Khyz Clan

D Rank
The universe appears rational on the surface. But in fact that rationality is built upon irrationality. Rules are arbitrary. The Saikogan draws upon the power of irrationality, the random absurd force, to manipulate reality. At this stage, the user will be able to move holes. He can also create techniques that utilize irrationality by drawing it into the mind, then forming it into techniques. This does slightly corrupt the mind's rationality, but at this level it is actually useful for using this kekkei genkai.

Manga Saikogan
S Rank
At this stage the user will be able to create irrationality techniques instantly in battle. The more this technique is used, the more insane its user becomes. At 13 points they would lose rationality to a level in which the irrationality becomes harmful in battle; the user is too insane to control his own insanity. You still have to actually have justu points to spend. You get 7 when you learn this technique. You can never have more than 7 points (so there is a limit to how many techniques you can create in one battle), but you can train the Manga Saikogan to replenish these points.