owwww my leg.

sugar, looks like that 5K training program isn't going quite as intended.

an old injury that I thought took care of itself has made itself known again. And it hurts so much...

Legitly excited for my doctor's appointment Friday. that's what's getting me through this week. Terrified at the same time, too, because I'm worried that it has become a stress fracture and that by wearing the wrong shoes for two months the beginning of freshman year of college I've screwed up my chances of ever running again....

&& if it wasn't the doc appt getting me through this week, it would be that tomorrow I'M GETTING A LONG-DESIRED CUT, COLOR, AND WAX. Glory be, it's going to be FREAKING AMAZING. <3

also hosting that night, and the following night.

guess i need to clean up the room.................. :l

chaos abounds, as usual. My "termination" date has gradually gotten closer and closer; it started as the day spring break starts, was moved to the end of this month, and now is TOMORROW. or something. I'm not really done with everything yet, though, so I'll still stick around. The new girl starts on March 15.

And that's when my new lease on college life will begin!

..... *deep reflection moment* wait. Next month will mark the first month of college EVAR that I haven't worked there. No cloud of stress hanging over my head to get something else done, no giving up other time to do that stuff, no more looking forward to $10/hr paychecks.


well, happy Wednesday, everyone. My week essentially ended yesterday...

time to get ahead.