Hi peoples~!

Hime sama here, if you don't know what it means, then it means Princess in Japanese ~duh~ Anyway, I am not new to gaia.. my last two accounts got hacked ~I really need to change my password every now and then~ I had over 1000k worth of items and just under 500k in gold and now its all gone. crying I just hurts... it took me five years to get all that.. so if you could.. please donate to this poor unforgotten soul. I would really appreciate it ^w^

I am also looking for anyone to draw my some Avi art for free, If you won't do it for free then I can give a small fee of 5-10k. that much I can do. O.O

Hum wut else...

Oh yesh, If you wanna know anything about me just look on my other entries. Not seeing what you looking for? then ask me anything. I will answer almost anything. 3nodding So buh bai for now