After many long months, I spoke to Sarah. I hadn't expected a conversation with her to happen so soon, but her meebo sprang up, and I decided to give it a shot. It was awkward, and filled with tension at a certain part. Just like old times. That probably won't be my last conversation with her, for I do plan to go with her on Skype at least once, but I'm bringing several friends with me. I've already enlisted the help of Kammy and Miranda, so things shouldn't get too awkward. Or maybe it'd be best to go alone, say a few things, and get out fast. Guess it all depends on how I feel about going about it. Though talking to Sarah did confirm something, she hardly changed since we last talked, which is quite a shame, though I did spot some difference, which was nice, but not enough to make me eagerly anticipated our next chat. I don't expect our conversations to go smoothly for awhile, for I must warm up to her again. I had spent the better part of the past few months hating her, regretting ever meeting her, and wishing I could forget her. I had only recently come to terms with it all, and chosen to speak to her again, so while the love is old, dead and buried, the hate is still there, lying in its open coffin, taunting me with an eternal grin. Again, I must thank my friends on Skype, for they had given me the strength to give Sarah another chance.
Well, that's all I've got to say on this topic. Thanks for reading, peace.