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Roleplays and Adventures
Here are some of the writing pieces that I've done in the past and some continuing as we speak. Enjoy reading it, for these are important to my heart.
[TB] Chapter 1.19 - Dreams and Nightmares
Nightshade: *He glared at Ghirahim.* Tell me, what makes you so interested in me? Shouldn’t you be putting your next villainous outfit together?

Ghirahim: I actually was creating something superb!~ I call it gruesome trauma. Just like how this young one is... Oh but look, I don't want a child's blood on my sword... It's not that time of month, for the both of us. *He laughed*

Arietta: That's gross...

Ghirahim: *Pushes her to the floor, putting his now free hand to his blade, admiring it as he walked over her*

Arietta: *Reaches for her stuffed animal, grabbing the leg and pulling it close to her. She was shaking*

Nightshade: *He snapped his finger, forming a new aura blade in his hand* Look, get your business done and leave. I don't have time for your little gimmicks.

Ghirahim: *Places a finger on Nightshade's chin, smirking as his bangs covered his face. He licked his lips, glancing at him as he let go, turning to the side and hugging himself as if he was enjoying the moment* Oh don't be like that....Not now... at least.

Nightshade: *He rolled his eyes, turning.* What do you want... "Dark Lord" was it?

Ghirahim: 'Demon'. Ahem, now where was I.... Oh at the good part.... *He snapped his fingers and a purple magic circle appeared under Nightshade, magic entering Nightshade's spell from earlier through his mind*

Arietta: Master! *She cried out in fear*

Nightshade: *He saw this, quickly throwing a binding spell that grabbed Ghirahim. He sent him flying across the room*

Ghirahim: *Before hitting something as he flew through the air, he bursted into diamonds and reappeared behind Nightshade* Hmhmhmhmhm....!! *Wrapped an arm around his neck gently* Oh don't be so alarmed... I already got what I wanted from you. Quite slow, but such a nice attempt...

Arietta: *Points at him* Get away from him...!

Nightshade: *He stood there, twisting his blade to the side and slashing at him.* Please...

Ghirahim: *Bursted into diamonds before his blade hit him, appear in the distance in a weird pose. He was crouching, arms crossed over his chest as he stared up with his eyes glaring down at the two* I just thought that the spell you made earlier was...multiplayer.

Nightshade: *He rolled his eyes.* Whether you use it or not is not my concern. You don't know my intention with it. To you, you can just play with her mind. Now if you don't mind, I would highly appreciate it if you left me alone. Your "fabulous" being is quite obnoxious.

Ghirahim: *He stood up, brushing his fingers through his bangs, flipping his hair away from his covered eye for a brief moment* No, dear... I'll enter her dreams...threaten her within a inch of her life... man that line works for everything! All until she whispers the location! Even if it's a small hope of lingering light!

Nightshade: *He smirked* I already know she doesn't know the location. Your plan isn't going to work. Do try though.

Ghirahim: Sure. Mindplay is brilliant. Nice doing business with you. Oh, and little girl? Your level of ‘fab’ is astonishing. Keep working though, child. *With a snap of his fingers he bursted into diamonds, not appearing any longer*

Arietta: *On the floor, speechless. She just blinked*

Nightshade: *He rolled his eyes, looking at Arietta.* Come here. *He said with his arms open.* That man is Ghirahim. He's after what I'm after from our little damsel. He is harmless. He doesn't know the true meaning of evil... *He groaned.* He cares more about his hair than getting a job done.

Arietta: *She stood up, grabbing the stuffed animal with one arm to run to embrace him, shaking. She dug her face into his chest * That man is scary... Just scary...

Nightshade: *He chuckled, patting her back as he held her.* He is harmless, my dear. He may have access to her mind, but I will use this to my advantage to slowly break her. What he doesn't realize is I'm going to send her to Korillia for her to remember the important parts of it.

Arietta: Is... is he too strong for me to stop him for you...? Arietta can try... but... *Her eyes shook, remembering his appearance*

Nightshade: *He rubbed her head* You will not have to worry about him anymore. I promise. I would like to have the honor of killing him myself.

Arietta: *She looked up at him, reassured. She smiled, wiping the tears away from her face to reach her hand to his, moving strands of hair away from his face so she could see him better*

Nightshade: *He smirked, looking down at her.* You are always going to be with me. I promise.

Arietta: What... happened to your eye?

Nightshade: *He rolled his eyes, clearly annoyed at how he wore the eye patch over his eye.* Melody hit me when she was young with a rock. It's no big deal.

Arietta: Melody... *The sound of her name made her grind her teeth. She dug her fingers into her stuffed animal, closing her eyes in rage*

Liger: *Pulled on Arietta's shirt to have her come with him to her room.*

Arietta: Must I...? *she shyly asked*

Liger: *Growled softly at her*

Arietta: Okay...

Nightshade: *He smiled* Good night.

