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Roleplays and Adventures
Here are some of the writing pieces that I've done in the past and some continuing as we speak. Enjoy reading it, for these are important to my heart.
[TB] Chapter 1.31.1 - Final Day of Peace
Ven: *He knocked on the door, waiting for an answer.*

Link: *He was staring out the window in a daze. He became frightened of the sudden knock, turning to face the door as his eyes shook*

Ven: *He opened the door slowly, thinking he was asleep but decided to check up on him*

Link: *His eyes widened as he reached for his sword. The room was dark, no lights were on as the window peaked in a ray of light.*

Ven: *He stepped his boot in and his hand around the door, trying to peek in without adding much light.*

Link: *His eyes widened more as the figure resembled Dark Link in the dark, he raised the sword and slashed at him, screaming*

Ven: *He heard the sudden stab, quickly backflipping away.* WOAH! Link! *He yelled.*

Link: *He dropped his sword as he heard the voice, shaking. He stepped back, hitting against the wall as he slid down it to sit, pale as a ghost.*

Ven: *He went into his room, looking at him* What's wrong with you?

Link: Ven... *He looked down, ashamed. His eyes shook as they narrowed in fear*

Ven: *He sat down beside him.* Talk to me... You're usually the bravest of us all.

Link: *He looked up at him, slowly nodding* There's... another enemy I'm afraid of breaking free...

Ven: *He blinked.* An enemy...?

Link: A dark version... of me.... *He looked away*

Ven: *He stared at him, rubbing his head.* You've slain him before

Link: That isn't what I'm afraid of this time... *He closed his eyes, sighing* I don't want Melody to know... about him.

Ven: *He continued to look at him*... you're fearing her safety.. *He smiled faintly*

Link: ...If she sees a dark version of me... I don't know what will happen to her... She depends on me, if he were to come and frighten her... ruin my image towards everyone... Nobody would even know...

Ven: *He shook his head* She has a better heart than that Link... everyone does. We know you wouldn't do something stupid on purpose.

Link: It's already starting... *he put his hands to his head* I just tried to attack my friend...

Ven: *He patted his back* You were acting in defense. Relax.

Link: Don't tell her... I don't want her to be afraid of me and doubt who I am...He's manipulative... He could accomplish anything alone with her...

Ven: *He nodded.* You have my word... but... can I at least warn Ukitake? He can be on alert as well to protect her.

Link: *He slowly nodded, hiding his face in his arms* Please apologize to her for me... I didn't mean to raise my voice...

Ven: Why not tell her yourself? She isn't angry at you. Ukitke made her some soup.

Link: I suppose... *He stood up, hesitantly opening the lights. As he sighed and grabbed his sword from the floor, he turned to Ven* I'm sorry.

Ven: Don't worry about it Link. You may be silly sometimes, but you're still a friend. *He stood up*

Link: *He smiled faintly, putting his sword back in its sheathe* Thanks... That means a lot from you.

Ven: *He nodded to him, leaving his room with him.* Your girlfriend got sick.

Link: *He smiled, looking back at him* Well, I guess that's my fault. We got rid of Lechku, though, so it was worth the trouble.

Ven: *He walked with him.* Ukitake's taking care of her. I wouldn't worry too much.

Link: I find that ironic considering his health.

Ven: *He chuckled* He does it to me too. Though I do it to him. *He walked to Ukitake's room*


Melody: *She was leaning against the wall, asleep*

Link: *His ears lowered as he smiled, his fears not as bad when he stared at her.* She's so cute...

Ukitake: ...I was just telling her about when I was younger and she dozed off.

Ven: *He turned to Link* I think she'll be more comfortable in your room.

Link: Agreed... *He looked down, still afraid of something happening in his sleep*

Ven: *He put a hand on his shoulder for reinsurance*

Link: *He smiled, nodding as he went to pick her up. He noticed Ukitake pouting*

Ukitake: My hair is originally black, you know...

Link: *He chuckled*

Ven: *He sat down beside Ukitake.* I'll listen to you ramble.

Link: Thanks Ven. *He smiled as he left with her*

Ukitake: This illness turned my hair white.

Ven: *He waited for Link to leave fully. He threw a pillow at the door to close it*... we need to talk.

