Name: Kitt Windbourne
Age: 17
Distinct Features: Tribal sleeve tattoo from his home town, now long since destroyed, a black spot on his one ear, and a slight nick in the other, lip pierced.
Ht: 5' 7"
Wt: 163lbs
Eye Color: blue-green
Personality: Kitt is a spunky off the wall energetic individual, he enjoys his music and walking around, he gets shy around new people and women especially. Kitt does his best to maintain a low profile though it conflicts with his energetic hyperactiveness. Much about Kitt is unknown because he comes from regions not close to his current home. Kitt enjoys any kind of sugary sweets which only add to his constant sugar rush. He may not act it at first but given enough time He will eventually open up and become himself

Abilities: Wind Elemental, some fire element, lightning, and overly agile and nimble on his feet, incredibly acrobatic