Arietta: *She shyly nodded, following the Liger as she hugged her stuffed animal not wanting to leave him*

Nightshade: I will be here. I promise. *He waved*

Arietta: *She turned, smiling sweetly at him*


Melody: *She slept quietly, not moving*

*Inside of her dreams, she was wandering fields by a glistening lake. She was walking towards it, staring at it gently. She felt at peace. As she looked down at her reflection in the water, it showed Ghirahim. *She gasped, quickly turning around* Not here... *A bloody hand reached out of the lake while she had her back turned, grabbing at her ankle. The blood spread out towards the whole lake making it a crimson red as he dragged her in. She squirmed, trying to get away* Let me go! *Pulling her into the water, his laughter echoing through her mind causing her to lose focus. She screamed, trying to get free. *

Melody: *She was tossing and turning in her bed, kicking and moving, mumbling words being said in the dream*

*He pulled her into the water; all she could see was red. One by one, corpses of Korillians and family floated around her. She looked around in the dream, freaking out. His voice echoed.* Hmhmhmhm... I can save you. I can save you from it all. Melody... *She looked around* Ghirahim... where are you?! *He laughed* I'm the red you see all around you. I'm the fear you’re experiencing. There is no 'Me' here. I am all that you see. And you, you’re the only you, to suffer a fate of torment... You won't do this to me! *She yelled* I beg to differ. *The corpses began to grab at her legs, dragging her down to the bottomless pit, the red turning to pitch black. She screamed, trying to get free.*

Melody: *She rolled out of bed, slamming into the ground and causing her to wake up. She breathed heavily, panting as she looked around.*

Link: *Opened the door, rubbing his eye* Hey what's all the noise in here...?

Melody: *She looked over at him, her eyes full of fear and tears. She was trembling*

Link: *Ran to her and kneeled down, holding her* What happened...?! Are you okay?!

Melody: *She moved close to him, shaking against him as she hid her face against him. She began crying, trying to hold back.*

Link: Melody... it's okay... you’re with me now... don't cry...

Shunsui: *Comes in* Hey, now... what's going on so early in the morning?

Link: I think she had a nightmare...

Shunsui: *Looking at her shake*

Ven: *He too came over, looking at them.*

Melody: *She didn't bother looking back at them. She hid her face against him, sobbing against him as she shook in fear. Her butterfly rested on Link's shoulder, looking at them*

Shunsui: *He crouched down, holding on to his hat staring with a frown* Hey now... you’re awake, you know. Try to control your breathing a 'second or you'll pass out.

Link: He's right, Melody... relax.

Melody: *She shyly peeked out, her cheeks tear stained and her eyes full of unfallen tears. They were also full of fear. She tried to relax, but she found it really hard to.*

Ven: It looked like you were battling something.. *He loooked to her bed that was messed up*

Shunsui: More like struggling. *He sighed, standing up to walk over to it*

Melody: *She clenched onto Link's tunic that was over his chest* Ghirahim... *she said in fear, finding it was the only thing she could say*

Link: *Eyes widened* G-Ghirahim?

Melody: *She nodded against him* He... dragged me into a lake.... it was blood... inside was my family... my friends... *She sobbed against him.*

Shunsui: That doesn't sound very pleasant...but a dream's a dream... I said hopefully. *he sighed, kneeling down to put a hand on her shoulder* C'mon. Time to leave Tumelga.

Melody: *She looked over at Shunsui, tears continuing to stream down her cheeks. She was trembling against Link, trying to relax. Fear was replacing the sorrow that was within her eyes.*

Shunsui: *Looked over to Link, hand on hat* I'm going to get Ukitake up, try to get her outside for some fresh air. Ancaladar should be just on the outskirts of Tumelga. *Leaves the room*

Link: Right... *Helps her up* C'mon let's take you to Ancaladar

Melody: *She didn't want to move, but she hesitantly got up. She didn't feel like she had strength due to the amount of fear that she had.*

Ven: *He sighed, leaving the room and shaking his head*

Link: We have to get you outside.. *He walked with her outside, where they met Harrier and Tiercel waiting to bring us to Ancaladar*

Harrier: *He looked over* What happened to her? *He said bluntly*

Tiercel: Harrier! *He smacked his head from behind* Be more sensitive than that.

Link: A nightmare spooked her.

Harrier: *He rolled his eyes* Nothing compares to what Tiercel sees. His dreams are all visions.

Melody: *She was staring at the ground, trying not to cry anymore. The occassional tear streamed down her cheek and she was still shaking*

Link: This is the first time I've seen her so afraid of one of her dreams, though...

Tiercel: Has she had nightmares before with you?

Link: Yes, but none like this. *Ukitake, Shunsui and Ven come out*

Ukitake: *Hand on head, staring at Melody shaking* So I've heard.