Ukitake: *His eyes widened as he stood there all confused, blinking at him* I was just talking... *He pouted again*

Ven: *He shook his head* No.. I mean... *He sighed* Link tried to attack me..

Ukitake: He did? *He lowered his tea, listening carefully*

Ven: *He nodded* Our bravest ally is in fear...

Ukitake: ...Of what exactly?

Ven: His dark self that he fought a long time ago.. he mentioned it before to me in the fall. It's himself, only made of pure evil that Ganondorf had created in hopes to kill him. He was sealed inside of a temple at the lake.

Ukitake: He has a dark self locked away in the lake? That's where she said they came from.

Ven: I think he got paranoid and wanted to leave. *He crossed his arms* He fears of him escaping.

Ukitake: If he looks like him, I could understand what his fears may be about.

Ven: He doesn't want Melody to know of him. He fears that his shadow will ruin his image.

Ukitake: Anyone could be afraid of such things. It's the same as if a version of yourself attacked me without suspecting a thing beforehand.

Ven: *He nodded.* Keep an eye out for the next while.. I don't like seeing him treating Melody like that.

Ukitake: If I was in Link's position, I'd want to get rid of the dark version before anything happened. *He narrowed his eyes* We need to be sure he doesn't do anything reckless.

Ven: *He nodded.* We need to keep him focused on Nightshade and Ghirahim.

Ukitake: Yes, that's what's more important. *His sipped his tea* I'll leave you to it and tell you if I sense anything.

Ven: *He nodded again.* Though.. I am wondering about Melody.

Ukitake: What for..?

Ven: *He looked up at the ceiling.* Everytime I see her near you, she looks at you like she wants to ask you something, but has no courage to.

Ukitake: ....? *He looked down at his tea, wondering about it* I'm sure if it's important she'll eventually come forward..

Ven: *He rubbed his head* I wouldn't say that... she's hid some stuff from us before.

Ukitake: *He narrowed his eyes, considering something in his thoughts* Let it be. It's not to concern yourself with.

Ven: I know... but still. *He looked to him*

Ukitake: *He closed his eyes, drinking the tea in silence*

Ven: *He looked down for a moment*... thanks for being a good friend.

Ukitake: *His eyes narrowed, putting the tea on the table. After a long pause he too stared down at his tea* ...I suppose you have an idea.

Ven: I don't.. I'm just thanking you. *He looked over* You've changed me.

Ukitake: *He smiled as he shook his head* I didn't do anything...

Ven: *He gave him a look.* Lecturing me and putting me into my senses isn't doing anything?

Ukitake: It's never easy to change oneself. When one does undergo changes for the better it's hard. They do things that make people around them also notice that change. You helped yourself by rebuilding your own image, I just realized your true self earlier than most.

Ven: *He threw a pillow at him, smirking.* Just take the credit I'm giving you.

Ukitake: *He smiled, chuckling* You did an honourable job, young knight.

Ven: *He smiled to him* Ukitake.. close your eyes.

Ukitake: Hm? *He closed them*

Ven: *He reached into his tunic and pulled out a necklace of a sword. He took it off and put it into his hands.* Keep it.

Ukitake: *He opened them, looking down at what was placed in his hands.* This is...

Ven: *He smiled, rubbing his head.*

Ukitake: Now Shunsui and I... both have necklaces from dear friends. *He was really happy as he put it around his neck, feeling special as he did. He smiled and giggled as he looked up at Ven* Am I wearing it correct?

Ven: *He nodded, looking at it.* It suits you.

Ukitake: Where did you get this from?

Ven: My... *He glanced away.* It's... no big deal. *He didn't want to say it was from his village.*

Ukitake: This means a lot to me regardless. *He stood up, giving him a hug* Thank you Ven...

Ven: *He smiled, giving him a tight hug back* You mean a lot to me okay?

Ukitake: As you do to me... I should thank you for always cheering me up. *He let go, smiling* Rise early tomorrow, our training then will be our last before we seek the Inner Power. Don't hold back.

Ven: *He nodded, looking at him.* Be ready for your a** to be kicked.

Ukitake: *He laughed* Just because you've been able to dodge my Sogyo No Kotowari now...

Ven: I can do more than that.

Ukitake: Then you'll just have to show me. *Suddenly, Shunsui got up from the floor at the far side of the room*

Shunsui: *Dragging himself out of the room* Can't a guy sleep without being in a room full of mushiness...

