The ceremony was held on white sandy shores of a tropical beach. It was elegant and graceful with every detail in place. Sunflowers could be seen everywhere, around the chairs and the alter. Though there was a bit of a cool breeze, it helped cool down the hot summer day. Family and friends sat side by side, and both families seem to mix rather well and it didn't matter in the end who sat were, they where one big family any way with the two people intertwining there lives together in a couple of moments.

The bridesmaids stood beautiful in their light blue cocktail dresses and yellow flowers in their hair. As the Grooms men stood in their tuxes with matching blue ties right by the Grooms side. Though Miranda was nervous as she stood in in the back with her dad, She had the jitters and was sure she would run. but her dad helped call her down and took her in for a big hug and rubber her back insuring her that if he thought that this man wouldn't make her happy he wouldn't let her go throw with it.

Miranda looked up at her dad and tighten her grip on the bouquet of Yellow roses and sunflowers. Her dad then took her arm and and wrapped it around his as he lead her out and to the aisle. Her heart was racing and she was almost to scared to walk but with her father by her side to keep her steady and from fainting she stiffened her bottom lip and headed on. Once she was at the beginning of the aisle she let out a small sigh as she saw him at the end of the aisle, the man she loved and was willing to spend every waking moment with.

When her and her father began to walk, everyone arose to take in the sight of the bride. She was in a long white gown, that was elegant and light, it seem to flow in the wind and had small touches of lace on it. She also wore a necklace of small blue sapphires that was once her mothers. Her walnut colored hair neatly tucked up in a bun which was held in place by small white flowers. Her dark green eyes seem to glow as she continued to look at her husband to be.