Chapter 5: The Voice

I heard something as I walked down the streets to my Uncle's home. I ignored it as merely a cat rustling in the bushes. I continued walking but I heard it again. Someone was following me. This is not good. What if they know about me? I will have to kill them if they do. I would hate to do that, but I will if I have to. I just will not make it look too gruesome. I stopped walking and turned around. No one was there. "That is weird" I muttered. I turned around once more to walk back to my Uncle's home. I heard it again and the same thing happened. No one was around. I must be going insane. All this stress must be getting to me.

"Yes that is right Ashley think that. But in time you will learn your true purpose in this is to help kill the humans."

Someone or rather something dark said from within me, but I ignored it as I trick of the mind.

I reached home and walked through the front door. I greeted my Uncle and headed for the stairs to my room. I stopped when he called out to me.

"Wait, Ashley!" I heard him say. I turned my head to face him.

"Yes, Uncle Robert?" I asked not really wanting to hear what he had to say.

"Why are you back from school this early?" He sounded a little mad, but that was to be expected.

I did just walk out of class. It cannot be helped. I do not want my purpose in this world to be revealed. "I am sorry, but I was not feeling well so I came home." I lied.

My Uncle looked at me strangely as if I was not telling the truth. I was not but I had to convince him. "I need to go to my room and lay down. It will be a great way to get rid of this cold of mine." I made my voice sound scratchy and I faked a sneeze. Hopefully that will convince him enough.

Uncle Robert sighed as he told me to go get some rest. "I will call a doctor to make you an appointment."

"Do not bother, I will be better by tommorow." I smiled and headed right to my room.

When I walked into my room I sat down on my already made futon. I do not bother putting it up in the closet or anything, because it will only come back out again. I removed the black ribbons from my head that hid my horns. I thought about what happened on that rainy night five nights ago. I just had to go and protect her, didn't I? What good did that do. I could not do anything. I was completly helpless against those soldiers. That worked out in the end, because I am alive today.

"But as a diclonius" I heard the voice that followed me say again. I gasped looking around the room for the someone in the room. As it was before, no one was there.

A dark laugh was heard "I am not outside"

"Then where are you?" I asked wanting to know where the source of the voice was coming from.

"Inside" the voice said again.

"What do you mean by inside?" I felt crazy talking to myself, but there was a voice and I had to talk to it. Another dark laugh as I saw blood oozing out from the walls and dripping from the celing. I was frightened, I really did not know what to do. What is this? I did not know about this. My heart raced as I shut my eyes as I tried to not see the blood. Tears came to my eyes as they dripped down my cheeks. I reopened my eyes and saw that the blood was gone and everything looked back to normal as if it never even happened.

I sat on my futon for a while until it turned dark. I did not want to eat anything or speak to anybody at the moment. The blood all of the blood. What is going on with me? I wondered as I rocked back and forth trying to forget the images of the bloody room.

I heard footsteps and I stopped rocking. My shoji door slid open as I saw Uncle Robert enter the room. "Are you alright, Ashley?" He asked me.

"Yes, I'm al-" I started saying, but noticed that his head was off his shoulders and that he was holding his own talking head. I screamed loudly and ran out of my room and out of the house itself.

Why is everything is going crazy around here? I did not ask for this. Well I accepted this mission, but I did not think it would be like this. I saw that everything was back to normal.

"It is just me" I continued walking down the streets of Kamakura, Japan. I was scared out of my mind. What if the voice in my head came back. Wait! It all started with the voice in my head. It made me see those images.

I was mad so mad. My vectors started appearing and destroying everything within sight.

I saw a few humans walking down the street towards me. I paid no attention to them. They were only humans after all.

"Kill them" The voice inside me said. I ignored it, but it was persistent. Without me wanting to. My vectors came and killed all three humans. I gasped as I saw what I had done.

My vectors retreated back into me as I just stared at the human bodies that I just murdered.

I heard someone crying and saw that a little human girl around the age of five. She was staring at me and crying. She must have watched me kill these people. I did not want to do it, but I did it anyways.

I slowly approached the girl, but she back away. I continued walking towards her and stopped in front of her. She was paralyzed in fear. I reached my hand to gently touch her cheek. She flinched and backed away. I looked sadly at her and watched as she ran away from me screaming out "MOMMY! DADDY! HELP!"

I decided to walk back towards home. That is if home was really safe to live in anymore.