Ven: ..How long were you there for?

Shunsui: *He patted his head as he left, chuckling* I'd worry more about your fight tomorrow. I'll be helping Ukitake this time.

Ukitake: That sounds like a good final training session.

Ven: *He grinned.* I should get my special swords then. This is just a training sword.

Ukitake: *He smiled* I can't wait.

Ukitake: I should sleep and prepare for tomorrow. Alonsa has been outside the room waiting for you.

Alonsa: STUD!~ I baked a cake!

Ven: *He looked back.* Coming..*He smirked, getting up* I'll see you guys later.

Shunsui: Don't get too fat, now... Fighting a sweet tooth would be no fun. *He teased*
*Shunsui left for the throne room, walking to the window that showed snow falling over the courtyard.*

Shunsui: (Shunsui and Zelda (Piano) ) Nothin' blooming this time around... Looks lonely out there.

Zelda: *She was wandering the courtyard, looking up at the sky*

Shunsui: *He crossed his arms in his sleeves, spotting her outside* Looks like she's also lonely out there... Suppose I'll join her.

Zelda: *She held her own cloak close to her, staring at the clouds that were moving in*

Shunsui: *He walked along the path with no snow towards her, smiling under his hat* Is there room in there for one more?

Zelda: *She turned, smiling warmly* Shunsui.. You always make me smile. *She loosened her cloak, opening it for him.*

Shunsui: *He nuzzled in with her, having his hat shade their heads from the snow as he leaned it towards her* How do you find it? The courtyard with nothin' blooming.

Zelda: It's saddening to see it all like this, but I know spring will be beautiful... it all needs to rest. *She leaned her head on his shoulder, facing him slightly.*

Shunsui: The cycle of seasons... No matter what time of year it is, sake always tastes better in the middle of the day.

Zelda: *She moved a hand up, resting it on his cheek.* I need to go to the Sacred Realm tomorrow... I want you to come with me.

Shunsui: The Sacred Realm, now? Whatever for?

Zelda: *She looked to him.* I need to hide my necklace, remember?

Shunsui: So you’re hiding it there? That's a good place.

Zelda: *She nodded* Though I cannot leave it there... as safe as it may seem, Ganondorf's soul still rests there. I can't risk him coming back and finding it... he was the one who killed me, after all.

Shunsui: Ganondorf, eh? Sounds like a real pest. Killing off ladies like that, he's glad he hasn't met me yet.

Zelda: *She smiled warmly before hugging him.* Shunsui... I don't know what it is, but you just make me so happy.

Shunsui: Maybe it's my manly charm.

Zelda: *She looked at him funny.* I don't think that's what it is.

Shunsui: The point is, when you’re happy I'm happy.

Zelda: *She smiled, moving in and closing her eyes as she kissed him, holding it.*

Shunsui: *He held her face with his hand, his hat slightly tilting over them*


*Morning soon came over Hyrule. Shunsui, Ukitake and Ven all woke up early to do some training together.*

Shunsui: (Planet Hell - Nightwish ) *He smirked, tilting the hat over his eyes* He seems quite serious about this. I don't like fighting much, but I'd dishonor him if I held back.

Ukitake: *He pulled his sword out, flipping it in his hand for it to face Ven* All waves, rise now and become my shield! Thunder, strike down and become my Blade...

Shunsui: *He pulled his swords out, crossing them out in front of him as snowflakes fell over him, his swords shining* The flower wind rages and the flower god roars, The Heavenly wind rages and the Heavenly demon sneers...

Ven: *He stood there, watching the two. He reached back, gripping the hilts of his swords as he drew them. The sound of freshly sharpened swords echoed into the silent air. They glowed in his hands as the sun beamed down on him. He twirled them in his hands before getting into position.*

Ukitake & Shunsui: Sogyo No Kotowari! Katen Kyokutso!! *The two of them extend their arms apart, in perfect union. Their spiritual power blasted through the roofs as they combined energies, their swords shimmering. Ukitake's face was serious as Shunsui's was carefree, but both seemed to read each other’s minds clearly*

Ven: *He took a breath of air into him, closing his eyes as he stood there with his eyes closed.*