Melody: *She looked over at him. She couldn't get the image of her family out of her head and the eerie voice of Ghirahim taunting her the way that he did. It was tearing her apart along with the guilt of Arietta.*

Shunsui: No point in standing around here like it's going to change anything. The dream must have been really bad, is all. Let's keep moving.

Ukitake: *Put a hand to his chin to ponder* Just a dream, you say... I wonder.

Shunsui: *Stared at Ukitake confused*

Ven: What do you mean? *He glanced over at him*

Ukitake: Well, around the middle of the night I became quite cold. But the temperature wasn't anything of that matter.

Shunsui: Well, weren't you sick? It was probably just you since I didn't feel anything. Though, I was drunk to begin with... heh.

Ukitake: *Staring at her* Perhaps you’re right...

Melody: *She looked over at him, sorrow and fear only to be seen inside of her expressions. She also looked slightly tired.*

Harrier: *He sighed* We should keep going. Staying here mourning about it isn't going to solve anything.

Ukitake: Yes that's true. But where to?

Link: Well we got here to Grandilia from Nightshade, so I don't know how to get back to Hyrule.

Shunsui: You wanna go back? *Placed a hand on his hat* To check up on Zelda, I assume?

Ukitake: Hyrule, huh?

Ven: I wouldn't mind that either.. *He said softly, looking back at his sword.* There's... something I need to take care of

Ukitake: Well I was already used to the area when the three of you came here, but I was only familiar with the mountain area.

Shunsui: It's a good thing we have a fine dragon then. *He chuckled to himself, walking in the direction of Ancaladar*

Ancaladar: *He looked over* We will have to stop half way... Hyrule is a far distance from here.

Link: That's fine.

Ancaladar: Everyone hop on my back. *He kneeled down*

*They get on*

Shunsui: It's always nice up here.

Ukitake: *Looking around all pale, sitting beside Shunsui clinging on to his kimono* I hope you’re right..

Shunsui: *Pats his back, laughing at him* No worries.

Melody: *She was holding onto Link tightly, closing her eyes tightly. She was terrified of heights*

Ven: This... is going to be interesting.

Tiercel: Let's go Ancaladar! *He smirked.*

Ancaladar: *He jumped up, flapping his wings and began flying*

Link: Wooow! This is my first time on Ancaladar! *Looking around in awe, touching the scales on his back* So cool...

Shunsui: I bet this is new to you too, huh Link?

Link: Well I once rode a flying whale with a beard.. and the Loftwings.

Ukitake: *Stared at him blankly*

Melody: *She held onto Link tighter, closing her eyes more.*

Tiercel: Ukitake... are you okay? You look white.

Harrier: *He rolled his eyes.* I was like that when I first saw Ancaladar.

Ukitake: *Hand on head, smiling* I'll be fine. Just a headrush.

Link: Are you feeling better by the way?

Ukitake: *Smiled* I am.

Shunsui: Just be careful. *He laid down, hat over face*

Ven: *He gave Ukitake a slight bro hug from behind*

Ukitake: *Smiled at him* Thanks to you, of course.

Link: OH MY GOD *Points, nearly falling off the dragon* VEN HUGGED SOMEONE!!

Shunsui: *Sat up* Wha?

Melody: *She gasped, holding onto Link.* Don't... do that... *She said terrified*

Ven: *He rolled his eyes.* Really? You hug people all of the time.

Link: I know... b-but when you do it, it's just weird. *He slowly sat down*

Ukitake: I don't think so. Now, turn around before you fall off...

Link: *Turns around pouting*

Shunsui: Hahaha!

Harrier: Melody is already scared to death... you're supposed to protect her

Link: I know, I know... geez. *He looked up* It's pretty up here isn't it Melody?

Shunsui: So where are we going to stop for now, big guy?

Ancaladar: *He flew fast* WE should stop at Crystal Lake. It's close, yes, but the travel is still long and we can get supplies from Velusia.

Melody: *She froze, hearing him say this. The lake in her dream was Crystal Lake*

Link: Sounds good. Bring us in slow, Ancaladar.

Ancaladar: *He flew them to Crystal Lake, which took a good chunk of the day

Ukitake: *Flashstepped off the Dragon and at the edge of the water, nearly falling in* Oh!

Shunsui: *Flashstepped behind him, holding him by the shoulder* Watch yourself out here.

Ukitake: *Looked out at the water* It's beautiful.

Shunsui: Sure is.

Melody: *She looked at it, shaking again as she stared.*

Ancaladar: *He landed by the lake.*

Link: *Lands down* Ukitake must be excited to come here, flashstepping while still in the air.

Ukitake: Actually, *Puts hand in pocket* It was because something fell out of my pocket.

Shunsui: *Frowned* By that you don't mean...

Link: *Staring at them confused*

Ukitake: *Smiled at Link* Oh, don't worry. It was just a photo.

Shunsui: *Hand on hat* Hmm..

