Please be semi-lit, as in using full sentences. So that means no -action- or *action* or crap like that. Please be able to write at least a paragraph.

Really interested in doing a Doctor Who themed or one taking place in the RWBY Universe.

My F-list

New ideas

New: Joker in your head: Everything was going fine. You lived your normal life, in your normal way, and thats the way its always been. Until one day, you start seeing something out the corner of your eye. You passed it off as your own mind playing tricks on you, but the creeping feeling that something was wrong continued to get stronger and stronger. That was when He appeared. The man in a jester out fit, a man only you could see. Will you fight off the madness, or will the Jester consume your insanity.
(This is a dark, mind play, kinda RP)

NewThe man who can end the world: The owner of a large company is in need of a new assistant, being selected out of many others, she learns that his man holds a darker secret behind the company, and an even darker artefacts in his possession. When the time comes, he will become the harbinger of the end of the world.
(This one is a modern boss/secretary Rp with a bit of a supernatural flair to it)

Demon in the mountain: A thousand years ago, a the great demon lord, ruler of hell and king of all sins was stripped of his powers by creating lesser demons to contain the sins of man, and then sealed those lesser demons away so the demon lord could never regain his powers. Now powerless, the demon lord was sealed away inside of a mountain, never to be released upon the world again.

But as time passed, the seals and charms locking the lesser demons away began to fade, one my one, the demons were released from their prisons and created their own armies and began to wage war against each other, the whole world became a battlefield for the armies of sin to fight.

To save a village from one of the armies that was marching towards them, they had no choice but to offer a sacrifice to the demon lord that was sealed inside the mountain, to release him from his prison in the hopes that he might save them. A human sacrifice was chosen, and lead into the cavern that led to the heart of the mountain.
(This is a fantasy, dark, master/slave Rp with a detailed story line)

*NEW*Assassin's creed: In the age of feudal Japan, a small fishing family on the coast gets a sudden guest when a man washes up on their shores. He wore strange white hood and had odd symbols on his clothes. Taking him in though he didn't know their language, fed him and healed his wounds. But one day, some Samurai showed up to harass the local town for heavy taxes, the stranger managed to beat the them back, and found a dark secret that his enemy was being controlled by his ancient enemy.
(This is a master/apprentice idea based in the Assassin's creed games.)

Story based

*Craving*My kingdom for a Knight: The realm is plagued by ancient, twisted horrors of humanity, fusing themselves with machines to make themselves perfect, go on crusades to try and purge the world, there are very few who could stand against their advances, a long princess, fearing for her land, leaves her home to search for a legendary warrior from the neighbouring Empire to try to get his help to save her kingdom by any means necessary.

Fantasy 2. A northern armies are marching further and further south, burning and killing everything in their path. And in order to save his kingdom, a king gives his daughter away to the northern king as a bride to leave his kingdom in peace.

Fantasy 3. In a world where monsters and magic run wild, the king of the empire formed a new order. The Crusaders. Warriors and magi team up for form single units, using magic and steel, they cut through the evils of the world. Which school will you take your talents from, the strength of the Warrior, or the knowledge of a mage.

Modern 1. After a strange meator shower, people started to show powers called talent. Being able to do amazing things, a pocket of them began to rise up, thinking them a superior race of humans and began to kill anyone who wasn't talented. The only reason it failed, was because a pocket of talented people opposed them and took them by surprised. Now 7 years later, Talented people are still a problem, and the Talented Task Force was made to help law enforcement deal with Talented situations. It can either be a Partner, Master/apperentce, or talented/un-talnetned.

Modern 2. In a world where its so normal, the only world you've only known, is not what you think. Demons walk in human skin, hunting, feasting on humans. Few humans know who these demons are, these humans have silver eyes that are capable of seeing though the tricks of demons. It is the duty of the silver eyed humans to hunt down these demons for the sake of the world.

Really want to do this one. Modern 3. In an normal world, with everything happening like everyday before, and will happen like everyday after. You come across a strange book, it feels warm to the touch and the ink on the pages shift and strange words and pictures. When these words become spoken, a man comes from a portal of fire and tells you that you are now part of a war, that unless they win, will consume the entire world.

Sci-fi 2. With galactic civil war waging on, the human race was divided into two factions. The Sol Federation who were the first to colonize the galaxy, and the Sectors Colonial Coalition who took the hard way to become independent. Waging terrorist attacks against the Federation, the war waged for 20 years and the SCC was pushing the Federation back sector by sector. With the help of new tech, the Federation took in gamers when they turned of age and had them pilot the MASS units, or Mechanized Armoured Suit System. The federation found that gamers have the talent to master something with only a little experience. Now a new type of war has been birthed into the history of mankind.

Zombie 1: Weeks after the initial outbreak, the human race is held together by strings. A lone wanderer is looking for a new home in hopes starting humanity over again.

Zombie 2: Almost a year after the Plague day, a settlement based on the side of a major city has become known as the City Settlement. With government and emergency forces, established, the leaders of the City Settlement needed a new branch to help with police with zombie emergencies. Z.E.R.O. was created for this exact reason. The Zombie Emergency Response Operations are the top elite zombie hunters in the settlement. They routinely travel with scavengers or first contact with another settlement, all respect the ZEROs for without them, the settlement would fall into ruins.

Smut based

Sci-fi 1. Woman gets abducted by aliens and is sold on a galactic slave market.

Master/slave. This can be carried over to suit any type of setting, fantasy, modern, sci-fi and the such. A list of limits and kinks would be nice with this. Roles could also be reversed, really interested in looking for a sci-fi type Master(Mistress)/Slave
I have a starter for a brothel setting and an idea for fantasy and sci-fi setting.

Other stuff

I'm also open to regular pairing if none of them peak your interest.

Video Games themes: Mass Effect, Assassins Creed, Gears of War, Borderlands, much more to think of, just ask.

I'm always looking for someone who can play a Mistress or more dominate role, if you're interested, let me know.

Or, if anyone is willing to play something thats not exactly human, I'd really like that also. (IE: Alien, elf, ETC)