Eiza Primakov was born in Russia, at the time of Autumn in 1313. Her father was a Russian demon while her mother was a Galacian Sphinx. The Sphinx, or Phix, is a female monster with the body of a lion, the breast and head of a woman, eagles wings, and according to some; a serpent-headed tail. She was sent by the gods to plague the town of Thebes as punishment for some ancient crime. Although, the Sphinx was misplaced somehow, and another was created to take her place. As the years passed, the Sphinx began to spread, plaguing more than just the town of Thebes, though, they began to breed with other God-like creatures, and even demons. Many lured their prey with empty promises, while others looked to change the history of the Sphinx. They had begun to travel the world, but it was still rare to find one. As the Sphinx bred, their appearance either changed or remained the same, depending on what they bred with. Some humans believed the Sphinx to be evil, and wished to rid of them with any possible way.

Eiza's mother, Nyura, was a creation of the sun god Ra, and Hamakhis; the Lord of the Two Horizons. She was left as a child in the Kingdom of Galacia, which is now known as the Ukraine. Nyura was indeed sent to plague the town of Thebes, which was located in Egypt, but was raised in the Kingdom of Galacia. She was found by a demon woman who was traveling from Russia, and because the child was alone, she took her home and raised her, naming her as if she was her own child. The demon woman raised Nyura well, but hadn't a clue what Nyura was. She casted spells on the child in an attempt to rid of the lion features, as well as her wings and tail. The only success she had was changing the bottom half into human-like features. Nyura now appeared as an angel with a strange lion tail, though it was easier for her to blend in with her mother. As the child grew into a young adult, her mother was murdered by crazed humans. Nyura fled the Kingdom of Galacia and found Vladimir, whom she fell in love with and soon married.

Eiza's father,Vladimir, was of pure demon blood, a powerful man. He had made his way to join the military, fighting for the republic of Novgorod. The man was brute and powerful; he had no mercy for his enemies. He was a mage of sorts, and fought mainly with his magic.. with the exception of an enchanted Arming Sword. Vladimir was a rather handsome man, with dark skin, strong horns, as well as a tail. His eyes were strange for a demon, but breathtaking; the same sapphire eyes as his child. He bore a single scar along the left side of his face, beginning at his brow, trailing along his eye, then down his cheek to his jaw bone.

The magic of the two parents mixed, thus making Eiza appear human, despite her wings, horns and tail. She took the characteristics from her parents that stood out. They were a beautiful family, but the parents disappeared after the girl's second decade. She doesn't remember much of them, though the bit she does she tries to keep fresh. As a child, Eiza avoided most, she was the quiet type, speaking more with actions than words. She has few scars throughout her body, as well as small third degree burns on her right hand. The scar beneath her bangs, near her hairline were created when her mother became ill. She had fallen down stairs trying to keep her mother from doing so. The second scar, which begins somewhere near under her chin, trails along the bottom of the left side of her jaw, to her neck, was created in the state of Kievan Rus.

At the time, the state was sprawling, aggressive, and divided. As Eiza remembers, she had been traveling from the Kingdom of Galacia to Russia, a few humans believed that she was there to kill them, because she was not human, or at least didn't appear one hundred percent human. They had attacked her, leaving her with this nasty scar. She doesn't remember who saved her. Eiza does not remember where she had gotten the scars on her hands from, nor the third degree burns on her right hand. What she does remember, is that they were not pleasant in receiving. When her parents disappeared, Eiza felt abandoned and alone. They were the only people she had grown up with and trusted. She had an urge to leave Russia, feeling as though she had no more purpose there. She wanted to explore and see what the world was like; she hadn't a clue that there was an ocean, nor land at the other side.

Eiza left Russia and traveled to northern Europe.