Chapter 4: Professor Kakuzawa

Waking up to the pleasant smell of breakfast. My mouth watered thinking about what Uncle Robert had cooked. I noticed I was drooling and I wiped the spit off with the back of my hand. Deciding to get up and take a shower, I took my clothes for the day along with some undergarments out of my room and headed to the bath across the hall.

Arriving inside the bathroom I took off my pajamas also placing them to the side of the room where they would not get wet. I adjusted the water so it was not too hot but not too cold either. I stepped in the shower letting the Water pour down my black hair, back, and along entire body. I could even hear the water hit my hard horns. Lifting my left hand so it touched one of my horns. "I'm still not used to these yet" I said out loud.

I washed my dirty body even my face careful not to get soap in my eyes. Because if I do it would burn my eyes. Washing the soap off my body and face. I then grabbed the Dove shampoo bottle pouring some onto my hair. I put the bottle back where it went. I went to scrubbing my black hair with my hands also washing my horns in the process. I need those cleaned as well, don't I. When I felt my hair was shampooed enough. I went and rinsed the shampoo from my hair and horns. I stepped out of the shower wrapping a towel around my head and body.

I then proceeded to put on my new clothes for the day. Combing my black hair out careful not to hit my horns. I walked downstairs and into the living room where I saw the food. My mouth watered at the sight. It was my favorite breakfast food pancakes.

"PANCAKES!" I shouted and raced to the cushion that served as a chair in the living room to eat mine and Uncle Robert's breakfast.

"Ashley I think you are too excited about pancakes." Uncle Robert said. I ignored him and proceeded eating my precious pancakes. While I was eating I thought about what God had sent me to do. All I've been doing is following Lucy. I haven't searched for clues about this Kakuzawa guy. I took the last bite of my pancake and stood up bringing my plate with me. I simply walked into the kitchen putting my empty yet dirty plate in the sink. I looked at the clock on the microwave. It said 6:45.

Classes started at seven. I sighed as I walked out of the kitchen.

I put my black ribbons in my hair to cover my horns. I had on a blue dress with black shoes. I walked towards the front door where I said goodbye to Uncle Robert.

Walking outside I walked to Kamakura University. When I arrived I saw a lot of people at the school. So many people no wonder this University is so famous. It was for the special students. Students who didn't get into good Colleges before and had to resort to Kamakura University.

That was when I saw her. Lucy was walking to class with the young couple that rescued her from the beach. Deciding to talk to them.

"Hey!" I shouted and walked over to them. They looked at me as I stood in front of them.

"Who are you?" Yuka asked.

"Ashley and you are?" I pretended not to know who the Kouta, Yuka, and Lucy were.

"Well Ashley, I am Yuka and this is my cousin Kouta."

"Nyu!" Lucy said.

"And this is Nyu" Kouta said he looked over towards Lucy and asked. "It's not 'Nyu'. What is it?"

"Yes!" Lucy answered. I looked over at Lucy confused as to why she was acting like a two year old.

"Nyu is learning more and more these days." I saw Yuka was happy that Lucy was learning more.

"Yeah but it would be nice if she could at least say our names." Kouta answered.

"You know I saw Nyu when she was at the beach."

"The beach? Was it raining when you saw her." Kouta asked me.

"Yes It was I saw soldiers trying to hurt her so I protected her. The soldiers knocked me out and the next thing I knew I was lying in a hospital bed with an ivy in my hand."

"That is exactly what happened to you on the same night, Kouta"

"Yeah, but I wonder why I did not see her"

"Um, I am right here guys. So please do not talk about me when I am right here, okay." Ashley said.

"Huh?" Yuka and Kouta said looking at me.

"Yes!" I heard Lucy say.

I saw Kouta look at his watch and say "It is time to go to class. Come on, Nyu"

"Yes!" Lucy said. I wonder why they call her Nyu. Is her name not Lucy? Well I better get going to my class.

I walked into the school and down the halls until I found my classroom. I looked at the sign above the door that said the teacher's name. Professor Kakuzawa. KAKUZAWA!

He is the person I am destined to kill. I bit my finger a bit worried about what would happen. I cannot just kill him in front of everyone. I sighed walking into the classroom.

I saw Kouta, Yuka, and Lucy sitting down together. I decided to sit near them. "Hey!" I said sitting down beside Nyu

"Ashley!" Kouta said.

"Yep! The one and only" I happily said faking my worriness for Kouta, Yukaand Lucy.

"Everyone class has started so quiet it down." I heard Professor Kakuzawa say. The whole class went silent. So I fell silent too although my head was full of so many questions. I looked at Kakuzawa as he started to speak

"In 1952 Miller managed to produce a water soluble material" I then saw him looking at a boy at the other side of the room. "You there"

"Y-yes?" The boy managed to speak.

"Why did Miller use a tungsten electrode?" Kakuzawa asked. I cannot believe he is a teacher. This makes things complicated here.

"I do not know." The boy answered embarrassed he didn't know the answer.

I saw Yuka put her finger to her lips to quiet Lucy so she would not talk.

However that did not work for when Kakuzawa said "Does anyone else know?"

"YES!" Nyu shouted.

I heard Kouta say "Ah, stupid!" This really complicates things. I better leave when I have the chance. Seeing Kakuzawa drop his book. I knew he saw Lucy before.

I stood up saying excuse me, but something came up. I better go" I walked out the door and towards home.

Halfway towards home I started to wonder. What happened to Lucy? Is she alright. I am sure she is. Yuka and Kouta have her. I smile to myself not knowing the danger Lucy really was in.