Ven: *He looked over curiously, blinking*

Melody: *She got off of Ancaladar, staring out at the lake in fear. She was trembling, though she tried to hide it*

Shunsui: *Looked at Melody* You going to be alright? *He noticed her shaking*

Melody: *She shook her head slowly, staring at it as she stepped away slightly*

Ukitake: Melody? *He also noticed her afraid* You should lay down against Ancaladar and Link, to ease your spirits.

Link: Yeah, I don't mind. Come with me if you want. *He sat against Ancaladar*

Melody: *She shook her head again, feeling the urge to run.*

Link: *Staring at her concerned, he stood up and grabbed her wrist from behind her, scaring her*

Melody: ( Melody's Escape ) *She quickly pulled her wrist away, moving away from him.*

Link: *Eyes widened, shocked.*

Ukitake: *Staring the same way*

Melody: *She saw them all looking at her. She felt horrible, but she didn't know what else to do. She felt tears form again. With this, she began to run, running as fast as she could.*

Link: Wait, Melody! Where are you going?!

Ukitake: What's gotten into her...?

Ven: *He crossed his arms, watching*.... She's terrified

Link: Just... what kind of dream was this, exactly? I've never seen someone so afraid of one before...

Shunsui: It's not good for her to go off on her own. Someone should hurry and follow her.

Ven: *He glanced over.* But who?

Link: *They all stare at Link* I saw that coming, you know. *Runs off* Looks like she headed towards Velusia...

Ukitake: *Looking at the grass with hands in his pockets* ...

Shunsui: *See's it in the water in the distance* Found it.

Ukitake: *Turned to look in the same direction* Thank goodness..

Shunsui: *He unsheathed his swords and turned them into their shikai form* Bushogoma! *He blew it out of the water*

Ukitake: *Grabbed it from the air*

Tiercel: *He glanced over* I could have just used my magic... *He facepalmed*

Harrier: We have a finding spell...

Ukitake: *Looked at the photo* I wonder what Yamamoto is doing right now. *The picture was a photo of an old man*

Shunsui: Who knows, that old geezer... *He laughed, looking at the picture*

Ven: I'm not even going to ask.. *He sighed* I'm going to go train... *He said, drawing his sword, watching it shimmer in the sun*

Shunsui: He was our instructor, nothing special. *He sat down by the lake*

Ukitake: *Looked over to Ven* Sure, have fun.

Ven: *He walked ahead in the distance and began to sword dance to himself, slashing at the air with smooth cuts*

Shunsui: With you recovering from last night and all, you'd be a decent sparring partner with him. *He laughed, looking at his reflection wondering about Melody*

Ukitake: Let him have his fun. *He smiled* It's hardly a time to be sparring.


Link: *Wandering Velusia* I... I can't find her anywhere and I’m... I’m out of breath...

Melody: *She was outside of Velusia, sitting by a tree. She was hugging her legs as she sobbed inside of her folded arms. She felt so lost and confused*

*As she was crying, small diamond particles began to form in front of her. She felt cold*

Melody: *she felt the coldness, thinking it was the wind. She continued to sob.*

Ghirahim: His voice as he projected in the dream, very echo-like, just to bug her: Oh crying won't save you now...

Melody: *She froze, peeking up, looking around quickly. She noticed the diamonds slowly building up as they came together, from the feet up forming his body. It was a slow process on purpose, kind of like someone scratching a chalkboard. She quickly crawled back, trying to get away from him*

Ghirahim: Hmhmhmhm.....*The diamonds finish his head. He put one foot over the other, slowly approaching her with glaring eyes and a smirk*

Melody: *She continued to crawl back.* what do you want...?

Ghirahim: I don't need anything. I already have what I need... The Demon Lord never needs anything. It's as simple as taking it. There's never a... need for need. *He stopped, his hair neatly blanketing his face. He stood there watching her try to leave. He put his fingers above his nose, looking down. His hand resting on his waist as he laughed with eyes closed* Oh but I'm probably confusing you... I should get to my point, here. We're going to get along just fine...

Melody: *She stood up as she continued to move back* You didn't answer my question..

Ghirahim: Questions, questions, questions! It's all about the riddles with you! Why can't you blindly see... *He snapped his fingers, his black rapier taking form from diamonds* ...That you’re going to die! I mean, I WANTED to get along but damn you’re rude.

Melody: (Melody's Battle Theme ) *She stepped back, feeling the fear wanting to fill her. She reached out, her butterfly flying to her hand and it began to glow. Its wings began to stretch out, forming into her bow in pure light. It entered her hand as it completed. She gripped it.*

Ghirahim: *Looked at the bow, narrowing his eyes and licking his lips*

Melody: *She gripped it tightly, glaring at Ghirahim as her eyes and cheeks were still tear stained, concentrating on only him*

Ghirahim: *Held a hand out* Oh please!~! Have mercy! Have mercy, PLEASE! *His facial expression terrified, but soon smirking disturbingly as he bursted into diamonds away from sight*

Melody: *She saw that he had disappeared, closing her eyes the moment he did. She listened to her senses, sensing where he would spawn the moment he appeared*

Ghirahim: *Appeared lying on the floor behind her, grabbing at her ankle* Oh this seems quite familiar.

