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a small glimps into the complicated mind of Emily Beck
1. RP idea
1. War between light and dark, an alternate dimension has opened up letting demons into our realm and my character is one of a group tasked to close it and kill all who come through.

I'm reminded of time before the rift, Time when humans thought they were alone in the universe. Mankind had been divided since the beginning of their short, insignificant existence, that is until they discovered something that threatened to destroy them all. A rift appeared, no one knows where it came from, or where it leads. they only see the beasts that come forth from it's depths. At first the humans weren't ready for the new threat, but slowly new technology was developed to at least match the new foe on the battle field, and a new task force was enlisted to find the source of the disturbance, and put an end to the threat for good, and bring the earth into a new era of peace.

Finvola sat alone in the darkness on the outskirts of town, the only women among her group of so few. The men gathered around the fire on a night this cold, but she hardly noticed. She watched the stars, looking to the sky as if it would give her answers. The men had never accepted her, a woman among the ranks was almost unheard of, and the thought of a woman on a specific task force for the most dangerous job in the service thus far was a joke, but it wasn't her choice, nor was it theirs. There were very few who knew what she was, and her men were not those privileged with that information, they only knew they had to work with this strange woman.
Her hair was so dark black it almost looked blue in sunlight, she kept it tied back out of her face for fighting, her armor was brightly polished plate and chain that did nothing to hide that she was female. The blue accents gave her rank of ensign, third in command, but even she prayed she'd never have to use that rank, she knew none would follow her. Her blue eyes scanned the men by the fire, spotting her commander and his executive talking as an unknown rushed forward, a girl with red hair that spoke very quickly of a new assignment. She stood, taking up her sword and striding towards the fire just in time to catch the end of the conversation.

"... trapped in sector J, We need enforcement to aid with the civilians. Your squad are the only friendlies in range with the skills we need." Finvola smiled, as the CO went to rally the men and prepare to move out.

((I'm figuring the men will die and leave her alone to take on the mission alone? or she could branch off later... ))

Less than an hour later they all arrived on scene, 15 soldiers against what looked like a small army. The dark creatures took on many shapes and sizes with any range of abilities. Some didn't even look human as they ripped through lines of troops. Everyone in this sector looked green. There were ashen faced men, no more than boys with guns, huddled behind anything that could cover them from fire. The group scattered as soon as they assessed the situation, half to assist the people trapped in the basement of the adjacent building, half to provide cover till they could get out.

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