Chapter 3: Lucy and Nana

I woke up with a strange feeling deep inside me. "What is this?" I said aloud to myself. It felt like I was burning up.

Like something was inside me. Is it my vectors or something else. I shrugged it off as something minor. I stood up and

walked to my closet to get dressed.

Taking a shower now is good I guess. So that is what I did. I took a shower. When I got done, I changed into my clothes,

which was a black tank top, blue shorts, and white purple flip flops.

I yawned as I let my hair air dry, meaning I don't use a hair dryer on my hair. I simply combed it out. I put black ribbons

in my hair to hide my horns. "If only I had not died" I mumbled.

I walked out of my room and into the dining hall to eat breakfast. I sat down at the small table and ate. My uncle was up

as well eating with me. Scrambled eggs and bacon. A good breakfast if I do not say so myself.

"You start school tomorrow, Ashley" Uncle Robert said to me.

"Yeah, I know." I replied with my mind else where.

"Are you okay? You're spacing out."

"Huh?" I asked my eyes rising to meet my Uncle's eyes. I looked at my plate and saw that is was empty. I stood up grabbing

my plate with me. I went into the kitchen where there was a sink and a dish washer. I rinsed the plate off in the sink and

then put it in the dish washer to be washed later. I walked back into the dining room. "I am going for a walk. I want to

see more of Kamakura."

"Be careful" Uncle Robert said to me.

"Alright" I said and waved goodbye to him.

I wonder where I will go today, I thought as I walked out of my home and down the streets of Kamakura. I guess I'll go to

the mall and buy a couple of hats or something to hide my new horns. I walked about five blocks to where I thought the

closest mall was.

I came to a sudden stop once I felt a chill run up and down my spine. What is this? It is horrible. I felt an eerie

presence throughout me and I knew it wasn't me. Where is this coming from. I simply followed that feeling until it got


"I'm starting to think that this is a bad idea" I said to myself aloud. I saw some steps that led to a graveyard. I decided

against my own better judgment.

When I arrived there I saw two girls fighting. One was the girl I saved. I still do not know her name. The other had short

pink hair and violet eyes with a purple tie to go around her horns. Their both like me, I thought staring at the two

fighting. I knew they could sense me, because I could sense them. They paid no attention to me though.

I saw a vector from the short haired girl go towards the one I protected back at the beach. I heard some footsteps come

from behind me and saw a girl with short brown hair and brown eyes around the same age as the short pink haired girl.

"STOP FIGHTING!" I heard her yell.

"NO DO NOT COME CLOSER!" The short pink haired girl yelled out trying to save the brown haired girl's life.

Next thing I knew was one of the leg and arm along with her fingers come off the short pink haired girl.

I was scared out of my mind. I was practically frozen to one spot due to fear itself. Is that really the person I protected

two days ago? Why did she do that to the other diclonius? She ripped off all her limbs!

I tried not to make a sound but I could not help the scream that came through my throat. When I saw a vector go towards me.

My survival instincts kicked in. I dodged the vector merely sidestepping it.

"Papa" I turned my head towards the short pink haired girl and run in front of her blocking her from the one I protected

two days ago.

"Move aside girl" I heard the one I saved on the beach say.

"No" I said defiantly making the girl even more mad.

"Your a diclonius like me" I heard the short pink haired girl gasp out.

"Yes, I'm Ashley."


"You sure look strange for a diclonius. Are you sure your one?" The one I saved said. I still was protecting Nana.

"If I was not one. I wouldn't give off an diclonius aura. Who are you?"

"Lucy" Lucy said

A gun shot rang through the area missing Lucy's head by a couple inches. I looked around seeing soldiers everywhere.

I saw a man with glasses come up towards me, Lucy, and Nana. I saw Nana glare at Lucy putting a vector in her head and took

it out just as quick as it went in. I didn't know what she'd done but, this doesn't look good. Soldiers are everywhere and

I don't have that much experience yet. I also noticed Lucy's vectors were gone. I looked at the man who said to Lucy.

"They are gone. You b***h. What did you do?" Lucy said grabbing her head.

"I will never forgive you" He then walked towards Nana laying her head in his lap.

"Papa, you came for Nana" the glasses man known as Nana's 'Papa' said nothing. "Nana's sorry. Nana got Papa's neck string

all dirty."

"Don't talk anymore Nana. You did a good job. He patted her head and I saw a smile appear on Nana's face.

"I thought your daughter was dead" I heard Lucy say. I also saw the soldiers were scared stiff. I cannot let my guard down

any though.

"That is right she is dead" I saw the glasses man put Nana down and backhanded Lucy hard sending her to the ground. Lucy's

lip was bleeding from the impact.

"That is all I can do for payback" I saw Lucy get up from the ground immediately and run off.

"AFTER HER!" I heard a man in a lab coat yell out.

"No leave her"

"But Chief Kurama?"

"It will only cause more innocent lives." Not wanting to hear anymore I ran off while they were distracted.

When I reached my Uncle's home. I went inside breathing harshly from the run.

"Where were you?" My uncle Robert said mad.

"I'm sorry I didn't think I'd be so late coming back."

"Well you were now go eat dinner"

"No, I think I will pass" I wasn't feeling hungry after seeing all that blood earlier today.

"Are you feeling well Ashley?"

"Yes, I am tired I want to go to bed early tonight alright."

"Alright Ashley"

I walked up the stairs to my room thinking of the fight. Poor Nana I hope she is going to be okay. I opened my shoji screen

door walking into my room. I put on my pajamas thus going to bed.