Melody: *She felt this, flinching for a moment before quickly moving her leg to move his hand. She grabbed the sting of her bow, formingan arrow, gripping it in her hand and moving down onto her knees, stabbing it into his arm.* I will not let you do this to me...

Ghirahim: *Looking at the arrow in his arm, frowning. It slowly turned to a smirk* I hope that doesn't scar...

Melody: *She closed her eyes, gripping her arrow and caused it to glow with light.*

Ghirahim: *He bursted into diamonds, having the arrow that pinned his arm to the ground fall. He reappeared right in front of her, their noses touching as he forcefully grabbed her wrist and held it above her head, sword slamming against the bow lowered beneath them. He licked his lips as he glared into her eyes, pushing her like nothing. He bursted into diamonds behind her, making her lean forward nearly falling, and he kicked her back to force her down*

Melody: *She took the hit, falling onto the ground. She sat up, drawing another arrow and aiming it at him, shooting it straight at him.*

Ghirahim: *Eyes narrow, smirking. He discarded his sword, letting it evaporate into diamonds. He held out his hand, catching the arrow right before it hit his face with only two fingers* To challenge me without a sword is suicide.

Melody: *She got up, gripping her bow tightly as he watched him*

Ghirahim: I'm afraid you’re going to... have to die now... It would make wonders to brag to that...uncharming chap I like so much. *He bent down, readying a charge with his sword appearing in his hand once more*

Melody: *She stepped back slightly, readying herself for what he was going to do in case she could block it*

Ghirahim: IT'S OVER!! AHAHAHAHA! *He charged at extreme speed, swinging the sword. Suddenly, someone appeared in front of him and blocked it*

Liger: *Blood falling down his forehead, clashing the blade*

Arietta: *Behind the Liger, terrified but determined to protect her. She hugged her stuffed animal, the force of the impact causing her to feel fear*

Ghirahim: What?!

Melody: *She looked at her* .... Arietta... *She said quietly*

Arietta: ....*She looked down* I'm not... doing this for you. Don't get... the wrong idea... murderer...

Liger: *Unable to hold him off much longer*

Ghirahim: Get... the bloody hell out of my way!! *He opened his palm, a stream of diamonds blasting the Liger into the distance*

Liger: *Flipping through the air, landing on its feet to stop moving any further, opening its mouth and sending a shock of lightning towards him*

Ghirahim: Oh that's unpleasant...*He bursted into diamonds just before getting hit*

Melody: *She watched nervously, stepping back. She was more confused than ever*

Ghirahim: *Appears in the distances, furious* GIRL! What do you think you’re doing?! Did HE send you? Oh he did, didn't he?! WELL YOU CAN BLAME HIM FOR YOUR DEATH!

Arietta: *Puts a hand to where her heart is, yelling out* Nightshade told me to come... because he needs her alive for a little while longer! As much as I want to kill her, I... I must stop you for him...! For him... I'd do anything! *Her eyes shaking in fear*

Ghirahim: THEN DIE WITH HIM! *Ghirahim begins to be surrounded by monsters, his eyes widening* ...!

Melody: *She drew an arrow, aiming it at him to help stop him*

Ghirahim: You think this is enough to stop me? Hahaha!! *Suddenly, he raised his arms in the air*

Arietta: *Stepped back a little, hugging her stuffed animal* Master... I'm afraid... Master... where are you...

Ghirahim: *His arms began to crack, much to the girls disgust. They shatter into black, shining skin, his eye beneath his bangs extending a black mark down to his leg, the monsters unable to stop him*

Arietta: *Eyes shaking* What... what is he doing...

Melody: *She closed her eyes, causing her arrow to glow brightly. She released it, sending it straight at him*

Ghirahim: *Watching the arrow head towards him. He overconfidently tried to backslap the arrow away from him, but it began to pierce his hand, diamonds flying out of the impact. He flinched in pain, but licking his lips* This... this arrow is pretty.... haha... *After an explosion, he vanished*

Melody: *She looked over, sighing to herself*

Arietta: *Runs up to her Liger who was on the floor* No... no, my friend...! *Hands on the Liger * No please... *eyes began to tear up*

Liger: *Growled softly*

Melody: *She slowly walked over to Arietta *

Arietta: *Hiding her face, crying on the Liger * Go... go away... you caused enough problems... I hate you... I hate you... I hate you...

Melody: *She moved her hand on Liger, closing her eyes* I'm sorry... I truly am Arietta... If I had known... *She stopped speaking, beginning to heal him as her hand glowed, and sending warmth into him.*

Arietta: *She leaned back, staring at what was being done to the Liger. Her eyes widened as tears streamed down her face* What... what's wrong with you? Why are you helping my friend...

