i had a really long entry i was working on. then i had to close chrome because the compy was freaking out, and now it's gone. huzzah.

highlights recently, then:

-NEW DYE YAY! I feel awesome~~
-got the leg checked out. it's just a shin splint. no running for 2 weeks sad plan to do a lot of biking and weights to compensate.
-had a campus visitor thursday through yesterday. pretty awesome.
-leaving for TOURRRRRR this Thursday!
-comedy league last night for lack of anything better to do. meh. RH and mint green were there, so it was interesting haha.

lots to do, yet nothing compared to other times. Just finished up two little papers, have one left tonight.

then a big proposal to work on for Tech, and reading the entirety of Shakespeare's (I always seem to have issues spelling that...) Love Labour's Lost by Tuesday, as well as playing catch-up with the rest of that class.

Upper level classes, I tell ya. The majority of the work we do is self-guided (read: we have to make our own discoveries, and the make the class our own based on our findings), so it's a lot more work haha. Next spring semester will be insane.

Glad DF is almost done, so I can focus on getting through the end of the semester once spring break is done.

I always want to complain about how busy I am, but really, this is absolutely nothing to semesters of the past. I think my motivation is just shot...


once the weather warms up, I should be okay. I still struggle with SAD, though it has gotten a bajillion times better since high school (as I'm not trapped in a prison with no windows from 7:30am to 4pm).


maybe I'll hold off on the last paper. bed sounds pretty stinking amazing right now...