Shunsui: *Shunsui flashstepped out of Ven's sight*

Ven: *He kept his eyes closed, waiting for the right moment*

Shunsui: *He appeared behind him holding his hat with the free fingers of one of his hands, swinging his other with the sword at full speed*

Ven: *He quickly turned around in perfect timing, blocking his attack before twisting his blades and attempting to catch him off of his guard. He too moved at quick speed.*

Shunsui: *He smiled as he flashstepped, showing Ukitake now where he was*

Ukitake: *He swung both swords*

Ven: *He dodged out of the way, attempting to counter slash at Ukitake with one sword while he used the other in a blocking position against him.*

Ukitake: *He caught the sword he swung toward him with the red chain between his hilts, twisting it and locking the blade in place as he lowered it down*

Ven: *He spun his other sword in his hand, using its momentum to use extra force as he slashed at Ukitake. While doing so, he twisted the trapped blade in attempt to free it.*

Ukitake: *He took the hit, placing his foot on his chest to kick himself free.* ...Much better.

Shunsui: *Flashstepped and appeared between the two, with a palm towards Ven that glowed* All out, eh? Alrighty...

Ukitake: *His eyes widened as he flashstepped away*

Shunsui: Hado #58... *He took a stance*

Shunsui: Tenran... *He smiled as his palm blasted a massive widening tornado*

Ven: *He stabbed a sword into the ground, gripping it as he held onto it and knelt down. He gripped the other, stabbing it beside him before reaching into his boot and throwing a dagger towards Shunsui.*

Shunsui: Bushogoma! *He blasted even more wind, making the dagger fly off as the cyclone combined with the hado*

Ven: *He stood there, closing his eyes as he remained calm. He felt the wind surge around him, but he used this to his advantage. He stayed knelt down in defense mode.*

Ukitake: *Flashstepped behind Ven in the midst of the winds, stabbing the ground. The ground began to lit up a bright blue*

Shunsui: *He stopped the winds with his swords, flashstepping away*

Ven: *Sensing Ukitake behind him, he reacted, rolling away and going beside him. As he did, he brought the swords with him, gripping them tightly. His eyes opened, staring at him blankly.*

Ukitake: *Glared at him as well, pulling the swords out of the ground. Water droplets began to rise out of the ground, one of them between their glares. Ukitake smirked as he flashstepped a distance away, appearing with one sword in the air and the other towards the field of water, sending lightning out of his sword to create the attack Ven lost to before*

Ven: *He smirked softly to himself, standing there for a moment before he began to run. He knelt forward, feeling his speed increase like a sudden urge. He didn't seem worried this time*

*The lightning began to shoot out of a water droplet and into more, following him and trapping him in a maze of lightning as the ground began to get electrecuted*

Ven: *He flipped up, dodging the lightning in the air. He stood in a certain formation, stabbing a sword into the ground as he used it to keep him in the air and flipping off of it to get away and avoid the shock. He stood behind his attack, standing in defensive position*

Ukitake: *He laughed, happy about it*

Ven: *He turned, going back and grabbing his sword. He charged to Ukitake before slashing at him*

Ukitake: *He held his swords out, blocking his strike as they clashed to try to push each other off.*

Shunsui: *Flashstepped behind Ven, stabbing Ven's shadow* Sorry... *The hat tilted over his eyes as he smirked*

Shunsui: Kageoni. *As he reached his sword into the shadow, a black blade near Ven's leg stabbed out of the ground and slashed his leg*

Ven: *He yelled in pain, trying to keep his composure and withstanding the pain. He slashed back at Shunsui with one of his two swords, holding the pain back as much as he could.*

Shunsui: *He swung one sword at it, pushing it away as he swung his other towards his chest, slashing him across it*

Ven: *His armor sparked, somehow deflecting it against him. He used this to his advantage, jumping at him with an air strike.*

Shunsui: *He flashstepped above Ven* Takaoni... This move allows the user that's higher win. *He slashed at him from above, sending him crashing downward as his kimono flew off his back*

Ven: *He yelled in pain, slamming into the ground. His leg was now making this unbearable. He laid there.* Okay.. okay...

