hay all it is sooo cold out we had a snow storm tusday the roads where bad slik and wet it was cloudy my nef justin helped shouval snow threw out the day ower crazy nebgher lady was snowblowing the ally last year tord the cars in the apartment drive way/parking lot you know the apartment we own on ower corner and 2 weeks ago i was walking hm from babysitting the twins and i pass my grama debbies house alex was shoulving at gramas debs and i stoped 2 say hi well goldy is gramas golden retrever and loves me goldy was in the house and heard me talking and she was going nuts says grama then grama opend the frount door and said that "did u think i could say hi 2 him but not this one "she was refuring 2 the dog then goldy ran out on the frount yard she was so happy 2 see me every time im over thair goldy thinks i thair 4 her and 2 take her 4 a walk we have been super bizzy friday mom found a white male cat in ower yard he is a sweetheart he is not fixed i want 2 keep him but i cant do a nother pet i have 2 lil dogs 1 dig dog and 2 female cats this morning mom had me and my bro rob go down 2 the bar 2 help her get 1 of the rooms cleared out and painted so when tyler gets back in town he has a room 2 sleep in she also wants us 2 move all his crap in the room after it is painted it is a bad idia 4 him 2 b thair at the ap at the bar but no one in my fam wont lissen 2 me as always i did let out duwalla out sunday cuz my cuz asked me 2 he gave me $ 10 it was more then i expected but im not commplaing this morning rob made donuts that whernt bad but now i feel fat cuz i ate a few