Melody: *She looked over at her weakly as she finished* I lost my parents too... I'm sorry... *She fainted*

Arietta: *Hugged her stuffed animal in fear after she saw her faint to the floor*

Liger: *Stood up, staring at Melody*

Arietta: I.... *Backing away* I could kill her right now but.... but....!! *She hugged the stuffed animal out of rage and suffering, crying her heart out not knowing what to do. She fell to her knees bawling*

Liger: *Noticed Nightshade in the distance, softly growling towards him*

Nightshade: *He watched them, smirking to himself*

Arietta: *Looked up at the Liger looking to Nightshade. Her eyes widened as she turned around*

Nightshade: Let's head back Arietta.. Our work is done here.

Arietta: Y-yes... Ghirahim... was stopped...

Link: *Comes and swings sword towards Arietta* What have you done?!!

Liger: *Stopped the blade with his teeth*

Nightshade: *He snapped his fingers and teleported them away through the shadows*

Link: Get back here Arietta!! Damn it... *Looked around* What happened here.... *Kneeled down to Melody* Melody..!

Melody: *She laid there in the grass, her bow still in her hand. It slowly began to turn back into her butterfly*

Shunsui: *Appears out of nowhere* I sensed him... what went on?

Link: I... It was Arietta.

*Ukitake and the others come*

Shunsui: Gloomietta, eh?

Ven: *He looked at her, confused* Are you sure it was her?

Link: I saw them when I came. I saw Arietta and her monsters with Nightshade!

Ven: *He looked at her butterfly* There's a tear in its wing...

Melody: *On its right wing, a tear was there from when Ghirahim clashed with her*

Shunsui: Could Arietta's monsters have done this? *Looked over to Ukitake* What is it?

Ukitake: Her spiritual power is depleted... but why?

Link: *Eyes widened* Wait a minute... are you saying she healed someone?

Ven: *He crossed his arms* But who? This makes no sense.

Shunsui: She most likely healed Gloomietta.

Ukitake: Perhaps she still feels sorry for her.

Link: Either that or she healed herself. Is that possible?

Tiercel: *He rubbed his head* Has she done it before?

Link: No, she hasn't. It's mostly for others.

Ukitake: If she's healing the enemy, it could cause Arietta some mental confusion. She's just a child... we really need to get her away from Nightshade.

Link: That's why I still believe there's hope left for them to make up...

Harrier: *He sighed* Ancaladar made a fire back at our base... let's go there for now


*Meanwhile, after the two returned to his castle*

Arietta: *She had stopped crying, forgetting about what Melody had done to the Liger. She was grateful but still wished for her death. Her Liger brushing up against her*

Nightshade: *He looked over* You did well for your first time against him.

Arietta: She couldn't do anything against him because he kept a close distance... I felt like I was just a shield...*She looked down, digging her fingers into the stuffed animal* A shield for that... that...

Liger: *Licking where the wound use to be, getting Arietta's attention*

Arietta: *She looked up at him, eyes shaking. She was confused*

Nightshade: We need her alive...

Arietta: Just a little while longer... I know. I just wish I could... get stronger...

Nightshade: *He smirked* Then let me train you

Arietta: *She looked up at him curiously, slowly nodding* Will you really...?

Nightshade: *He nodded, smirking.* I have to.

Arietta: I need to get stronger than her... Please help me...

Nightshade: I already said I would. *He crossed his arms* Not sure how, though..

Arietta: I'll try my very hardest... So that I can revenge mommy some day!


Link: *Sitting near the fire, staring at the collapsed Melody*

Melody: *She was shivering faintly, laying there*

Link: *Looked back at the fire sorrowfully*

Ukitake: *Drinking Ven's tea beside Shunsui* We could just ask her when she's up again. We shouldn't go to Hyrule stressed out.

Link: Yeah... Zelda would be worried about us.

Ven: *He looked at her, crossing his arms as he sat beside Ukitake* The rip in her butterfly's wing bothers me... what caused it?

Link: Couldn't it have been from one of the monsters? Or Nightshade's sword, since he was there too...

Shunsui: I don't think he'd bother fighting her out of the blue like that, and as for the monsters... Hmm... well, I really can't say.

Melody: (You Were There ) *She slowly opened her eyes, feeling weak*

Shunsui: *Looked over* Hey, she's waking up...

Link: *Smiles* That's good...!

Melody: *She stared at the grass for a moment, unsure as to what happened.* nng...

Link: Hey, are you alright...? Don't push yourself.

Melody: *She struggled, slowly trying to sit up.*

Ven: Help her or something..

Link: *Walked up to her and helped her, sitting beside her* I'm glad your alright...

Melody: *She looked over at him, sorrow in her eyes*...barely...

Link: What happened? You ran off on your own and the next thing we know your unconscious... Nightshade and Arietta were there, too!

