When I first joined Gaia back in 2006, I had an amazing group of friends, Eria, Ivy,
Heather, Kao Ken (don't know his real name), Evan, Alexis, and Luke. We were always commenting on profiles and reading each other's journals and just having fun doing stuff together. Granted there was a few problems on the road, but we got over that. Gaia just seemed to be a lot of fun when I had friends like those and I keep looking back at those memories, I wish I could re-create them. Maybe that's why I wanted to join again to re-create those memories. I know it sounds strange having great memories over something that happened on the Internet, but it was just a time when I was a loser just finishing 8th grade who didn't have a lot friends. After I joined Gaia in 06, I just seemed popular. It seemed that I could easily make friends when I was in 9th grade, which happened to be my best year in high school. It just kinda saddens me that they never log on anymore, especially Luke and Evan. They were the only ones I've known in real life and ended up as my best friends in high school.

Like I said before, I think I rejoined in 2013 mostly because I wanted to re-create those memories. Now I knew that I would never find friends like those again, but the friends I have now, I was remarkably surprised over how similar they were to my old friends! Like Sweet Devil Doll reminds me a lot of Eria for some reason, the quiet one who I sometimes speak to, and Alverus is the spitting image of Ivy! Of course I also have those friends I don't usually talk to who I met on CB like Womper, allyohpe, S3xy Pantz, Im Rinny, Nu Sanniang, etc. all whom I might have to talk to more of in the future. Then there is Ailaesaerol Paelor, whom even after an embarassing misunderstanding from me, could possibly be my best friend on the site. It just seems that she and I have established a good friendship because it seems that we can be honest with each other about anything and that I can easily talk to about problems, and I can try to help her with hers. Although she doesn't remind me of my old Gaia friends, she reminds me a lot of my current Facebook friend Shelby, one who I used to have a crush on; granted I don't have a crush on her..........(anymore ninja ) but, I sense a good friendship coming our way. It's sad that I don't currently have any friends that remind me of Evan, Luke, or Alexis, but I don't think anyone can be similar to guys like those!

I know none of my Gaian Friends read this, but I would like to get to know all of you even better. I would like to establish a better relationship with all of you and maybe have a good conversation or two, maybe I should have gotten Womper's Skype username but oh well...it's not really too late. Anyways, this was just something I just wanted to add in my journal and I shall talk to you guys later. Bye!