GAAAH! It's been three (3) effin' long years since I last updated my blog -- my account, perhaps!!!! I can't even remember my mule accounts! WTF! Well, anyway, I'm thinking of updating this journal every now and then just so I could have a 'public journal' and I find the other blogs to be, erm, too mainstream. *SORRY*

Please bear with me as I have messed up and random things to blurt out and my typing skills and powers could not handle the fast pacing throws of my very out-of-this-world mind. Well, not really. LOL dramallama . And I'm just using my pad to type this non-sense post. *I'm quite productive typing on a tangible keyboard, thank you*

To start off, I'm in a big mess right now, methinks. This explains why I'm quite gloomy the past few days. Many of you might think that this is not so because of the happy mood of this post. It's not, trust me. I'll be pointing out some of the minor stressors I am encountering right now just so you can have an idea why you won't see me smile in the hallway.

wahmbulance I failed to pass my final requirement in my Multim subject. Yeap, thanks to my dead External Hard Drive and to my trusty 7 year old laptop. They did their best, mind you, but their best wasn't enough. *so cliché* I can't blame them. All I can do is sigh

wahmbulance I'm irritated with the way I typed before. I'm like "GAAAAH! Did I really post this! Man, I'm really that naive before!" But I can't do anything anymore but to correct it this time. All I can do is change and be better in the present and in the future. *so cliché to the second power*

wahmbulance My phone's really annoying! Grr! It doesn't give the correct time, when I accidentally close it I need to find a power supply to charge it first so that it would boot up correctly, it has resistive touchscreen! Gaaah! I can't complain too much as it was a gift from my dad crying . But I can't bear it anymore. On the bright side, it has a 8mp camera and that's it. Sigh. I might canvas for a better phone if they won't provide another one *insert we've got a badass over here meme* LOL.

Well, that's it for the mean time. I hope I could keep up with this journal.