Shunsui: *He landed next to him, placing his zanpaktou back into their sheaths. He placed his hand on his hat, glaring down with a smile. His kimono in the distance, under the snow*

Ukitake: *Flashstepped to them, putting his back in his sheath. He rubbed his head, smiling*

Ven: *He looked down at the snow, seeing the red. He seemed upset.*

Ukitake: You've improved tremondously. You should be very proud of yourself.

Ven: *He rubbed his leg*... I'll need to be healed.

Shunsui: Raine should be on her way. You'll feel better in no time flat. *He chuckled, crossing his arms in his haori*

Zelda: *She threw a snowball at Shunsui, watching as it hit him.*

Shunsui: *Just stared at her, his eyes widened*

Zelda: *She smiled innocently at him* Good morning to you too.

Shunsui: Ah... Zelda, were you watching us just now?

Ukitake: *Knelt down beside Ven as he waved towards Raine to come help*

Raine: *She came and began to heal Ven with her staff* Right.

Zelda: *She walked over* I heard you all were training this morning. I wanted to tell you guys that there's a big breakfast waiting.

Ven: *He looked over at her.*

Raine: *She stood up, his wounds completely healed. She smiled at him* You should be fine now.

Ven: *He smiled, standing up* Thanks.

Ukitake: *His eyes widened, feeling something. He put his hand to his chest*

Shunsui: *Quickly turned to him, frowning*

Zelda: *She too looked over, worried that the effects were disappearing*

Ukitake: *He fell to his knees, coughing into his hand. Raine ran up to him*

Raine: Are you alright?!

Shunsui: Ukitake...

Zelda: *She looked to Shunsui, hoping he would understand what she wanted to do.*

Ven: *He walked over*... Let's get you some tea..

Ukitake: *He removed his hand, more blood than usual. His eyes shook as they narrowed, his body shaking.*

Raine: This illness...

Shunsui: *His eyes shook too, not seeing as much from him before*

Zelda: *She held Shunsui's hand, trying not to show her tears that wanted to come*

Raine: *She quickly pressed her hand onto his chest, her eyes narrowing in sadness* You’re breathing... and your heart... I-

Ukitake: No... I... I'm going to be alright. Shunsui... I'll be fine tomorrow, I'm going to help all of you...

Shunsui: *He knelt down to him* Ukitake... you mean a lot to me, ya know. It's not exactly music to the ears...

Ven: *He stared down at Ukitake, small tears falling down his cheeks* You can't... do this now...

Ukitake: *he flinched, feeling more pain. He fell on Raine, breathing heavily as she held him*

Shunsui: *His eyes shook, knowing it was too serious this time*

Raine: *She pressed the staff to his back, a warm white light engulfing them. Her eyes narrowed, closing them as she tried to heal him*

Zelda: *She turned to Shunsui*... We have to.... now... *She said quietly*

Shunsui: *He nodded in silence*

Zelda: *She looked sternly to Raine*... Give Ukitake to Shunsui... I am going to... do something. *She looked away*

Raine: Understood.

Zelda: *She looked to Shunsui* Take him to 'you know where'... I'll be there in one moment.. *She ran inside of the castle, looking for Link*

Ukitake: *Vision blury as Shunsui picked him up, he could hardly recognize Shunsui anymore* This... is nothing... Shunsui... you should know...

Shunsui: It's not nothing!

Ven: *He put his cloak on Ukitake* Zelda will help you. She isn't the keeper of wisdom for nothing.


Zelda: *She knocked on their room door* Link!

Link: *He opened* W-what's wrong?

Zelda: I need... the Ocarina of Time for a moment.. it's urgent..

Link: *He reached behind him and grabbed it, handing it over* Take care of it...

Zelda: *She looked to him* I didn't give it to you for nothing... thank you.. *She nodded, running out and as she turned the corner, she transformed into Sheik, running as fast as she could to meet Shunsui at the Temple of Time*

Shunsui: *Holding on to Ukitake, his haori stained with blood*

Sheik: ( Temple of Time (ZREO) ) *She looked over as she ran over to them*.. I'm sorry.. I tried as fast as I could... *She pulled her mask off and stepped into the temple with him*

Shunsui: You trying the Triforce thing...?

