Is that what I am? Stop being so melodramatic. You're still alive, aren't you? Just about.

I don't wish to stay in this house a moment longer, but I'm stuck here.

And I can't give up on my dreams. One will soon come true. It paves the way for the rest. Do not give up.

Why does he have to be so damned difficult and cruel? It isn't fair.

I wish she were here. I miss her. I've never been sure if she's ever missed me. She's always had so many more friends than I have, one wonders if she has the time to miss someone like me. She does. She's human, too. But a strong one. Too strong for me. Too young and independent for someone so weak. I miss her. Afraid to talk to her. I feel I don't have the right. And like everyone else, she takes it the wrong way. She takes it to mean I don't care. Darling, if I didn't care, I wouldn't think about you every single day.

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