My favorite guild here on gaia has mostly migrated to Facebook. The guild has been my primary reason for staying on gaia so I'm not sure why I'm still here. Anyway last night an argument arose between two members of the group resulting in one member messaging me to delete all the comments on the post.

Deleting posts is uncommon for us. We seldom do it. I went ahead and deleted them. I view it as censorship so I pointed out that I was suppressing 1st amendment rights by request. Kind of a sarcastic way of pointing out that for a bunch of people who want their Constitutional rights they're allowing for it's suppression to fit their needs. Another admin made a post telling everyone not to request post deletion because the group is a free speech area.

Afterwards he leave a comment saying don't comment this post. When another friend and I started commenting (because ******** you we do what we want) he started deleting our comments.

So let's recap it's a free speech zone, but you can't comment here. Don't ask for comments to be deleted, but delete them if they're on a post you don't want commented.