigods, meant to keep everyone else in line, and other such odd and egotistical statements. I didn't really know how to take it, and I think she could sense my skepticism. She handed me a dagger and told me to think on it for a week, and if I'm still unsure, then I should kill her with it.

Cultural differences can be so awkward, especially when they're supposedly your own. I need to meet up with Caesar, he's always able to put my mind at ease.

After reporting the mission success to Travis, I made my way to the mansion, where the Gate Guard told me that Caesar was in the underbelly, helping to clear it out so they could move the Demithor again. Upon finding him, I explained my situation to him. About how I'm from the Honshim tribe, and how they expect me to bring about a new era. He said, "It sounds like they're messing with you."

"But they seemed so excited to finally meet me..."

"Maybe they're gonna throw you a surprise birthday party?"

"Caesar, that doesn't make any sense, we just met."

"Well, I'm out of ideas," Caesar shrugged. So I helped Caesar clear out the underbelly. It was fairly easy, as we had grown quite strong in our adventures. As we made our way back to the upper level, Kirvan, the smaller of the 2 miners, intercepted us. He kneeled down, and handed me a very high quality battle-axe.

"Please, Empress Siitah, accept this blade," he said, "I made it specially for you. It's one of the finest around!"

"Thanks," I responded, mildly astonished, "but my name is Kiera."

He placed the axe at my feet, and bowed his head. "Of course," he said, before rapidly walking off to do... I don't know, what do unarmed tribesmen do in dark dungeons on top of animals?

Something bugs me, why did he call me Siitah? I might have to question Estelle on this.

I returned to Estelle's home only to find Loyem, sitting alone and waiting for me. He told us that she left to go o a pilgrimage back in the Lagnish, just when I had even more questions for her. So, I figured since I'm going on another journey, I should hand in my resignation to Travis. He said it would be in my best interest to stay with the organization. I told him it would be in his best interest not to try and tell me what my best interests were.

Then we got into a headbutting match. However, my head proved to be the harder, and after conquering him with my forehead, I ripped my uniform off, and threw it on the ground. Quickly realizing that I was now naked, I ran to hid in the elevator, and asked Caesar to kindly buy me a new suit of armor.

So, after that escapade, me and Caesar to a gondola to the Flandar Trail, and began our journey back home, to the Lagnish Desert.

Caesar and I finally arrived in the Lagnish Desert. I asked Caesar if he could try and use his Dragonsight to find where Estelle is, and surprisingly, it worked out pretty well. We found Estelle praying in a strange circle of rocks. I approached her cautiously. "Estelle, could I bother you with a few more questions?" I asked. She immediately stopped praying, and turned to me with a smile, "Of course, child. What is it?"

I told her about how Kirvan presented me with this axe, and called me Siitah. I then asked her about Siitah. "Siitah is the Goddess who resided inside the planet," she told me. "She is the mother of our tribe, and will lead us to change the world forever," she continued, "and she now resides within you, just waiting to awaken."

Her expression turned dark and mischievous, "I can help you awaken her power within you."

I pondered upon it for a while, and thought up a response.

"That's dumb," I said.

This seemed to upset her. "No, you're dumb!" she responded.

Well, I was certainly not going to take that. "No, YOU'RE dumb!" I retorted loudly.

A frustrated vein popped from her forehead. "Fine, I'll just have to prove it to you." She began conjuring a spell, and a great sand-storm arose around us. Caesar was about to draw his spear, but then he quickly sank down into the sand. I drew my axe. "What's happening?!" I demanded. "I am awakening your power!" she cackled back. Then, I saw a faint tit of green in the distance behind her. As it got closer, I could start to make out who it was. It was Shapur, the man who killed Kara and stole the Black Knight. I tried to call out to Estelle, but Shapur was too fast, and he stabbed her through the chest. I'll never forget that, as she had a sort of twisted smile on her face as she died. After she collapsed, the storm intensified even further.

"The new Emperor, Grazel, has decided it would be in everyone's best interest if the Honshim tribe remained dead," he said with an evil stare. "Wait, don't I know you?" He finally recognized me, but I couldn't care at all. He just killed the last Shaman of the Honshim tribe, the one person who could give me all the answers I seek, and I wasn't going to let him get away with it.

I charged him, and wildly swung my axe. I eventually grazed his cheek, and he jumped back. "Oh, that's right, you're the strong one." He pulled out his Knight's Ark.

"O Dinivas, Deliver'r of Dark and Dread, Ruler of ancient shadows, Grant me your power... Verto!"

Dread was exactly what I felt when the Black Knight finally made its appearance, for without Leonard or Caesar, I stood little chance against an Incorruptus by myself. He slashed downward at me, and I barely blocked it with my axe. I held back his blade with all my might, but eventually, I was going to give out, so I pushed it to the side, leaving the Black Knight momentarily vulnerable, and I jumped and drove my axe into his belly with all my might. Unfortunately, the Black Knight seemed unphased by this, and he pelvic thrusted, throwing me backwards into the sand, and knocking the wind out of me.