Melody: *She looked away, leaning on him slightly* It was neither of them...

Ukitake: What do you mean?

Melody: *She closed her eyes* It was Ghirahim.... he was going to kill me...

Ukitake: What? Ghirahim? *He stopped and looked at her*

Link: Ghirahim?! Why him...

Melody: He kept saying how I had what he wanted... but got fed up with me and was going to kill me... He was about to, but... *She closed her eyes*

Link: But...? *He looked at her curiously*

Melody: Arietta... she saved me

Link: She what?! No way!!

Shunsui: You’re kidding.

Melody: *She shook her head* Her monster.. he took damage from Ghirahim... I healed him as repayment for saving my life.. if it weren't for her...

Link: But... that makes no sense...

Ukitake: It must mean Nightshade and Ghirahim oppose one another.

Melody: *She looked over at him.* I don't know... *She sighed*

Link: So Ghirahim was there... Do you think he's responsible? He was just in her dream, can it be coincidence?

Melody: *She shook her head* He was taunting me... about the dream.. *She closed her eyes*

Link: So then he does know...

Ukitake: If you have any further dreams of him please inform us Melody.

Melody: *She heard him say this, unsure if she should listen to that or not. She just responded to him with a nod*

Link: You must be tired from everything... We'll continue to Hyrule in the morning. *Turned to Tiercel and Harrier* Is Ancaladar able to get there without any more breaks?

Harrier: *He crossed his arms as he leaned back.* Yeah. He'll be fine.

Link: That's good.

Shunsui: Well that settles that...I'd say it's about time for us to enter dreamland. *He chuckled, looking at Melody* Hopefully not with Ghirahim.

Ukitake: I hope we can put a stop to that soon.

Tiercel: *He looked around* I can put a shield around us if you guys wish.

Shunsui: Don't bother wasting energy. We're all in one spot together we'll be fine.

Ven: *He laid down in the grass, staring up at the sky* I don't like this...

Link: Neither do I... *he sighed, lying down*

Shunsui: I spy with my little eye...

Link: Shut up Shunsui.

Tiercel: Let's not bite each other’s heads off... *He sighed*

Melody: *She laid down beside Link, looking over at them*

Link: *Closed eyes and drifted to sleep beside her as he moved his arm around her*

Ven: *He threw his cloak over at Ukitake, watching as it landed on him*

Ukitake: *Just sitting there with the cloak over him, laughing* Appreciated.

Shunsui: Ukitake sure is loud when he's sleeping...

Ukitake: *Pouts towards Shunsui before lying down on the cloak*


*She was inside Korillia, looking around* ...where.... am I? *She saw where she was, feeling sorrow in her heart. Everything was in ruin and untouched ever since he had attacked. She felt herself wandering not by her own choice.*

*He smirked, watching her from a distance. He waited for her to reach a certain point before appearing and attacking her.*


Melody: * She was tossing and turning*

Ven: *He slowly woke up, stretching. He glanced over to see her* ..uh oh

Shunsui: *Holding face already awake* At least she didn't punch you in the face...

Ven: *He couldn't help but chuckle* Should we wake her?

Shunsui: No kidding... You can try though, I'm all tried out.

Ven: *He rubbed his head* If you tried, then I Doubt it'll work... *He went over to Ukitake and nudged him*

Ukitake: *Jerks up* No child! Don't hog all the candy from your friends!! *Blinks*...

Shunsui: *Staring at him, giving him a face*

Ven: *He too looked at him oddly*... Ukitake... wake Melody up.

Ukitake: What? Another nightmare...? *Looked down at her* It doesn't seem like she's able to wake up.

Shunsui: What do you mean?

Ukitake: Perhaps it's the influence of Ghirahim's magic.

Shunsui: I bet if I punched her in the face...

Ukitake: *Stares at him shocked*

Shunsui: Sure wakes a guy up.

Ven: You would hit her? *He glared at him, his hand on his hilt*

Shunsui: *Holds hands up* Whoa, whoa. You guys take what I say too seriously... If anyone's able to wake her up its Link, right? Let's punch him in the face instead!

Ukitake: There will be no punching whatsoever. But you have a point... Link, wake up. Link...!

Link: Whuh... *Notices Melody moving* Another one...?

Ven: *He sighed* How... do we do this? *He rubbed his head, his hand going through his hair*

Link: *Shakes her* Melody... Melody! Why isn't she waking up?!

Ukitake: This doesn't seem like the one from last night. Something is keeping her from waking.

Ven: What could it be though? *He crossed his arms*

Melody: *She was getting attacked in her dream, only forcing her to run.*

Shunsui: Ukitake and I can't use healing type Kido... So I bet Tiercel and Harrier's magic can help.

Ukitake: Good idea!

Tiercel: *He opened his eyes*... what's going on?

Harrier: *He looked over at him*

Link: Something is not letting Melody wake up... can you guys do something?