Sheik: *She held the ocarina in her hands, staring down at the stones sorrowfully*... I didn't use it fully last time... I was not using the royal family's treasure.. the Ocarina of Time.. *She began to play softly* (Song of Time (ZREO) )

Shunsui: *He waited*

Sheik: *The doors of time opened and they walked in. She stepped onto the pedestal and used her Triforce of Wisdom, sending them into the Sacred Realm after a warping sequence*

Shunsui: *He knelt on one knee, due to the pressure* ...Hang in there Ukitake.

Ukitake: ...

*The sages all looked over at Ukitake. She stared down at the ground seriously*

Saria: Princess... what's wrong...?

Sheik: ( Sheik's Theme ) *She closed her eyes, kneeling down beside Shunsui* The flow of time is always cruel... Its speed seems different for each person, but no one can change it... A thing that doesn't change with time is a memory of younger days... It is something that grows over time... a true friendship. A feeling in the heart that becomes even stronger over time... The passion of friendship will soon blossom into a righteous power and through it, you will know which way to go.. Time passes, people move... Like a river's flow, it never ends... A childish mind will turn to noble ambition... Young love will become deep affection... The clear water's surface reflects growth.. Past, present, future... True friendship is a ship with which you can sail upstream and downstream through time's river... Dear sages.... we must make the chosen heroes able to defeat the evil that has grown... without Ukitake, the world is doomed..

Shunsui: *His hat covered his face as he smiled, looking at Ukitake* Well said...

Sheik: *She stood up, holding the ocarina close to her.* I am going to seal a fairy to his soul until the evil has been defeated... *She looked at Ukitake and Shunsui*

Shunsui: A... fairy? *He looked up at her*

Sheik: A fairy soothes the soul in Hyrule... it's magic replenishes any wound occurring... it is not permanent, but if I seal it, it will last longer... I am sealing it by slowing down the time inside of his body... It will make his condition less...

Ukitake: ... Time... it's all I need for tomorrow...

Sheik: *She showed him the ocarina*... this allows me to control the time... I only use it when it is needed.

Shunsui: Alright, do it. We're ready..

Sheik: ( Song of Healing ) *She closed her eyes, beginning to play the song of healing first. The sages all closed their eyes, turning into spirits as they entered Ukitake. She played the whole song, stopping and turning to him. She knelt down to him, staring sorrowfully. She reached over and pulled out a bottle, a pink fairy flying around inside of it.*

Shunsui: *He held him tight, preparing him for the fairy* Ukitake...it's coming now.

Ukitake: *He smiled faintly, nodding*

Sheik: *She looked down.* It won't... hurt him.. it will sooth him... *She said, taking the lid off and releasing it, watching as it flew to Ukitake. It flew around him, spinning around him a few times before disappearing inside of him.*

Ukitake: *He felt a soothing in his chest where the center of his pain was, opening his eyes wider as his breathing turned to normal*

Sheik: *She closed her eyes, putting the ocarina to her mouth. she began to play softly* (Inverted Song of Time )

Ukitake: *He began to sit up, feeling the spiritual pressure of the Sacred Realm. He rubbed his head* Is there still something wrong...?

Shunsui: *He chuckled* Just spiritual pressure.

Sheik: *She nodded to him* You are in the Sacred Realm... This is where evil is trapped in Hyrule.. *She looked to Shunsui*... my necklace... will be staying here while I go with you..

Shunsui: *He nodded, reaching for it. He handed it over to her*

Sheik: *She took it, looking down at it painfully. Closing her eyes, she stood up and stood in the middle of the triforce. She rose her hands up, allowing it to float in the air with her magic*

Ukitake: *His eyes shook, stunned. He slowly reached to his back, smiling faintly, closing his eyes*

Sheik: *She stopped, letting her necklace stay in the air. She walked over to them and sat beside them, leaning on Ukitake as she too joined their hug. She began to think of how she'll feel when she lives past them. *

Ukitake: Let's go... The others are worried for me.

Shunsui: *He chuckled as he wiped his eyes* Still thinking of others before yourself I see.

Sheik: *She opened her eyes slightly. She looked emotionally in pain. She stood up, looking away from them as she began to put her mask back on*

Shunsui: *He stood up with Ukitake, helping each other to stand*

Sheik: *She held her Triforce hand up as it began to glow. She sent them back to the temple of time*

Shunsui: *He placed a hand on his hat* Zelda, I can't express it in words... you know that, right?

