Hitotsuoki Clan

Kekkei Genkai
Kasei (Metamorphosis)

First Stage
All members of the clan are born into this stage; thus, all have the potential to become a shinobi.
At birth, they have the ability to accidentally alter their appearance. They generally will see an aspect of someone else, then mirror it on accident. It's very rare for them to copy the entire appearance of someone though. In time, before the second stage, they obtain the ability to control this trait.
Unlike transformation, they change their literal DNA, so it's not simply masking their's literally altering it. Naturally, this allows them to do other things, although these will be turned into techniques.

Second Stage
This stage is obtained when the user kills for the first time.
When a clan member kills someone, they passively absorb their DNA, and it is then stored inside their body.
The DNA does almost nothing on its own, but clan members can learn techniques that can be used to manipulate the DNA, in a sense.
The only thing the DNA does on its own is allow the user to research the person, including searching their memories, learn of their techniques and abilities, etc. This is not done instantly though; looking at a specific memory takes just as long as it took for the memory to take place, although the user can skip between memories.

Third Stage
This stage is obtained
Mass Regeneration

Final Stage
DNA - Steal KG
Movement of Orangs

Clan Techniques

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