Chapter 2: Transformation

"Ashley, Ashley" I heard a voice calling out to me and opened my eyes. I was in a place that was all white. How did I get here. Oh that's right, I died. I sat up from my lying position with my legs crossed indian style.

"Are you God?" I asked the old man in front of me.

"Yes I am, child"

"Okay. Am I going to hell, because I haven't really been a good person in my lifetime."

"No, you are to have another chance at life."

"Another chance?" I asked.

"Yes, but as a diclonius. I know it will be a great ordeal to handle, but you are strong willed. You will survive." I heard God say.

"Will it hurt?"

"You will feel no pain. I will make it so."

"Alright, I accept" I said waiting for the transformation to come.

With a click of God's fingers a bright light wrapped around me as I transformed. I kept my black hair, but my eyes turned violet and I grew horns in the shape of cat ears.

"Be careful of the man named Kakuzawa and his son. They will try to capture you. You also have what they call, vectors. Try to use them. God clicked his fingers again and had jars sat out on the white flooring.

I focused on the jars trying to feel for my powers. I managed to somehow to make the vectors appear. I made them into a fist as shattered the jars with a single punch from my thirty arms. It seemed I had a long range of ten meters as well.

"It seems you learned to use your powers, but you will have to learn to control them as well. If you want to defeat Kakuzawa and his son then go to the facility on the island east of Kamakura. It will not be easy ordeal, but I know you will handle it."

"Yes, I will."

"Very well child. Your real body is already that of your spiritul body. That of a diclonius. Now go child. Defeat Kakuzawa and save this world from him."

I nodded my head and I felt my body leave the land of the dead and head to my real body. Once I entered life returned to me. I gasped in some long needed air as I sat up.

"Lay back down, Ashley" I heard my Uncle's voice say out loud. I laid back down on the hospital bed with an ivy in my hand. I groaned my head somewhat hurting me, but not much.

"Where am I?" I asked. I knew where I was, but I wanted a reply.

"The hospital. I got worried when you didn't come home and went to get you. I found you on the beach unciouncus. You didn't had a pulse and I thought you were dead. I called the ambulance right away and they took you to the hospital. They shocked you into life, but I don't understand why you have horns or why your eyes are violet."

"I don't know myself. I guess I had it in my genes and it just now came to light." I lied not wanting him to know I was a deadly creature called a diclonius. He didn't even know what they were. Only I knew what I was and what I can do.

"I didn't know that. What has your mother been hiding from you?" Uncle Robert asked.

"I don't know either, but it can't be that bad to have horns." I laughed. My Uncle took out a baseball cap and put it on my head.

"There now they aren't visible" He said and I smiled at the kind gesture.

I heard the female doctor named Koyuki come in and looked at my chart. "Your blood work looks normal, but that doesn't explain the sudden appearing of those bone mutations."

"Sir, can I go home yet?" I asked politely.

"Ashley!" Uncle Robert exclaimed.

"That's alright, Sir. In fact you are due to go home right now if you want."

"Alright" I said and the doctor walked to me and carefully took the ivy out of my hand. He put a bandage on it as well.

"There all done" He smiled.

I stood up out of the uncomfortable hospital bed and walked to the door. "You coming, Uncle Robert"

He sighed saying "Yes I'm coming."

"She's very energetic for her age." The doctor said while smiling.

"Yes very. Well we will take our leave, doctor." My Uncle said. We walked out of the building into the car. The drive wasn't long at all, but I had sometime to think of what happened today.

I protected her. Why did I though? Was it because it was right to do? Or that she looked sad to me. I don't know anymore, but what I do know is that I need to stop Kakuzawa and his son from torturing the diclonius like me.

"We're here" Uncle Robert announced. I looked towards my right through the window to see our house. I waited until my Uncle turned off the car and unlock the doors before going out. Of course I unbuckled my seat bealt too. I opened the door going out of the car. I walked into the house with Uncle Robert.

I went straight to my room not exchanging words with my Uncle. I was very tired after all. I put on my pajamas. They were pink with white bunnies on it. I found it cute so

I bought it. Undoing the covers on the futon, I laid in bed and immediatly fell asleep.