So I haven't been on gaia in a while... so much happened lol. Who would have thought huh? Failed suicide, ex came back for a week, best friend screwed me over, and oh yeah ICCL (I could care less). I'm not going to be nit picky here, maybe I deserved what happened to me. I didn't come all this way to not make some mistakes that needed karma. I read a quote that said "When you tell people how bad I was for you, do you tell them about how bad you where for me." Maybe that is the karma that caused my ex to come back and treat me like dirt... or maybe I just needed a reminder of how bad she really was for anyone... and as for my friend... break the bro code and there is no going back, it is set up for a reason, to keep bros from messing with another bros life. He screwed me over when I was down, which could have gotten my depression to go haywire and cause me to try again... lucky me I found a good saint (guide to reckognizing your saints - good movie). I'm not dealing on the past much after this. I look to the future... with no real goal... just looking towards it.