Sheik: *She stared at the ground, slowly walking ahead of them. She didn't say a word*

Shunsui: *He followed behind her* ...You alright?

Ukitake: *He too wondered, following them*

Sheik: *She looked back at him, her eyes full of her own sorrow*... I'm fine...

Ukitake: I'm sorry... to scare you.

Sheik: *She looked ahead, walking still.* It has nothing to do with you... I'm glad you're okay for now... *She held the ocarina close to her, closing her eyes as a small tear streamed down her cheek. She tried to hide it from them.*

Shunsui: ...*He stayed in silence, crossing his arms in his haori. Ukitake looked at the blood on it and rubbed his head, apologizing to him.* This? It's just a haori.

Ukitake: *He sweatdropped, looking down*

Sheik: *She began to run ahead, wanting to be alone for a little. She jumped onto roof tops, running across them as she ran fast.*

Shunsui: *Looked at the direction she ran, about to flashstep*

Ukitake: *Grabbed his arm and shook his head*

Shunsui: ...*He looked at him, still confused. It pained him to let her go off like that*

Sheik: *On her way there, she had dropped the ocarina. it laid at the bottom of the stairs at the temple*

Shunsui: ...*He watched as Ukitake walked ahead, looking to where she left but following him, trying to ignore it*

Ukitake: *He bent down, picking up the Ocarina. His eyes narrowed as he showed it to Shunsui* This is Link's.

Shunsui: We should bring that back to the kid.

Ukitake: *He flashstepped, leaving towards the castle*

Shunsui: *Followed him*


Melody: *She was sitting on the windowsill, staring at the snow as the sun made it glitter. She felt nervous.*

Link: Wonder if Ukitake is going to be okay... *They had heard from Ven* Ven looked like he was about to cry.

Melody: *She stared at her reflection in the window, giving him silence as a response. She looked down, closing her eyes*

Link: So...tomorrow's... the big day. *Fi came out after hearing this, nodding to them*

Melody: *She rested a hand against the cold glass, fearing the worst for tomorrow. She wasn't emotionally ready to handle seeing her home destroyed. She didn't think she ever would be*

Link: *He looked down with narrowed eyes, the window reflecting his face as the snow fell outside. Fi spun around them, his ears lowered* It's also... the day to try and get your smile back. I've been afraid... ever since I laid eyes on Nightshade and known what he had done to Korillia. It's... sad... but as sad as the past is, I don't want a future that's sadder.

Fi: ...

Melody: *She looked back at him slightly.*... I haven't seen it... in over a hundred years Link... *she said quietly*

Link: It's the first time... for me too. All I've been able to see was Nightshade's twisted versions of it. Dreams and visions that are horrible. But a place remains a place no matter what, and it's up to people to figure out what they want to do with it.

Melody: *She felt small tears form in her eyes. She looked away from him, trying to hide them from him as she stared at the window, faintly seeing her reflection*

Link: Even if destroyed a place holds the same memories. It may be terrible to look at physically, but it's always what was on the inside that ever counted. *He moved his hand to where his heart was* And it's up to people to believe in that.

Melody: *She stared at herself as she saw the tears trail down her cheeks*... That's what I'm afraid of... the memories are what are going to kill me...

Link: Those memories make you who you are today. Without them we would have never met. Without them you wouldn't have met Shunsui, or Ukitake. Ven, or Alonsa. Harrier and Tiercel... everyone. And we're all going to make a place for all of us in our futures, a place that doesn't need to think back on how horrible things are and look at the future we want instead.

Melody: *She looked back at him, not knowing what else to say. Fear, pain and tears were amongst her eyes.*

Fi: Memories are what humans based themselves with. It is a part of the human's life in which they keep a database of all records recorded throughout history. It is also a part of the world's history, and what makes the world unique and so large. It is why a few are selected by the heavens to protect them so new ones can be created every day.

Link: And you've already started creating new memories. The midsummer night is still in my heart.

Melody: *She looked away for a moment* It's.. in mine as well. *She said quietly.*

Link: *He smiled, hearing a knock at the door. He opened it to Ukitake, who was holding out the ocarina* You’re... you’re okay!

Ukitake: *He smiled, putting it in his hands* I'll be just fine... I'm sorry I worried you both.

