As the title of this entry says!
So far I haven't gotten done what I want to get done. I'm hoping if I keep track of it somwhere what I need to do and have a checklist, hopefully I'll get it done sooner. Yeah, I could simply use a pen and paper for such a thing, or even just the Memo app on my phone. More private and stuff. But supposedly if you keep your goals private, the more likely you won't reach them. Though I doubt any people really read my journals so.....well, better than nothing. More people I have to not disappoint, the better to motivate me. Even if I have no idea who those people are or even if there are any people caring to read this and perhaps comment~ lol I'm not depressed; though I may sound it. xd

Well, enough babble, time to work. I will put up a checklist once in the morning of the things I need to do throughout the day. I may edit the entry as the day goes on if something comes up that I need to get done that day also. Then, end of day, I repost the checklist with everything crossed out that I got done! The goal is to have it all crossed out!

Current To do List:
>Put up clothes
>Re-organize room
>Wash bed sheets

Yeah, not much. I don't have a very exciting life. Feel free to criticize me for procrastinating if I don't even get these done by today or tomorrow xd