D1: Me and my brother were with our friend. It seemed he was working at a fast food restaurant, one like Burger King. He was the only one working, as there weren't other employees. He was then speaking to someone on the phone. After that, we were at his house and I soon learned my friend had spoken to his dad on the phone.

He came over and was happy. I stretched my hand out to shake his hand, but he seemed a bit reluctant. I told him, "Hi, I'm Rick." It seemed he knew who I was and I thought to myself that I had met him before, too. Then for some reason my step-dad was outside on the phone.

Once he was done talking on the phone, he invited himself in by opening the door and just going straight to this wooden, rectangular object. He ignored all of us, too the wooden object and walked out like nothing happened. My friend told his dad to ignore what happened, since that's what my step-dad does.

My friend's dad then began to start a barbecue outside. It was daytime. He had something on the grill, but he needed some gasoline, since he ran out. I told him I'd get some, so I left the house and ran to the house I used to live in, which was only a few blocks away. I saw some kid along the way, but kept going.

I ended up inside the house and asked my mom if we had gasoline. She told me to ask my step-dad, so I went out back and my step-dad was having a barbecue as well. I stood there for a bit, wanting to ask him. He knew I wanted gasoline, but he didn't want to share.

Instead, my step-dad began to spray gasoline on me and I didn't like that. I eventually went inside to tell my mom. Then I felt nauseated and began to spit up gasoline. I kept doing this and expected to regurgitate, but I was only dry heaving instead.

I returned to my friend's house with some gasoline, but I worried I wouldn't have enough.

D2: I was in some room with something lit up inside. It would fire an orb at me every now and then. I had to fire an orb back to destroy it. So I would lift my right leg so my knee was pointed out in front of me. I would motion my leg counter-clockwise to fire an orb. It didn't always work, though. I don't know if I woke up.

I was inside a large, disc-shaped ship. For some reason Dr. Evil was there, as was Number 2. He died somehow, but was immediately replaced by someone who looked exactly like him named Number 2, 2. He wore a Star Trek suit and a starfleet communicator badge on his left side.

Beneath that badge was another one, but it was golden. Then I said to someone there that I felt safe because I was away from the people below. I then told my brother that if this ship stopped working, it would fall. Then I thought to myself that it would actually traveling diagonally before it hit something.

I then saw everything in third-person. Below was an urban area with an ocean further out. The city was covered by a large shadow from the ship. I looked up and it looked like something from Independence Day. The ship was just beneath the clouds. Someone then said the ship couldn't fly. It could only hover.

Then for some reason I grabbed the ship and bit into the left side of it. I accidentally snapped it in half like a piece of candy. I hoped no one had noticed, though. I was now playing a game and the ship was a toy. I two the two halves and had them fly between the Twin Towers.

After I did that I thought, "This was a prophecy to 9/11." For some reason the urban area was now fake, kind of like the buildings in Power Rangers. I still didn't want anyone to notice the ship was broken, so I acted like it was flying around to look for a building to crash into.

Then Godzilla appeared, but he was very small. I managed to hit a building and it caught on fire. The person with me told me how hitting the top of the building would cause it to collapse. So I let the building continue to burn until it imploded on itself. I grabbed the sides of the building, which had metal bars and I bent them downward.