I just had the weirdest game ever.

I was in the queue and it had cycled through... no one was matched against me. So I retried, only to be put into a game that I was already one turn behind in (and had no first or second turn summons due to a bad draw with no mulligan).

So, I PMed my opponent to apologize for such a poor game... a few turns later, I had rushed to 5 portals to their 2... whilst they also had a ton of heroes out (running an Avalon/Otg deck, possibly?).

Then, I lost my internet. After about 8 minutes it came back, and I reloaded to a PM in response saying that they felt bad too and that they didn't feel it was fair. So, I responded back that it was fine and to finish me off... So, they pinned my last spot (they had picked off all my other units in the prior two turns)... and then they forfeit.

They had sent me a response just before they did saying that they felt that they should since it was an unfair game... so he basically fed me over 2,000 essence, even though I was the one whom glitched and then lost internet. I have thanked them a few times already...

One final thing... my bonus card reward for that game was my first Succubus card.

I did not know that there were players whom were that ridiculously kind.