I had another dream with Tj. I asked her for forgiveness at the same time as this other guy, who clearly wanted her back as his girlfriend whereas I only wanted her as a friend. She took us both back but that guy was real shady and creepy. The rest of the dream he tried to act like he was her boyfriend and squeezed in when he wasn't needed. Basically, he was being a creepy and it ******** creeped me out.

We were at this place that reminds me of a mix between a really dangerous rollerrink/skatepark and a kids play pit playset maze thing. It was ******** scary as hell. You had to jump to a small platform then go downhill jump on another small moving platform. ******** scary then jump down a shoot that is way below you and slopes. HOLY ********. Scary s**t.

There was also this older guy who bought us beer. He had a beard and was awesome. Sometimes older man friends are cool.

In the entire dream, it felt so real and natural to be her friend again. Dreams, why do you want me to hate you?