Melody: *She stared out of the window, feeling uneasy, though she was relieved to hear he was okay. Her butterfly flew over to him to greet him.*

Ukitake: *He smiled at them* Were the two of you worried as well? I'm glad I have even Melody's parents to comfort me. We're going to do the best we can tomorrow for your family.

Melody: *Hearing this, it hit her harder. She lowered her head, hugging her knees close to her as she faced the window, giving no eye contact to either of them.*

Link: *He looked to her, his ears lowering. He walked up to her and rubbed her back* It’s going to be okay...

Melody: *Her butterfly perched itself onto Ukitake's shoulder, watching the two. She felt tears falling down her cheeks as her hair fell with it, hiding them.*

Ukitake: It is not for you to bare alone. There is always hope when we choose the right path to find it.

Link: Please...cheer up. We can't go crying tomorrow. We go strong and determined. For the future we'll envision.

Shunsui: *Came with the others, watching her.*

Melody: *She didn't bother to face them*... what you're telling me is impossible to do Link... *She sobbed faintly as she said this.*

Link: Why? Because you can't smile? Didn't I say that it didn't matter? That as long as you feel it, you’re still considered happy? The times you were with me up until now, when we played in the snow. You were happy. It's not impossible! Nothing is, because I'm going to set things straight!

Shunsui: We're going to fight for you if you think you can't do it. We've already prepared all fall. I'm not going to walk away now.

Melody: *Her butterfly flew into the air, looking to Fi*

Fi: *Nodded in acknowledgement towards it, waiting for it to say something*

Melody: *It looked to the others* "I believe you're misunderstanding what she's upset over. She doesn’t doubt you or the possibilities of succeeding. She fears what she is going to see. The day that Nightshade attacked, she was only fourteen years old. Such a day would have traumatized a child. She hasn't visited Korillia ever since, out of fear of what has become of it. You also need to remember she had sensed it changing back in fall, meaning Nightshade could have done even more damage."

Alonsa: *She looked at her, pitying her* So he's turned it to his personal playground. It doesn't mean we're going to let him play in it all he wants. We'll take back that area, and finish the guy off. It's as simple as that, right? I won't run...

Ukitake: Painful memories will always flood back in at the scene of the incident. It's how we cope with it together will we know how to proceed feeling that way.

Ven: *He nodded, agreeing with everyone.* We all vowed to do this.

Tiercel: *He rubbed his head, seeing that Melody wasn't feeling any better to this.* Perhaps we should let her calm down before this continues..

Link: Yeah... Perhaps you’re right.

Alonsa: Melody, you just leave things to your big sister Alonsa. I'll take care of everything! *She walked over to her, petting her head*

Ven: *He facepalmed, reaching over and grabbing her wrist* Tiercel meant to leave her alone.. not mess up her hair.. Come on. *he smirked lightly*

Alonsa: Heehee~ Rest up, lil' sis! *She left with him*

Shunsui: *He chuckled, placing a hand on his hat* Don't worry. You have good friends with you. *He followed them out*

Ukitake: That's right.

Melody: *She grabbed Link's hand before he left with them. She was looking up at him*

Link: *Looked back at her, faintly smiling*

Melody: *She stared up at him.* ..don't leave.. *she said quietly*

Link: *He stayed with her as the others left* ...Yeah. I'll be right here.

Melody: *She shyly pulled him over to her, hugging him as soon as she was able to reach him.*

Link: *He blushed, looking down at her. He smiled, hugging her back*

Melody: *She rested her head against his chest, staring away as she released her last few lingering tears.*

Link: Look at everyone... so determined to stay with you until the end. You’re lucky, you know that? And so am I... to have you.

Melody: *She looked up at him, blushing faintly.* Link...

Link: You may think you burden people because your destiny weighs down on you, but mine does it to me too. Yet I still have friends that help me even though I feel like I can't do it sometimes.

Melody: *She stared up at him, not knowing what to say. She reached up, resting a hand on his cheek. Her tears seemed to have stopped.*

Link: *He smiled down at her, his ears perking up as he giggled* Don't forget I'll smile for the two of us. So I won't bother looking at the things we can't do. If we can't, I'll make my own way of doing it.

Melody: *She leaned up, closing her eyes as she shyly kissed him.*

Link: *He closed his eyes as he kissed back, his ears twitching as he blushed*

Continued: 1.31.2

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