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Name: Fyroh Kaylbend

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Personality: Competitive, cocky, ambitious. Fyroh is the type of character who's inner turmoil is as challenging as an 100-man battle beside a crumbling cliff. His temper is no greater than his social skills, but he believes all of this is justified by his harsh growth and past traumatic experiences. He lives beneath the idea he is but a victimized warrior. Born to suffer, face hardship, oh woe is he. Yet he is confident he will lead himself to glory under the scorching sunlight. Although this is but his belief and dream, his skills and intensity in battle tend to convince his opponents of otherwise. His dramatic view of the world and of his quest boost his powers through emotional intensity.

Frequently used lines: "I hope you're fire-proof." ; "Your skin will burn as hot as my heart rages for glory!" ; "Out of my way!" ;

Bio: Although born in a land of glory and greatness, the parents to which Fyroh was born to were all but glorious. Raised to believe he was but a mere merchant's son, Fyroh grew under the torment of existential meaninglessness. His heart burned with ambition and desire of greatness, but yet his very social condition caged him inside his poor, modest house in the verge of collapse. In time Fyroh would have turned 18, and with a cold heart he would have turned his back on his parents and, without hesitation, gone on his quest for honor and glory, impatient to show not only his parents and the whole world, but to himself, that although his origins were small and puny, he was a man fated to shine brighter than the sunlit sky.

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Overheat (Passive): A power characteristic of his homeland, with a skin blessed by the sun, Fyroh is able to absorb almost every and any form of heat that touches him. This heat is then filtered and turned into nutrients for one's body cells to use. In other words, the hotter it is around this character, the more resilient he will be during battle. However, Fyroh cannot absorb too much heat at one time, making him unable to absorb a whole fireball, for example, but needless to say heat won't harm him as much as it would harm an average person either.

Fire Casting (Passive): By using his energy as resource, Fyroh is able to channel this energy and use it to produce magical fire which, unlike normal fire he is not only able to bend and use at will, but also to affect its very temperature and other characteristics freely. Average fire attacks cast by Fyroh will usually take 1 charging turn. However, simple moves like surrounding his fists with a small amount of fire before attacking or flicking few fragments of flaming ash may require no charging turn at all as they are far too quick and easy to perform. The fact this character can manipulate any fire that has come in contact with his own produced magical fire is also very noteworthy, as it can turn the tide of battle in specific situations, considering Fyroh's energy is only used producing his own fire, not manipulating it. His magical fire can be distinguished by its darker red hot colors. Any fire that comes close enough to fuse with this magical fire, will also become this color, as it becomes magical as well.

Catalysis (Passive): The raging emotions that shaped Fyroh's heart as he grew, were in such a way intense, that they started reacting with his firey powers, giving birth to a whole new ability: catalysis. The more intense his emotions are at any given time, the hotter his skin and the fire he produces will be. This ability does not alter his energy levels in any way, as the heat of his fire is affected by his emotional level alone. When boiling in anger or an equally intense emotion, the heat of his flames can reach temperatures from 700 to 1,200 °C (1,292 to 2,192 °F), which is how hot lava usually is, although his skin can only reach as far as 55ºC (731 ºF). If temperatures surpass 1,500 ºC (2732 ºF), Fyroh will become overwhelmed and faint, his heat going back to its normal temperature levels.

Furycane (Active, 2 charges): In the 1st turn, Fyroh will stay in position as he gathers up the required energy for the move. Temperature around him starts to slowly rise, and small flames and fire ashes may be seen slowly starting to hover around him. Getting close to him may cause tiny burns, but harmless, nothing that can stop a nicely landed physical attack. On the 2nd turn, the character will have formed a greater wall of fire around him. Still moving slowly, this wall of hovering fire will gradually increase size and speed, until on the 3rd turn when Fyroh releases all the channeled energy into the attack, causing the wall of fire around him to greatly increase in size, power and velocity. His opponent will witness a raging storm of fire nearly blocking his eyes from seeing the character, before he is thrown a large tornado-looking spiral of fire that will swiftly fly horizontally toward the enemy. Two or three times bigger than Fyroh himself, the wall makes things harder for his opponent as it does not just spin with uncontrollable heat flying at great speed, but it also produces a sucking force which pulls the enemy in while it is active. If caught by the attack, the enemy will be wrapped inside this hurricane of fire which will work like a scorching furnace for 3 seconds, before dissipating and leaving his opponent either dead, or with incurable burns.

Scorching Mist (Active, 1 charge): After preparing this move for 1 turn, the character will release most of his raw energy with a burst, leaving the surrounding atmosphere with temperatures high enough to dangerously scald a normal person's skin. He does not use channeled energy to perform this move, but rather releases most of his stored energy at once, which is manifested as heat. The temperature in the surrounding atmosphere will go back to normal after around 2 minutes, and Fyroh will be left with little to no energy left to perform special moves, thus, this move is usually performed to ensure a safe retreat. Due to his overheat ability, Fyroh is able to recover about 15% of the released energy if he decides to stand inside the zone affected by this move.