The Black Knight then grabbed me, and stared deep into my eyes as he began to squeeze the life out of me. I could do nothing, not even breathe...
My vision... is getting blurry...

As I felt my life slipping away in the grip of the Black Knight, I suddenly felt a burst of energy in my brain. It was too much to contain, all I could do was release it. A beam of energy shot out through my eyes and hit the Black Knight in the face. He shouted out in pain, and dropped me. Then I heard the word "Verto!" from under the ground, and the Dragon Knight burst from the sand and tackled the Black Knight. I passed out shortly after.

I awoke at my parents' home in Albana, with Caesar and my mother waiting at my bedside. "Cor blimey, girl, you nea'ly ga'e me a 'eart attack, you did!" my mother exclaimed. Caesar told me that he was able to fend off the Black Knight, but he got away. Then he proceeded to drag me, unconsious, back to Albana to recover.

I asked Caesar if he saw where Shapur might be headed. Apparently, he went North-West. That's pretty vague, but it's all I've got to work with. Grazel knew enough about the Honshim tribe to fear them, maybe I can beat some answers out of him.

I'll have to play this one more subtly though, I can't risk another encounter with the Black Knight.

After an excruciatingly long trek, I arrived in Balandor, only to realize that a known war criminal probably wouldn't hang around in a big city like Balandor for long.

Or like, ever.

So, I departed from Balandor, and made my way through the Balastor plains towards Parma, since it was the only other settlement I knew about to the northwest. As I was walking, I noticed I had a shadow. I looked behind me, but whoever it was, they ducked out of sight pretty quickly. I picked up my pace to try to lose him. When I got to Parma, I went into the weapon smithy, and waited next to the door, making a "shh" gesture to the smith. The door creaked open just barely, and then I reached through and grabbed the guy opening it, and threw him to the ground. It was Kirvan, who pleaded for me to stop before I started laying a beatdown. I helped him get back up.

"Why are you following me?" I asked him. "I-I wanted to help you," he responded nervously.

"Why did you call me Siitah?" I continued to question. "Because the Shaman told me you were her," he responded a bit more confidently that time.

"Who is Siitah?" boy, I sure do come off as nosy here. "Siitah is the Goddess that lives in..."

"No," I interrupted, "Estelle already told me that story, and it's dumb. I want to know the real story," I said angrily.

"b-but that's all I know!" he said a bit frightened. I pulled him closer and looked into his eyes. They were nervous and scared, but not dishonest. I let out a sigh as I released him.

"Y-you seek the Black Knight, don't you?" he asked me. I looked back at him, intrigued that he knew that much. "Not exactly, but go on."

He walked me over to the pier and we rented a small sail-boat. After we set sail, Kirvan explained that he knew where the Magi's base was, and then he pulled 2 sets of Magi armor out of his travel pack.

Guess we're sneaking into the Magi's base then. Redhorne Isle, eh? Sounds fun.

Redhorne Isle is a very large isle, with a very large fortress protruding from it. I'm shocked and appalled that the Balandor government has failed to notice it. When I asked Kirvan how he knew about the island, he told me about how a few years back, the Magi were rounding up Honshim tribesmen, and torturing them for information. He apparently barely escaped with Loyem's help.

When I asked him where he got the armor, he told me he got them off some corpses he found while mining in the Bunker Lode. That explains the smell.

We finally arrived at Redhorne Isle, and mad our way through the fortress. We tried not to make eye contact with anybody as we went along our way. Eventually, we came to three realizations:

Realization #1
The Fortress on Redhorne Isle is huge.

Realization #2
The Fortress on Redhorne Isle is convoluted.

Realization #3
We are totally lost.

I started getting worried as we wandered through the endless corridors of the fortress, but eventually we ran across a familiar face. Grazel, the leader of the Magi, was just ahead of us. He turned to look in our direction, and then gestured for us to come over. Nervously, we obliged. "Are the two of you busy?" he asked us. We shook our heads. "Good. Shapur brought his cat into my office, and it made a mess again. I need you to clean it out while I'm gone," he ordered us. We nodded, and entered the room. "I'll be back by nightfall," he told us before finally departing.

Kirvan watched him to make sure he was gone, then he closed the door behind us. I took off my helmet and let out a sigh of relief. I took a look a look around the office. A coat rack was knocked over, and the curtains had been ripped up at the base. On Grazel's desk, I saw many books and notes from the Yshrenian Empire. One in particular caught my interest.

It was a small journal titled "Project Siitah" by a man named Ender Honshim. Inside were various scientific formulae, and doodles of Incorrupti. Eventually, I came to what appeared to be journal logs. These could be the answers I'm looking for!