Tiercel: *He shook his head* Not that I know of... our healing only works for wounds and if someone is tainted.

Link: *Looked over to the others* Then what are we able to do...?

Shunsui: Seems like it's getting worse, too...

Ukitake: At this rate...

Laura: *Steps out from behind a tree, looking at them with narrowed eyes* What seems to be the problem?

Ukitake: You’re--!

Ven: *He stared at her, feeling odd due to how she almost killed him.*

Link: You... you’re the one that nearly killed...

Laura: *Walked over to them, holding out a hand to Link to tell him to be quiet as she looked at Melody*

Shunsui: She seems to be unable to awaken... What are you doing here?

Laura: Just passing by... *She closed her eyes, holding out her palms towards Melody's head*

Ukitake: Can you help her...?

Laura: Yes...

Ven: *He watched her cautiously, glaring at her faintly*

Laura: Afterall... I need to thank her for helping Ven. *Her eyes narrowed, taking a deep breath as she muttered a small Wiccan chant under her breath. A dark magic circle appears under her, showing chains restricting her to the ground*

Harrier: What the hell?

Laura: These chains are what keeps her from waking. *She extends her arm to have her sword appear in her hand, the pendulum falling from the hilt to dangle on its small chain, the pendulum opening an eye on it, her sword glowing purple*

Link: *Eyes widened*

Laura: *She cuts all the chains off of her, Melody waking up instantly once they vanished*

Melody: *She gasped, sitting up and breathing hard as she looked around*

Ven: *He sighed in relief, looking at Melody*

Link: Melody! *He hugged her tightly*

Shunsui: Impressive.

Ukitake: Thank you...

Laura: *Smiled cheerfully* It was nothing.

Melody: *She was trembling as she held onto him*

Ven: *He stood up, looking at Laura, not knowing what to say*

Tiercel: *He stared at her*... That was simply amazing. I wish my magic could do that.

Laura: *She shook her head* I'm not proud of my ability... A witch's power is rarely used to help people... *Sorrow in her eyes as she looked at Ven, quickly looking away* I'm glad I was here for her though.

*A small boy was in the distance, Shunsui noticing him*

Shunsui: You have company?

*He shyly hid behind the tree*

Laura: Oh... That's the King of Terresia. I came to show him Grandilia.

Shunsui: The King? Him? *Looked at her* And you’re the Queen, right?

Laura: *Smiled* That's right. I don't think you've met the King though.

Melody: *She looked at Laura nervously, still confused as to what had just happened*

Tiercel: *He stood up, bowing to her and taking her hand.* I am Tiercel, milady.

Harrier: *He facepalmed* Tier, don't start this again.

Laura: I'm Laura, a pleasure. Preston, come out and say hello already.

Preston: *He gripped his shield tightly, dragging it on the ground while approaching the others.* Why'd you have to call me...

Laura: They're nice people.

Link: Wow, a King...

Preston: *Slowly nodded* I-It's nice to meet you... You must be friends with Laura.

Melody: *She looked away, only being reminded of her father. She didn't give him any eye contact*

Harrier: *He smirked, looking away.*

Ven: *He crossed his arms, looking at the two.*

Preston: *Smiled as he turned to Laura* We shouldn't keep them any longer..

Laura: Right...

Preston: *Narrowed eyes towards Melody, glancing before dragging shield away from everyone, adjusting his scarf as he did*

Melody: *She remained quiet, staring away from everyone*

Tiercel: *He waved to them* We'll see you around, I hope.

Ancaladar: *He approached them slowly*

Laura: Yeah. Take care of yourself. You too, Ven... *She smiled weakly at them before running off towards him* Preston! You’re going the wrong way!

Link: *Smiled at them, laughing. He turned to Melody* Are you alright?

Melody: *She continued to stare off, not giving them any eye contact. She didn't want them to worry for her like last time, she gave them a nod, even if it was lying.*

Link: Well...better than how you were yesterday. That's a good sign... Just remember that every time you have those nightmares, you'll always wake up to your friends. *Smiled at her*

Shunsui: *Placed a hand on his hat, smiling* Well said.

Melody: *She wanted to say something to counter that, but she remained quiet.*

Ven: *He stood up, stretching* We should get going. The princess must be worried

Shunsui: Most likely... Poor woman. *He looked up at Ancaladar* You up for another flight Big guy? *He tilted the hat to cover his eyes as he smirked, grabbing onto Ukitake's shoulder and flashstepping the two of them on his back*

Ancaladar: *He looked back at them, smirking* Big guy? Look who's talking, hairy..

Link: *Helped Melody onto Ancaladar* Careful, now...

Tiercel: *He got on with the others.* To Hyrule! *He pointed*

Melody: *She held onto Link, looking away.*

Ukitake: Right. *Determined expression as he looked ahead*

Link: We're ready Ancaladar.

End of Chapter 1.19
Chapter 1.20

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