PHP, the famous web development language, is used approximately on twenty million domains. Websites for Wikipedia and Facebook have been made using open source projects such as WordPress and Drupal. Any amateur who wishes to learn PHP Web Design in detail should follow certain rules in order to transform his skills into expertise.

The first rule is to use PHP core Functions and classes. If you are using something which is usually used during PHP development then there would be a pre-existing PHP function or class for it. You can use the PHP manual before preparing new functions. For instance, PHP Website Developers need not create a function to remove the white space at the starting and ending of a string if the trim ( ) function is used.

Another rule is to create a configuration file. Do not keep database settings scattered at different places. Create a master file that supplies you with settings. You can include this file in your PHP scripts later. This file makes it easy for you to maintain your code. Sanitizing the data is important before you feed the data into your database. To do this you should understand what SQL injections are and through which means your application may get compromised. In a PHP Development Company as a PHP programmer you should be aware of the PHP functions that can help you ensure the safety of your application.

Although it is good to document your code using commenting, it is not advisable to comment every line or simple things. Comment the complicated part of your code because that is where commenting comes into use. A good code is self explanatory. Another rule to follow during PHP development Long Beach is to keep favorite code snippets readily available. You will save a lot of time of you keep generally used code snippets.