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CYS part 28
The next day, the band packed their things up, and prepared to go to the airport and travel to New York, the airplane has arrived and they took their seats. Yashiro rubbed his hands in excitement, and said in a low voice.
Yashiro: New York City, here we come!
Shermie: I wonder if there will be something I would like to buy.
Chris: Or maybe-...I don't really know what.
Shermie: Hmm, no wonder what are we gonna do next. You thinking what I'm thinking?
Chris: Ohh, that. Now I know!
Shermie: Yashiro?
Yashiro: Correct, or maybe I'll plan about it later.
Hours later, they arrived to New York, and rented a room in a luxurious hotel. Shermie looked around and liked the place, then they putted their bags inside the closet and took a rest from travelling. Chris dropped himself on the bed and questioned.
Chris: What are we gonna do next?
Yashiro: Like the usual.
Chris: Play in a club daily? This is getting boring to me.
Yashiro: Then what to do? We might get invited to a concert that way...Okay! I'm coming, Coming!
The hotel's worker knocked the door impatiently. When Yashiro opened the door, the worker posed in a weird way, and asked "Want some fan service?" Everyone turned and looked at him, their looks changed, wondered why a worker would offer some kind of strange service, then Yashiro thought of an idea, to let the worker go away.
Yashiro: Get out and NEVER come back with that question again!!
Worker: O-okay! S-sorry!
The worker slowly walked away from the door, and left the hallway. Yashiro calmed down and closed the door.
Yashiro: Who the hell would ask a stupid question like that inside a hotel as a worker?
Chris: I agree with you. It's like saying that you came here to do whatever you want...kinda.
Shermie looked out at the window and was amazed how the streets are crowded even at night with bright colorful lights, but too exhausted to go out, then prepared herself and lied on the bed, and fluctuated on the bed.
Shermie: Mm~! The bed is so comfy! I always wonder why beds in master size are always to most comfortable ones.
Yashiro: They're always like that...Shermie?
Yashiro looked at Shermie and found her asleep, then he chuckled and saw the proof about master size beds.
Chris: I guess we're going to sleep now. Good night!
Yashiro: Good night...
In the midnight, everything went blurry to Yashiro, and saw Freeman attacking him continuously and he couldn't move, then he shook himself and opened his eyes, he only knew it was only a nightmare, and promised to himself secretly that it won't happen, went back to sleep.
In the afternoon, they looked around the city, looking for a club, and talked to the manager.
Manager: There's only one more block you have to get rid of.
Yashiro: What are you talking about?
Manger: That..kid over there.
The club manager pointed slowly at Chris, the band were surprised at that.
Yashiro: But we can't leave him or replace him!
Manager: Then there's only one challenge to approve that he's capable off playing the drums very well.
Chris raised his head and looked at the manager, then walked closer to the manager putted his hand on the table, and smiled.
Chris: Challenge accepted!

To be continued

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