Time neglects to remember the weak and the poor,
the voiceless and the damned.
History emboldens acts of heroism and honor,
while damning the lost and the fragile.
When did the weak, the frail, the frightened
become things of pity and hate?
Who decided the strength of those words
and who they should be applied to.
What happens to the world of man and beast,
when power becomes everything?
What happens to the world of man and beast,
when the weak become nothing?
It gives birth to war, to hate, to vengeance and strife
to murder, to death, to pain.
When will the world learn that those words
have doomed all existence.
When will the world promote love and equality
and those cursed words lose meaning?
When, hand in hand, will we know peace
and forget to hate and kill?
When will the beautiful essence of the heart
overpower, greed, conflict and hate?
How long must human beings wait
for teardrops to go extinct?
When will the living and the dead know everlasting peace?