I had returned to the wonderful world of casual reading, left so long ago in a time when "casual time" was not spent unconscious. Agatha Christie, with such an exquisite quality in her dialogue, truly brings her characters to life with simple conversation. How I have always hoped to inspire such brilliance with so little words.

Dialogue is a worrisome thing for aspiring writers, I can certainly sympathize with them in this. Of course, testing one's dialogue strength is a matter of practice not only in the field of writing, but also in reality. Speak well, listen intelligently, and be wary of voice and inflection. How often do you figure a person out due to speech and tone? Same things work in the world of writing.

In other news, yet perhaps related to this discussion about dialogue, I've found a few RPs here on Gaia with a healthy dose in dialogue which has assisted me in seeing more into a person's character than their profile alone. Confusion, dilemma, concern with boundaries - all laid bare by a few choice words. Most excellent.

I'll begin infiltrating hearts and minds soon.